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Speeded Up
by Orchid
Citation:   Orchid. "Speeded Up: An Experience with Methylphenidate (exp54955)". Mar 8, 2009.

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2 capsls oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (capsule)
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I've went a very long time without sleep and still speeding yet coming down from a night of ritalin binging. I think I shall document for the internet how I came into this situation.

I am a severe methadone addict/ex heroin addict. I procure my methadone through not so legal means as the nearest clinic to me is a four hour drive away. This week my supplier went out of town so I am unable to get anymore til next week. I am doing all I can to preserve the small amount I have. On occasion I remember seeing a bottle of ritalin in my friends cabinet. His brother used to be clinically perscribed the drug but no longer takes it. I used to use ritalin recreationally a few years back so I came the conclusion that getting high on something else would take my mind off things and prevent me from cutting into my methadone supply for the night.

Yesterday afternoon I called my friend asking if he can get any for me. He tells me no as his family is in the room and he does not want to risk being seen taking any. Off he goes to work. I spend the rest of the day really doing nothing. I actually snort a few lines off a methadone 40 mg megadose pill. He gets off work around midnight is at my house describing his horrible day to me and asking if he can have a drink of cognac which I give him. I ask him if he got the ritalin and he removes a large ziploc baggie from his pants with six yellowish gel caps inside and says 'Hell yes! I knew you'd want to get fucked up tonight.' Now I will present a log of this experience.

12:30 am We go into my room and remove the pills from the baggie. I break one open and they have little time release beads inside so snorting them is not an option, they are also two nasty to chew so I simply swallow two of them. We decide to do an experiment. We break open another capsule and pour it's contents onto a tablespoon filled with water and heat it with a lighter til it boils. It smells horrible but I notice the small beads breaking open. I then swallow the contents of the spoon thinking this will make it liquid and put it instantly into my system. We do this with another pill.

12:45 am I am not totally feeling the effects yet so my friend and I go in the other room and look at things on the internet and talk.

12:52 am Ah wow I'm feeling pretty speeded up! I feel extremely clever and enjoy talking with my friend in the room with me and another friend in yahoo instant messanger. I feel that everything I say is clever and brilliant and worthy to be a line in some movie. Yup these ritalin are definitely doing the trick. It had been awhile since I'd last done ritalin and I note they feel slightly like cocaine.

1:15 am My friend is still talking to me and every single thing we talk about seems extremely interesting and every joke hilarious I am feeling good. Still a speeded and accelerated view of reality and my body is getting chills despite it being late July and very hot and humid where I live. I talk to my other friend on yahoo as well and enjoy the conversation quite much. She's a lovely girl and very important to me and is planning to come visit me soon.

1:49 am My friend informs me he has to leave as he has to get up early in the morning unfortunately as I was enjoying the conversation but I walk him to the door and tell him goodbye and that I'll see him tomorrow. I am still talking to my friend on yahoo, still enjoying it, and the chills start hitting more frequently and I feel an odd sort of tingling in my lower right leg. Things seem to be speeding up even more. Now along with the chills I also feel how hot the room is and I grow very thirsty. I take a sip of the glass of iced tea I have by my computer, then a huge gulp of it. Ah my mouth is dry. It's very hot and I am starting to sweat and this I don't like but everything else feels so good I hardly care. Things seem to be going even faster and I am jittery and feel like my mind is trying to move itself in different directions but I can only keep it on one and concentrate on one thing. Another good friend of me comes online and we start talking on yahoo messanger as well and then we decide to use it's voice function and talk with our computer mics. I'm enjoying this very much.

2:00 am Still talking to my friend on microphone. I feel very intelligent, whereas most drugs make me feel dumbed down this makes me the exact opposite. I talk about a huge variety of subjects with them from politics to movies to the member of that famous late nineties boyband coming out of the closet and telling the world he is gay. All of them are ultra fascinating.

2:45 am I feel like I am coming down slightly, I dislike this. I make a very big mistake. I decide to eat another one of the pills. I gulp it down with a glass of tea. Ah I am drinking alot thats for sure. I have almost finished off a huge pitcher of iced tea in this short amount of time. The high seems to pick up immediately. It probably wasn't the pill I just took kicking in it was probably sort of my mind telling me that I took another pill and shouldn't come down.

3:45 am I am still actually talking to my friend. I am not always able to carry on conversation this long and with this much ease but tonight it's as simple as you get. Of course now I am beginning to regret taking that other pill. I am still feeling good, too good. I feel confused and like things are racing by too fast for me to keep up with. My right arm keeps shaking nervously, in fact I am horribly nervous and almost frightened for no reason at all. I also keep clenching my jaw.

5:00 am My friend and I finally say goodbye. I say I am going to try and get some sleep. Hah! Not likely. I stay on the internet going into chats, my mind moving faster than my body can keep up with. I get terribly annoyed when I want to go into a certain chatroom and it is full. I also sort of become angry that no good conversation seems to be going on in any room. Whoa almost all of me is tingling.

6:30 am I decide to try and get some sleep. This is futile. I just lay in my bed and realize the obvious. This isn't possible. I don't feel good anymore either. It feels too hot, hotter than it should normally even when the ac is on and a fan is also blowing on me. I have a headache and feel nervous as if something awful, I just don't know what is going to happen today. I feel slightly sick to the stomach. After laying down for awhile I don't sleep but nor do I feel awake. It's like my mind is dreaming while I'm awake all sorts of pointless images and thoughts repeated in a loop.

9:30 am Wow I layed there for almost two hours but didn't sleep once. I want to come down from this stuff. Not fun, not fun at all! I get up and smoke a cigarette and sort of walk around everywhere aimlessly. Trying to chat online again but finding nothing enjoyable about it.

10:45 am I decide a shower may help. This actually does feel good. The warm water is relaxing really and I'm not sweating anymore at least and I feel sort of at momentary peace.

11:30 am I leave the comfort of the shower, still feeling horrid, still clenching my jaw uncontrollably. I put on White Light White Heat by the Velvet Underground, a song about amphetamine use and I know just what it's talking about. I smoke another cigarette and pace around my room.

11:44 am I decide to get online and submit a report about this. The typing and clearing my thoughts sort of helps the feeling of impending doom that goes across my mind from time to time.

12:05 pm I think this shall be the end of this report, I really wish I would just come down completely. I don't think I'm going to do anymore ritalin for awhile. I am almost thinking of doing a bit of methadone as that might bring me down. Wish I had some valium or xanax. I have two pills left and yup I'll probably end up using them eventually or even getting more ritalin from my friend but this is NOT going to be an everyday thing!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54955
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 8, 2009Views: 67,025
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Pharms - Methylphenidate (114) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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