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Charades and the God of Cellular Phones
by I am. Passť.
Citation:   I am. Passť.. "Charades and the God of Cellular Phones: An Experience with Mescaline (exp55415)". Mar 17, 2007.

4 capsls oral Mescaline (capsule)


A rough sketch of the effects of mescaline as I experienced them: Closed eye visuals, open eye tracers, lasers, dots, gleaming and blurring of lights and images. The sensation that everything is moving in synch or breathing. Irrational (and in my case, amusing) attribution of meaning to the mundane. Radically altered depth perception. Stimulation, energy, hilarity, and euphoria. Infinite curiosity. Delusions/irrational thoughts. Intensified emotion and perception. I was generally able to allay fear and enjoy the weirdness as opposed to freaking out. I was actually confused about reality only twice, upon seeing black and red mesh, as will be discussed later. Hunger, dehydaration, intense sexual arousal upon inactivity. Anxiety as the trip fades.

It should be noted that I did not have any truly profound thoughts or revelations. This experience was entertainment. I feel this is partly because I wasnít trying to discover anything new, and partly because I am already spiritually satisfied at baseline. I did not feel the need to probe secrets in the dark, and I was choosing to interact with the outer world as opposed to internalizing all of my thoughts and sensations.

Previous to taking mescaline, I had limited experience with other hallucinogens(acid 2x, mushrooms 3x). Unfortunately, all of these experiences proved to be less than satisfactory. I had either gone to sleep or found myself profoundly disturbed (only once) and had not been able to enjoy or experience the full effects of the chemicals I had ingested.

I was 19 the last time I took a hallucinogen, and I am 23 now. Nonetheless, I was still excited for an opportunity to have a fun trip and a rich experience. I waited over the years and did not seek it out or accept any hallucinogens during this time because I wanted to be comfortable, in a good mental state, and with people I trusted. I think that was the right decision.

I took four liquid capsules with a friend GJ, who I like and trust a lot, at around 6:30 pm. He went home to shower and clean up, and I did the same at my house. We wanted to be clean and comfortable in order to minimize negative sensations/distractions. I noticed at about 7:30 that my hand-eye coordination was off as I was doing my makeup. I tried to dip a brush into my eye shadow and was just way off. I knew something was happening.

He was back to my house by 8. Our initial conversation was stilted, weird, and very, very simple. I had to think really, really hard every time I said something. After a while, everything just became absurd and insanely hilarious. I had no visuals, but I was stimulated physically and emotionally.

He became very distant and refer to things using definite and indefinite articles. He would just say 'it is very nice.' or 'that was kind of an impulse,', but wouldn't be clear about what he was referring to. This was frustrating. I was also having a lot of trouble talking and would say things like, 'breathing table Iím glad not'. Iím pretty sure that I was equally unintelligible. I was pretty just making sounds while thinking.

It was at this point, as we really started tripping hard that I got really hungry and we walked to an all night mexican drive/in. Talking was hard, walking was hard, and it was all fun. The sidewalk was slanted, which gave me a sense of vertigo I enjoyed very much.

As soon as we got home we sat for a few minutes, and I got intensely horny. I didnít want to do anything about it with or in front of him, so this was frustrating. Very frustrating. Luckily, we left again very shortly and started walking toward the river, which made that go away.

Noises in the street took on an ominous, echoey quality. It was a beautiful night and people were listening to their radios outside. The singing started to sound like the lonesome howling of ghosts. It seemed like it was trying to speak to us.

We kept walking (quickly) over old brick sidewalks underneath the shadows of trees, which made it feel treacherous and exciting. The shadows seemed like mysterious black holes we could fall into, though we knew they werenít, and accentuated the sense of vertigo. I felled propelled by an unknown force and was not tired at all from walking. This was undoubtedly due to the stimulant effects. The euphoria and psychedelic qualities of the drug were enough to keep our turbo charged minds and bodies busy and entertained.

There are train tracks by the river, and as we arrived, a train was passing. The feeling of watching trains is intense. The wind, the noise, the movement through space is overwhelming. I let the force of the train as suggested by my senses enter my body through proximity and got a killer rush out of watching it. GJ was scared by this. He stayed very far away. I think he did not trust himself and he thought I was going to run in front of the train.

We then crossed the tracks and took a walk on the edge of the forest by the river side. We were supposedly going to sit by the river, but could not find it in ourselves to stop. The sensation of constantly moving forward was just too good. I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride.

During this walk on the edge of the dark and shadowy forest, I started to get some amazing visuals. It looked like the trees were covered in black mesh. This was very real to me and I thought we had stumbled onto a squatterís camp. It was not real. Continuing along, I shifted my attention to the river. The lights over the river were not dazzling in memory, but I was dazzled and confused by them.

The river bank is on a steep incline, so the trail was high above the water, but it seemed like the water actually rose to the edge of the trail and was at chest level. The water looked like it simply stopped at the edge of the trail, just short of drowning us. That was very, very cool. A while later I started getting some red visuals. Red points of lights, red lasers, red tracers, and red lines tracing around things.

