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Harsh Smoke!
by Explorer
Citation:   Explorer. "Harsh Smoke!: An Experience with Damania (ID 55501)". Oct 28, 2009.

2 bowls smoked Damiana (leaves)


I ordered an assortment of herbs from a well established website. The damania looked a lot like the small leaf trimmings from an actual marijuana bud with some thin twigs thrown in. The raw herb smells a bit like earl grey tea, definitely pleasant and floral.

I loaded and fired up the large bowl of my newly carved grandfather pipe and immediately choked on the harsh smoke. It tasted nothing like it smelled in the bag. I managed to get through the first bowl, but couldn't hold onto the smoke for any length of time. It did make the inside of my mouth tingle a bit, which I have gotten with bides (Indian poor man's cigarettes) so I can't be sure what, if anything, this indicates. There was surprisingly little cottonmouth, but I also didn't really inhale at least half of the smoke. I felt a little lightheaded but it was difficult to tell for sure, so in the interest of science I puffed my way through a second bowl. I definitely feel a bit floaty and relaxed, although motor skills do not seem even slightly impaired. Thought processes are a bit slower, but no less lucid.

In conclusion, dealing with the super harsh smoke is not really worth the effects. I will try to re-hydrate some of the herb in hopes that it will make the smoke a bit smoother. I also think the size of the pipe bowl may have conspired to make the smoke harsher then it would have been with a more reasonably sized pipe. Tonight I will try it in a tea in hopes that it will the same effects without having to put up with the nasty smoke.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55501
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 28, 2009Views: 15,453
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