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The 2-AI Sessions
Citation:   Psyonic-One. "The 2-AI Sessions: An Experience with 2-Aminoindan (exp55978)". Sep 15, 2006.

    2-Aminoindan (powder / crystals)
Since there is so little information on 2-Aminoindan I decided to take it for a test drive. I was able to obtain a sufficient quantity for experimentation from a source believed to be reliable. The following reports are a bit truncated and represent only a few of several experiments with different dosages and methods of administration. This report represents one of the more thought out and carefully executed series of experiements I have attempted.

Set and setting were always generally the same, at home with time to kill and no responsibilities. Feeling good about my position in life and taking the substance with as few expectations as possible.

With 5mgs insufflated: Nothing note worthy, perhaps a mild stimulation immediately after administration, could just be psychosomatic or nerves. No effects noticable at 20 minutes.

10mgs Insufflated: Mild stimulation, again perhaps just a nervous response, don't feel much of anything after 20-30 minutes.

15mgs Insufflated: I'm willing to say that at this level the is an unmistakable 'something' of a mild stimulation that is probably not nerves, but these effects fade quickly and I am baseline within an hour or so. We're talking minimal, caffeine-like stimulation, though smoother than that chemical, and so almost not present unless I pay attention. I noted that communication was a little weird, not difficult but, just that I was aware that I was altered when I was trying to communicate, though this was not apparent to my partner upon questioning her about it.

15mgs. Insufflated (day after last experiment): No effects outside of anticipation, tolerance?

20mgs. Insufflated: Not much different from 15mgs. Mild caffeine-like stimulation fading fairly quickly from perceptable levels.

25mgs. Insufflated: This is the last time I tried this administration method, the chemical burns like methamphetamine in the sinuses, often bringing a tear to my eye immediately. the 25mg. level seems to not produce much more effect than the 15mg level. This seems a weird dose/response curve to me. Perhaps again this is tolerance? Not sure, have tried to space out experiments by several days to a week each time but perhaps thats not enough.

20mgs. Oral: No tangible effects (although this was taken two hours after a meal).

25mgs. Oral: See above, same circumstances, no effect.

25mgs. Oral, Empty stomach: No tangible effects. (perhaps orally inactive??)

35mgs. Oral: Getting somewhere, a mild caffeine like stimulation, smooth fade in and a relatively quick decline (2 hours total experience from first alert to undetectable)

50mgs. Oral, Empty stomach: Getting a little tired of playing with this substance so I jumped up the dose a little more aggressively with positive results. Defined stimulation, strange, somewhere between methamphetamine and caffeine. Displays qualities of both, perhaps a little like ephedrine. Some cold chills at onset, especially on my scalp, and seem to multiply with physical activity. Thinking is a little scattered like with a good dose of caffeine, but smoother overall, no jitters or palpitations. Relatively quick come-up of about 30 minutes. No euphoria. Very slight visual distortion, no motion but just soft edges, notice colors, VERY mild, perhaps even just a projection on my part. Effects last for 2-3 hours from alert to undetectable, short.

Even though I had read of a relatively small dose to produce effects, I found that even at two to three times that level effects were mild. The over-all sensation is pleasant, with no noted side effects. A smooth and mild stimulation. I feel like for someone my size, a dose of 100mgs would be about perfect. I have not taken the experiments any farther than 50mgs, though, and so would still recommend caution as this is a relatively unknown substance and long term or high dose side effects are also unknown.

I would like to add that there may be some addiction potential with this substance, my experiments that were close together produced little or no effects and the instinct to take a larger dose each time seemed apparent and was beyond just my curiosity.

I'm only half way through my supply of this substance. Seems like it could be fun for a club given its mild nature and short term activity. I also think that oral administration is the way to go, no burn, more pleasant effects overall, seems less potent this way but more interesting.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55978
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 15, 2006Views: 51,695
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