Finally, we walked to the edge of the woods and the beginning of civilization. There was a construction site nearby, and the yellow and white lights on the machinery were twinkling at us and calling to us. I saw an actual red mesh fence, and my mind proceeded to place red mesh around everything. I knew there was a way out, but it looked like we might get lost finding an opening in all of that imaginary red mesh.

We walked up to the twinkling lights, which was machinery parked in a huge pit, and heard voices. Squatters. Someone was hanging around and we couldnít see them. I got scared that we were disturbing their camp. We walked back to the edge of the forest and found two huge craters seven feet in diameter and three and a half or four feet deep dug into the ground, with sticks around the edges and stairs leading down.

We walked a distance away and decided that if anyone was pissed off about us being there, he or she would have said so. We stopped then on the periphery of civilization and laid down by the riverís edge. I closed my eyes and saw awesome two dimensional kaleidoscope patterns in swirling and undulating muddy fluorescents. I could place any image I wanted in the kaleidoscope and it would implant itself as a repeating element in the pattern.

I did this for a while, adding more and more objects and letting otherís fade away, before GJ said he heard more voices and we left. We actually just cut across the construction site and started home, which was only four or so blocks from this end of the river. We stopped at the park on our way there and sat in the shadows of the trees.

I realized at this point that I was greatly attracted to shadows and wanted to always be inside of them. We watched people walking by, and they seemed to float like fish swimming through water. The park is really just a series of three even square blocks bordered by street on all four sides, so we were in a middle of a square city block, but it seemed more like we in the middle of a circle and I could not distinguish the angled corners at the edge of the block.

Moving my attention to the grass, it seemed to breathe and sway. I put my hands in it and I could feel the earth breathing. Sitting up, the grass seemed to flow like a river around us. The tree branches swayed as though performing a ballet. Everything seemed to be moving in synch. This was my favorite part of the trip. We called and ordered a pizza to be sent to the house. Then we prank called a radio station and asked them to deliver a pizza to the place with the breathing grass. I am still amused.

The pizza was really, really good, and my cats seemed to know they we were messed up. They decided it was hardcore cuddle time and I really loved looking at my beautiful tiny cat and petting her and making her happy. My apartment was a really boring place to trip though and nothing was breathing or swaying or performing ballet any more. With nothing to distract me, it seemed my baseline mood was insanely horny and uncomfortable. I did not like this.

We left the house again, and I soon had to pee. We were somehow amused by the idea of walking all the way back to the river to pee instead of returning to the house, which was only half a block away when we made this decision. On the way back GJ started freaking out about having spider webs all over his body. This was just because he was afraid, but he wasnít really afraid of the spider webs, he was afraid of disturbing whoever was squatting by the river and this fear had manifested itself as a fear of spider webs instead. I pointed out that there was a Johnny on the job at the construction site and no one would mind us using it, so he felt better and I got to urinate.

We were still tripping pretty hard, but it started raining at the site, which sucked because we couldnít sit or lay down in the wet grass and we had to get his guitar out of the rain. We had to get back home and there was nothing to really groove on, so it felt like wasted time. We started coming down, so we hung out in his dry, warm comfy car. I got insanely sexually aroused, once more during only minutes of inactivity. We then drove back to the river. We sat on the rocks and watched nature. I was beginning to feel anxious myself and by the time we left the trip was pretty much over.

It was probably 3 am. We got hot cocoa, I felt tired and tense, and I wanted to go chill out. GJ still wanted more activity, so we went to visit train tracks again and then watched a movie at his house. I kind of just wanted to sleep or zone out to the movie, anything but be trapped in my head.

The last thing I wanted to do was converse. GJ was still really talkative, and I was annoyed, so it seemed like I was talking out of one side of my head (because he really needed someone to BS with) and watching the movie with the rest of my head, which was a good compromise and a good way to deal with the anxiety. It made me feel good to think that I was handling it and everyone was happy, so it wasnít torturous anxiety like when you blow way too much coke.

Lying there made me really horny again, but I just focused on the movie. It took forever to sleep. I probably conked out at 6 am.

I loved this experience and would do it again. I would not want to take this drug without a lot of stimulation available. I think it is best, for me at least, to be in nature, because it will provide me with endless material to groove on. I would also either stay active or bring a sexual partner. Iím under the impression that this need is relatively unique to females. Iíd like to see how sex feels under the influence of mescaline. I also think itís a good thing to share what you are feeling and seeing with your buddy/ies as you go through this. You will enhance each otherís trip. I donít know if everyone gets anxiety toward the end like I did, but I would be prepared for it. Also, bring food, water, and lots of hot cocoa! I loved hot cocoa while tripping!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55415
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 17, 2007Views: 57,188
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Mescaline (36) : Glowing Experiences (4), Sex Discussion (14), Relationships (44), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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