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A Euphoric Journey
Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen
by Lee
Citation:   Lee. "A Euphoric Journey: An Experience with Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen (exp55227)". Oct 7, 2007.

20 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  2.0 g oral Acetaminophen (pill / tablet)


After experimenting with DXM several times, and smoking weed for a while, I came across some Hydrocodone pills. I did some research online about the effects and decided on an appropriate first time dosage. I decided on on 20mg.

T+0:00(8:40PM) - Took four 'M357' 5/500 Hydrocodone pills. Ate earlier, around 5. Took the pills with a cold glass of water and split each pill in half, then swallowed the eight halves with a lot of water.

T+0:15(8:55PM) - Having a hard time telling if I feel the pills or not. The only thing that indicates I may be is that typing this is semi-difficult, more than usual. I'm typing rather slow compared to how I usually do, and I'm having to backspace to fix a lot of mistakes, which is out of the ordinary. I shared in smoking two blunts and took three or four waterfalls earlier in the day, as well as having three beers. That was from around noon to 4:00PM. That might be one of the contributing factors to the feeling, but at the same time I sense something new that's been added. I'm guessing that's the Hydrocodone.

T+0:35(9:15PM) - Not really feeling much 'climbing'. Earlier effects may have been placebo, I'm thinking that maybe the fact I have food in my stomach is delaying the onset of the the Hydrocodone. Hoping I've got some more effect coming. Also, my back still hurts from sitting on my bed against a wall, which makes me think the Acetaminophen in the pill hasn't hit yet.

T+0:45(9:25PM) - Think I'm feeling it now! Pain in my back and headache are fading away, probably due to the Acetaminophen. Also I'm really happy, and I got super excited when 'Love' by G. Love and Special Came on. I'm talking to friends online, and I feel really social and just happy to be talking with people. So far I'm really enjoying myself.

T+1:15(9:55PM) - Feeling good! I haven't noticed any of the visual/body effects that some people have mentioned, I'm not sure why. Maybe those only come with higher dosages. But I definitely am feeling very social and consistently happy - smiling comes easily and often. I've been discussing all kinds of things at length with a friend of mine. I feel motivated to go through with plans, one of which is restarting a website I had from a long time ago, but this time with the help of a friend. Overall, I don't feel 'high' really. When I stand up, I don't feel any noticeable loss of coordination like I do when on DXM. Movement seems a little slower, more fluid. The strongest effect of the Hydrocodone seems to be on my mood and mindset, both of which are very positive!

T+1:30(10:10PM) - Feelings of euphoria sweeping over me. I'm listening to uplifting music, chatting with friends and parents, and everything is just beautiful. This is sort of a side note, but in my state it seems significant. I'm sitting here in my room and chatting with my parents on and off, and like I said earlier, I'm listening to G. Love and Special Sauce. For the first time ever, they caught on and said they liked it, and I even burned my dad a copy of the album, which is a first! Enough rambling about that I guess, bottom line is I feel great. As far as physical effects, my body feels sort of warm, and I feel very comfortable in my bed. This is another really great feeling that is definitely enhancing the experience.

T+2:05(10:55PM) - This is definitely one of most socially enhancing substances I've experienced. Words and social connections come easily. Good memories flood back, as well as blissful nostalgia. I think I may have passed the peak by now - but I'm in another great phase of this experience. Earlier I was in more of a 'zoned out' euphoria type of mood, and now I'm feeling very deep and social. All of the stages I've passed through have been enjoyable, and each have had unique and positive qualities.

T+2:30(11:20PM) - Still feeling wonderful and happy - I have the feeling that this mood will be established for a while, not only from the pills but from the constant thoughts of optimism, family, memories, and all the other good things that have been flowing through me for the past few hours. The peak is passed, and I'm coming down lightly and smoothly. I'm bad at estimating baseline, but it feels like if it's probably in the near future. This has been great.

My thoughts on Hydrocodone and the experience:

This has been really great - Hydrocodone is an uplifting, socially-enabling, euphoric drug. I definitely see the potential for addiction, and plan on exercising the proper caution with it in the future. Music is a great companion to Hydrocodone. I began with relaxing music (G. Love), and recently proceeded to constructing a 'classics' playlist with all the songs I could think of that bring up great feelings and memories for both me and my family. The enjoyment of favorite songs and the connected memories has been a truly enjoyable journey through memory lane and beyond.

I'm sure I'll experience Hydrocodone again in the future, within reason.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55227
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 7, 2007Views: 95,307
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Hydrocodone (111) : Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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