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Weird Dreams
Dreaming (Nutmeg?)
by hojo
Citation:   hojo. "Weird Dreams: An Experience with Dreaming (Nutmeg?) (exp5592)". Jan 18, 2002.



This was an interesting experience, because I didn't actually eat the nutmeg as I usually do, but I decided to hold it in my hand and carry it on my body for a period of almost one week now. I can't remember every dream but the last one was quite an adventure.

Here it goes:
I realized that I was asleep and that somebody was trying to wake me up. I realized that it was my father and grandmother from their voices and I could see my grandmother's reflection in a window. It seemed to be in the evening. First, I half-way woke up and walked into the shower before I realized I was still asleep and that taking a shower would due no good; maybe it was my astral body, I don't know. Well, at this point the dream was very lifelike, much more than even the most lifelike dreams I have had. There was none of the usual fear that I have in dreams that it is about to end erratically, which they usually do.

I realized that the nutmeg had had a potent effect on me and that I was very tired due to it, and that I probably wouldn't be able to get up at all. I saw the seed very clearly and that it had broken from my body weight, and that the mace had separated from the inner sphere (or is the mace the inner sphere?). ((When I later 'actually' woke up, the nut had not broken.)) However, I finally mustered up enough courage to get up again and I decided what the heck maybe I can make this work. It seemed like it was the same astral body, at first, but I realized that I could make it real just by following through with it. I 'woke up' on this note, and I realized as I had suspected that I was in the apartment where my family used to live 5 or 6 years back.

Some demons and demoneesses came out of nowhere and wrestled me on the bed, one after another, the whole thing lasted a few minutes. It was very sexual in nature and there was no pain or fear, although it was clearly a fight. There were also some little invisible people who seemed to be helping by constraining me and holding me down and by the neck.

After this I went upstairs. Everyone in the family seemed to be there and I went up to my mom in the kitchen where she was with my brother and I forget who else. I kept asking why we weren't in the new apartment, but they seemed genuinely ignorant about it. They also seemed younger. I asked my brother how old he was but he just laughed at me, and then I asked my step dad and he said he was 40, putting him about 8 or 9 years younger than he is now, which is just about right. I had to explain to everybody that I was a time traveller because of nutmeg and marijuana, and oddly enough my mom didnt' seem to mind. I did tell her I wouldn't smoke in the house, though and that seemed to please her. I told her that my brother also smoked weed naively, but that also didn't seem to bother her.

After this, we went downstairs, and my brother was laughing and asking me how I knew that he smoked weed. I was just about to explain to him about the nutmeg when these girls showed up. They were laughing because I was asking what the fuck right when I noticed them and they thought it was for some other reason ( I won't say what). I hugged them all and one girl was fucking around with some shaving cream in the bathroom and I smeared it all over her breasts. Basically, after a few minutes, a full-fledged orgy broke out, reminiscent of the wrestling match, but all good this time.

It was pretty crazy, but when I discovered at one point that a guy who looked like a cartoon version of someone from beavis or butthead (the first non-real part of the trip visually) was about to lick my ass, I freaked out and started going wild and punching people. At this point I felt disappointed that I hadn't accumulated enough arcane knowledge to know what to do and to defeat my enemies or whatever, but I was fighting them and escaped, next thing was a vision of my brother tied up to a tree and starting to burn, as if someone had tied him up there, perhaps the same people. On this note, I woke up, and I was very astonished about the whole thing.

Overall the trip seemed very real enough to shock me and believe in the nutmeg's powers. I think the plant wanted me to share my experiences. I'm not sure if the plant actually has time travelling and powers of rejuvenation or if its just a crazy story teller. Anyway I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5592
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 18, 2002Views: 5,384
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