Boomer Philosophy
by Mushrooms
Citation:   Mushrooms. "Boomer Philosophy: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp55875)". Jun 7, 2007.

4.3 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Boomer Philosophy

It started with the grain patterns on the deck. The lines began to move back and forth and side to side in a sort of rolling motion. Shortly after that, lights off in the distance became flashier and more eye catching. Colors became very distinct and vivid and I saw new colors that I’ve never seen before. I began to observe and analyze everything in the house, particularly the people. I became fascinated with how people’s bodies were shaped and how their faces complemented perfectly with their bodies. Eye color seemed to represent each person’s personality and I understood exactly how it fit them and why.

Each person had a different effect on my emotions and I’d go from feelings of love and companionship to that of annoyance and anger simply by looking at someone else. Godel made me laugh insanely for a large part of my trip and my laughter would instantly switch to tears and I would cry in joy. People’s faces morphed instantly. I could tell this was my peak as every single thing I looked at warped and twisted. There was not one thing I saw that wasn’t moving.

Joe seemed huge and when he walked around I thought of him as a giant troll dragging a club. Phil’s eyes turned a blazing red, his ear’s became pointy, and his teeth grew into fangs. I became scared and nervous and retreated to the couch alone. I stayed in the same spot for a solid 2 hours. I became deeply emerged in my own thoughts and that’s when I felt like I had reached nirvana and achieved enlightenment.

Everything in the world became connected. I felt a connection in which I could not explain between emotions, objects, actions, places, people, time, ideas, and anything you could imagine. I saw how everyone’s lives came together in an interconnected web. I knew everyone had their own paths in life and those paths are continuously crossing with others. I felt that my parents were wise for having experienced so much and realized that it was them who have given me the gift of life and set me on its course. I began being overtaken by extreme feelings of joy and love.

I felt a deep companionship to a few good buddies and felt that they had to know. I told all my close friends I loved them and called a few more just to tell them. I had a powerful urge to just hold someone in my arms. I felt a strong love for Emma and couldn’t help telling her that very second. With these feelings of love and happiness came a strong spiritual sense. I was never a very religious person but this night I felt as if I understood everything about life, death, and God. I realized that the time we have on Earth is nothing and our lives will be over just as quickly as they begun.

However, I was perfectly content with the fact that I too will die. I felt as if I knew what was going to happen to me after I die even though I really had no idea. I thought of Heaven and Hell and could actually feel their presence above and beneath me. I understood how the universe came into existence but I could not explain how I knew. I recognized the beauty of Earth and I realized what I had to do to get the most out of life. Time was nothing. Five minutes felt like five days. So many things are running through my head that I feel more alive than ever before. Colors seemed so vibrant that the surface of objects seemed to ripple and shimmer.

When I would walk into a different colored room my mood would change instantly and I would begin thinking about something else. I spent a half hour in the bathroom staring at the floor because the pattern was continuously moving and I felt as if I was swaying. I had silk boxers on and it felt like they were made of water so I took them off and finished the night commando. I became deeply engaged in the mirror. It was like looking directly at my self esteem. I felt as if I was looking into myself from a different person and I could see my face morphing into the various ways I see myself. I’d go from good looking to ugly instantly with thousands of other faces in between. I wondered what was going to happen in the future and who would I become. I was also fascinated with the way my muscles looked. I took off my shirt and my abs seemed more ripped then ever. My body looked familiar but something about it was new and unexplored at the same time.

My hands seemed different to me, like they were someone else’s hands on my body. I looked myself in the eyes again and so many questions about the future sprung to mind. After over 20 minutes in the mirror I felt as if I was unfinished when I left. I looked outside and faraway lights looked as if they were dancing. They would move around and then explode and melt back into another light, the only thing I could relate it to would be a firework show. The sounds of nature and traffic were soothing and I felt like I was in synch with all of my surroundings.

As soon as the peak ended I lost the deep connection I felt with the world and my spiritual feeling. I wondered how it got to be 4 in the morning already as the peak of my trip (3 hours) seemed to be over in a heartbeat. I longed for something more, however, I felt I recognized a new beauty that wasn’t there before. I felt as if the new insight I gained tonight would stay with me in the morning. I was drained of all my energy and wanted to sleep but my brain would not slow down. I felt as if I was a computer that had been running too intensely for too long.

To sum it all up, this was the greatest night/morning of my entire life. Better than sex, better than smoking, better than drinking, better than anything I have yet experienced in my brief 18 years of life. I learned so much about life and death and felt a much stronger bond with all my close friends. It was truly a life changing experience and I encourage all who read this to try it at least once.

Two months after this experience I have been able to tell how this event has changed me as a person. This trip seemed to awaken me to the real world and complete my transformation into an adult. I am much more receptive to new ideas and more observant of the world around me. Whenever I meet someone I analyze their entire personality and link it to their eye color and appearance just like I did during the trip. This new outlook on life has definitely been a positive event in my life……best night of my life so far.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55875
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 7, 2007Views: 16,291
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