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Stardust or Hellfire
by Hundreds
Citation:   Hundreds. "Stardust or Hellfire: An Experience with DOC (exp54788)". Feb 13, 2007.

2 hits oral DOC (blotter / tab)


It was a friday afternoon, and i had just left school to chill with my friends jos and st, at st's apartment. jos earlier that day had scored 3 hits of gel tab LSD, so naturally i was eager to do the same. two other friends come over, d, and se. jos tries to call his hook-up once again but to no avail, so he suggests that we buy from one his connections. he leaves, and later that night brings me and st 2 tabs each, and 1 for d. they were large white tabs, and already i suspected fowl play. i put the tabs in my mouth and already notice an EXTREMELY bitter taste (suggesting that whatever was on each tab, there was alot of it, probably more than there should be). so bitter that i ate the tab instead of letting it dissolve, because it was so gross. my immediate suspection was that it was DOC, since i have done DOC before. [Erowid Note: A substance(s) in this report might be identified incorrectly. Erowid reviewers question the author's identification of the drug described. Although the report is included in the collection, the substance might be something other than the author believed it to be.]

8:00: a foolish notion enters our heads that this is going to be really rough and that we should take in some food. another foolish notion enters our heads and we order pizza. Listening to a really intense aphex twin song. D is juggling these light-up cubes (which we bought at walmart prior to the trip) with the lights off and it starts to make me nauseous.

9:00: i feel anxious because i know my body is not in a good state to handle something as intense as DOC. visuals start to develop very fast, very blatantly. st's walls are covered in drawings, which start to change and move very rapidly. i have a rough feeling in my stomach and i feel kind of nauseous.

10:00: starting to peak. the lights are off, and the visuals are getting so fucking intense. i am seeing so many things in the dark, that i cant make out. i cant distinguish anything from anything else. i feel like im becoming invisible, and completely merging with the darkness. my heart starts to feel really strained and achey. theres a very unsettling feeling in the room that i cant explain, and i seem to notice it at the same time as my friends do. we're extremely scared. or at least i am. we're all really confused because we dont know what it is, and it doesnt let off at all. giant rings of light float across the room and it feels as if when they pass over my body it fills me with extreme pain. all of my friends are laying down and their bodies melt into the floor. D, with a terrifyed look in his eyes asks me if were going to be ok and i say i really dont know, im sure whatever it is it'll let off soon.

10:30: visuals only become more and more intense. it feels as if my brain is about to explode. it feels as if my heart is going to explode. i consider the very real possibility that i did something very dangerous and far too much of it, so i become increasingly more and more scared. my veins feel constricted. visuals are absolutely ridiculous. st's walls were rapidly moving transforming, thousands of dots going in a river formation across his wall, 'your not even trying to fool me' i said. thousands of kaleidoscopes were packed into my brain as we turn on the lights and see truly how hard we're tripping. this is entirely too much for my brain to handle. i have had good experience with psychadellics but i have never experience anything this ridiculous in my entire life. i truly feel like i could die at any second. this is horrible. this is perverted.

11:00: life itself has become absolutely changed. music sounds completely different, slower, stranger. everything looks completely different, my friends look as if theyre wearing elaborate make up and designs on their face. jos this whole night is trying to speak to me but i cant understand a word hes saying. even one hit for d is too much. st is being extremely witty and funny. i start coughing violently randomly throughout the night for no reason. im not sure but i believe alot of weed was smoked. at one point a friend of st's comes over and says to us 'man, i have the best weed you'll ever smoke right now' and i think 'wow, thats exactly what i dont want right now' but i guess i smoke it anyways.

12:00: my body and soul have truly been placed in the hands of unwieldy and evil spirits. im shaking violently the whole night. every time i close my eyes i see absolutely crazy things, mostly a vivid picture of my soul, an extremely tense burning orange structure, repeating in itself, getting smaller and smaller, much like being born, over and over and over again. every time i close my eyes my eyelids shake furiously and flutter. everything is just so incredibly cartoony that i cant even remember what real life feels and looks like. to ease the pain a little, stuart runs some hot water in the bathtub and we all stick our feet in it. immediately this explosion of relief and positive feelings surge through our bodys and i think' wow, thats fucking good'. but soon enough were back doing the same thing, sitting on his porch and worrying, worrying worrying. i normally have a very positive view of psychadellics, but i think this is a physiologically dangerous dosage. i feel extremely disconnected from reality, and nature. its a cluttered apartment, i really wanted to give a tree a big hug and try to exchange some good energy, but im too out of it to do it.

1:00 -7:00: D and St are smoking cigarettes on the porch. i feel like i probably wouldve felt better if i had done the same, but im not a big fan of cigarettes, personally. st suggests i take a shower, and having felt that orgasmic sample of hot water earlier, i decided that was an absolutely splendid idea, so i take a shower. i come in the bathroom and start playing air drums and notice that if i had a drumset i would probably be a very happy boy. the shower is strange, and i found it extremely hard to remember how to use it. the shower feels really good, and i hear millions of layers of bubbly sounds. everything looks extremely huge, still. people have incredibly fucked up proportions. this is a twisted drug, this is bizarre. i come out on the porch and say 'wow, ive never felt so good being hot and wet in a box before' and me and st and d talk about everything as we watch the sunrise

8:00: still tripping really hard. my body feels absolutely dreadful. my spine feels like somebody dislodged it and put it back on the wrong way. my heart hurts really bad, my stomach feels gaseous and shitty. my body is in a horrible state. the only phrase that perfectly describes the day after for phenethylemines is CRACKED OUT. other than that, i finally begin to thoroughly enjoy the visuals. we smoke a bowl. the morning looks absolutely beautiful, all i see is beautiful greens, beautiful blues and beautiful yellows. the morning air feels tingly on my skin and its really nice. we go for a ride and walk around downtown, i feel like im in a well shot movie, i feel cool, i feel like my friends are really cool too. we go on top of this parking garage and it feels unreal. i can see all the trees from such a wild view. the sky feels like it is being devoured by the sun. still getting wild visuals. my body still feels like shit though

9:00: we get back to the apartment and listen to music and talk about music. st drives us to jos's house, and jos drives us both home. i feel so incredibly tired and physically fucked up. the rest of the day i feel really bitter and sad for being ripped off like that. i felt like i came close to dying that night. it really sucks how people sell doc as acid, because you can take as much acid as you want and not die, but it seems that more than a certain amount of doc could certainly kill you pretty easily. i came home and passed the fuck out, for a long time. i didnt even remember going to sleep.

Comments :i can understand DOC being good, since ive done it before and enjoyed it, but i guess the moral of the story is its basically part amphetamine and is probably not in any way healthy. you could definately overdose on it, very very easily. be careful with research chemicals.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54788
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 13, 2007Views: 16,002
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