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Citation:   Smashcrab. "Dazed: An Experience with Datura (exp55089)". Erowid.org. Nov 15, 2007. erowid.org/exp/55089

1.25 leaves oral Datura (tea)
So I thought I'd try out some Datura on the weekend. I don't really know how to describe it other then being intense, and up there with mushies and lsd in terms of how powerful the mindfuck/hallucinations were. From this point, the person taking the datura will be referred to as 'smashcrab' and this will be written from the point of view of his sitter 'sexyhottie'.

Saturday, June 24 2006

Smashcrab has been trying to get his hands on some Datura for ages now. And out of the blue he got offered enough from a friend. We did a bit of research. He decided to take it through tea form. Boiled for 30 mins and mixed it with coffee, milk, sugar. Boiled and drank some disgusting green tea at 3:00pm.

+1:00 Started feeling 'spaced out'. Had really dry mouth and not talking. Not able to open eyes. Thought a crow was staring at him in the eyes. Keeps twitching and shivering. Says he sounds like he has a lisp.

+2:30 Had to go to the shops for ciggies, locked up the house and locked him in my bedroom while I went out for a few minutes. When I left he was laying on his
back with his eyes open, was still in the same position when I got back but he insists he'd had an adventure on his own that felt like it lasted for hours. I was only gone for about 10mins tops.

+2:40 Has been tripping for a while now - wanting to go to the toilet often but not really going, getting up walking into the toilet but not going. Says he has already been. While standing in the toilet with the door half closed, not even going to the toilet just standing there, he was having a conversation with no one. Wanted to take a shower, then said that he already had one and that I was handing him the towel (I wasn't). Has gotten up 3 times to go to the toilet and not going. Right now he is laying on my bed with this look in his eyes that he is afraid of something. Then he closes them and rabbles some shit that I can't understand. Random words, rapid fire with a look of confidence on his face like he understands what he's talking about.

Gets angry when I say WHAT!!!!. Just said that the picture box is empty????? Asked is this certificate is ok for the dole tomorrow???? Was showing me the certificate, that didn't exist, and he didn't need. He is thinking I am saying things when I am not. Tried opening the toilet door by pressing 'buttons' (there are no buttons just a normal handle). Said he wants to take some pills but not for ages. Said my Nirvana poster lookes like they went to his high school, and has been feeling more and more paranoid that the bassist Kris had been staring at him and grinning evily as well as moving around the room and hiding.

+3:50 Tried to bite my nose. Just bit it softly. Has the pasteys bad. Keeps looking around the room with a scared look, but insists he's not scared of anything, just
confused. Says he has some 'Cerals' down there and have to wait till morning or until someone comes here. Said a guy was standing in the hall way with an evil grin on his face. The door was shut, he couldn't even see the hall way. I opened the door to show him that no one was there and he said that he has gone to the other side of the fence. Grabbed the filters off the ground and tried to hide them in his pocket saying that we have to hide the weed??? (there is no weed).

Keeps looking on the ground trying to find something. Was saying that there was a stain on the carpet and that we had to get it off or it will be there forever. Kept having conversations with me while I was out of the room. Said that when I walked back into the room and I sat on myself??

+4:17 Grabbed my big harvey norman bag and got a box out of it and threw it next to my TV. Is telling me to re install windows and it will fix everything. There is nothing wrong with my computer. Said that he had a dream that he wished for this guy to become a vegetable, then he said 'But I don't want him to be one'. Said something about arseholes chop up there family and put it in buckets and chuck it at people.???? FUCKING WEIRD SHIT Keeps talking to nirvana poster asking them 'Hey guys how are you? what are you doing tonight?' and getting the shits that they just keep staring back without answering. On the verge of flipping out and attacking the rude, uninvited visitors because they've just stood there and stared at him for hours.

+6:27 Keeps picking at my blanket saying there is news articles about hemp on it and that there is alot of 'hemp heads' out here. (sunnybank hills, qld australia). Says he is feeling sweet. Keeps saying that he wants to go for a walk to Macdonalds, I said ok and then about 10 mins he still hasnt moved. Tries to find his jumper, I put it around his neck and then 5 seconds later he takes it off. Keeps picking up the blanket, trying to put it on like a jumper and trips out saying it's become like liquid and flashes in and out of existance.

First time he's pointed out that he dropped his ciggie in the bed and can't find it, never actually had any ciggies but convinced himself he had burnt the mattress with them. So convinced about the ciggies that his hands are held like he was actually carrying the ciggie and couldn't make his fingers close around where the ciggie was in his hand. Was a huge mission to 'crush the ciggie' that wasn't in his hand so he could get his head around the fact that it never existed. Gets scared that he'd bled all over the blanket, and kept pointing out 'huge blood stains' that just arent there, rubbing it onto his fingers and tries to show me and take photos of them for later 'proof'.

+7:00 Went for a walk (Finally) to macdonalds. Tripped on the road curb rolled ankle badly, skinning knees and popped thong plug out. Tried to fix the shoe he broke while sitting on the gutter pretty much on the road. While walking to macdonalds, kept saying that he needs his thongs and grabbed my feet thinking they were his shoes. Went to the gutter and said that he had forgotten to grab the weed, put his hand in the wet gutter looking for it (?). Finally got to Macdonalds, ordered him a burger sat down with it and went to have a bite and ran to the toilet to throw up but never actually did (But says that he did threw up a heap).

We left after that and walked home, there was a drain and you could see that you shouldn't walk on it cause it was broken and a 'sober' person would have seen that you could fall down it and I told him not to walk on it but he put his full weight on the drain cover, dropped in and somehow jumped off a falling cover back onto solid ground with ninja speed (out of nowhere). Is quite impressed at his reflexes kicking in in time, and that he could jump off something that was already falling and had nothing to support a jump (He should have just pushed the drain lid down faster and not gained any height from the jump). Says he feels like hes floating around and that his legs are back at home in the cupboard.

+10:00 Still halluciating but able to keep a conversation going without rambling and mumbling. Had something to eat here (as he didn't eat his burger at Macdonalds
and threw my meal out). He was able to eat without 'feeling' like he was throwing up.

+12:30 Still awake getting tired. Hasn't noticed any halluciations at the moment, has been having phantom ciggies all night. Has only had about 4 puffs of ciggies since 3:00pm.

+14:00 Finally fell asleep, and had extremely powerful/strange dreams and nightmares that felt real. Remembers seeing my face go grey and morph into wierd impossibly distorted positions that freaked him out hard.

+24:00 Pupils are still heavily dilated, keeps checking with me about whats real and what isn't but feels heaps better overall. Eyes are extremely blurry at close distances and better then usual at long distances (Smashcrab is shortsighted normally). Glasses give him a headache, seems like his vision has been reversed completely. The whole night all we did was sit in my room and walk to Macdonalds (About 1 block away), had one person come into my room (My brother), but he reckons we had about 14 visitors and that we sat in the lounge room for ages with 2 visitors. While my brother was in the room (5 mins) we just laughed at him as he mumbled something about the poster. Then my brother left the room and smashcrab looked at me as if 'Who the hell was that'. He has met my brother numerious times and knows him quite well.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55089
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 15, 2007Views: 9,796
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