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A Threshold Experience
by Mezza
Citation:   Mezza. "A Threshold Experience: An Experience with 2C-E (exp56218)". Nov 10, 2006.

5.0 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)


After much research and deliberation, I decided that it was time to get my very first taste of 2CE. As with all research chemicals, I always start with a threshold dose, moving up only when I am completely comfortable with the effects that dosage brings. It takes a while to reach a 'full' dose this way - but Ive found it be be quite safe and I generally know what to expect with each increased dose.

5mg of 2CE seemed a good place to start, being a threshold dose of the compound my plan was to just gauge the effects and get a general sense for the 'frequency' of this particular psychedelic. Ive read that its exceedingly powerful - and I could tell that even from this very mild experience.

11:30pm - Carefully weighed out 5mg of 2CE, dissolved in a glass of water and drank it down.

12:15am - I get my first alert. Definite phenethylamine push - felt somehwhat similar to the initial onset of 2CI but more robust, for lack of a better term.

12:45am - I can feel the 2CE now - very mild but definitely there. If I stare at an object for a bit there is slight movement in the visual field. Impressive for such a low dose.

1:45am - For the past hour Ive just been noodling around my apartment, working on the computer, watching TV, etc. The threshold dose of 2CE ebbed back and forth between a mild psychedelic push to near baseline, growing slightly stronger with each wave.

2:30am - I get up from my PC and go out into the kitchen, flipping on the light. There is subtle movement *everywhere*. Although mild, I could tell the visuals on this compound must be something else at a higher dose. Head is pretty clear, I decide to go outside and walk around for a bit to see what the change of environment would do for this low-dose experience.

3:00am - Im outside, its a cool autumn evening, a little rainy. The parts of the driveway illuminated by the outdoor light are pulsing and waving with surprising intensity for such a low dose. In terms of effects this is still very mild - but I could feel the power of 2CE despite this threshold dose. I began to get a bit nervous - this was obviously the peak of my experiment and I felt a subtle sense of awe and power that I wouldnt normally get on a threshold dose of something like 2CI. I can feel the magnitude of the Mushroom even at a low dose - but it always feels warm and friendly to me. 2CE felt powerful like that, but alien - I was fascinated.

3:30am - Deciding to go back inside and ground myself for a bit, I head back to my PC, chat with some online friends, and listen to some music. This succeeds in bringing me back to ground level, and that sublte nervousness segued into a feeling of well being and excitement. 2CE is indeed worthy of further study - Shulgin wasnt kidding this is one of the good ones.

5:00am - Time for bed, the mild trip is winding down but it feels like it could be easy enough to sleep. Packed a bowl with some high quality marijuana and took a few hits and headed to bed.

5:15am - As I lay there with my eyes closed, the tail end of the 2CE combined with the MJ provided for some pleasent CEV's. It was almost like a partial dream state, where the images in my mind were quite vivid even thought I was completely conscious. At first, it felt difficult - i wanted to sleep and it was obvious that that wasnt going to happen right away. Then I took control - literally shaping the CEV's with my thoughts , creating comets of light to fly through the kaledioscope of colors and shapes that were pulsing in my mind's eye. This was perhaps the most ingriguing part of the experience - it was like a lucid dream. I would have very discernable auditory hallucinations (random metallic and organic noises) that would become parts of a pulsing goa-sounding theme to accompany my journey.

After a while, the effects weakened and mentally I was completely back to baseline - completely satisfied and somewhat awestruck with how deep certain parts of the experiment were at threshold level.

The next day, I woke up around noon feeling refreshed. The same type of feeling that goes along with most 'classic' psychedelics upon waking up after a rewarding experience. 2CE is definitely a good one.



Most reports claim 2CE is an immensely powerful substance that really puts one in a bad place if used without caution and respect. I could feel this, even at a low threshold dose. I'll work my way up with this one slowly, mostly like in 2-3mg increments until I find a level that suits me well, and really get comfortable with its effects, before I recommend any of it to my close friends.

I look forward to further experimentation with 2CE, it seems like this compound has a lot to offer the psychedelic adventurer.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 56218
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 10, 2006Views: 11,310
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2C-E (137) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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