Unfortunate Circumstance
Ecstasy (PMA?)
Citation:   E Tard. "Unfortunate Circumstance: An Experience with Ecstasy (PMA?) (exp5471)". Erowid.org. Jan 16, 2002. erowid.org/exp/5471

2 tablets oral MDMA
About a week or two after halloween I was hanging out with my girlfriend. We had taken MDMA together a few times prior to this, and we always experienced a rush of new feelings and emotions. MDMA has brought us much closer together and we had been anxiously awaiting the time we could do it again.

This night we had beeped the same dealer we always went through. We met him and he handed me three yellow calvin klein pills. I had never received these from him, but he always gets a new type of pill. I took mine, my girlfriend took one, and she saved the third pill for another day.

We walked around the neighborhood for awhile and met some of my friends. They picked us up in the their car and we drove around. The e had begun to kick in for both of us and we were back in our pseudo-happy existence. We got dropped off after a short time by some stores. Behind them is a hill with a large rock on it. My friends and I often went there to smoke.

Me and my girlfriend climbed up and hung out for awhile. The 'MDMA' was much stronger than I had anticipated and I was quite pleased. However, it was not until I bought the remaining pill from my girlfriend that the trouble started.

I took the second pill and waited. The effects were growing stronger and stronger from the first one still, and I could not wait. However, I was suddenly hit with a wave of nausea. My girlfriend pukes regularly from MDMA so I figured it may be normal. I eventually wound up throwing up, and I thought id be alright...Until I threw up again...And again...And again...And again.

I now felt extremely sick and weak and I could not move. My girlfriend kept asking me if I was alright and I really thought I was. However, my memory fades here and the rest of the night is more of a blur. I remember throwing up ~10-15 times (no exaggeration) at the rock. My girlfriend constantly gave me water and I think something small to eat to try to keep food in me, but it did not work. By the time we left nothing was left in my stomach and I had been puking up nasty juices.

The time came to go home and I was still sick. Walking home was out of the question so I got a ride with my girlfriend's father. This was the first time I had ever met him and being in this state was not desirable. I was still having one of the strongest trips ive had in quite awhile, and I felt myself slowly dying at the same time.

Since I had been throwing up every 5-10 minutes, it was a race against the devil to get home before I had to puke again. I felt it start to hit again in the car, and as soon as we were at my house I bolted out. The car left and I collapsed in front of my house and puked. I stood up and dragged myself inside. This was only about an hour, maybe an hour and a half since I had taken the second pill - and this was the easiest hour.

I went in my room and laid down. I had the trash can next to me for those sudden waves of vomiting, and I was ready to run to my bathroom if I actually had the time. My girlfriend eventually called when she got home, and the vomiting continued. We would talk on the phone and she'd tell me how scared she was, especially now that delirium had been beginning to set it.

Eventually I got extremely weak. My memory of the events is even worse at this point. The next thing I remember is I was still on the phone with my girlfriend. She was crying and telling me she thought I was going to die. Through the confusion I tried to remember what had happened. I had no sense of time, and my thoughts were too scrambled.
She finally explained to me that I passed out on the phone with her. She called up my friend (the one in the car earlier) and he came to my window. He told her when he found me I was passed out and bleeding/foaming from the mouth. He said I eventually woke up and mumbled some things to him, but I do not remember any of this.

Well now I was listening to my girlfriend and I realized the reason I had been bleeding from the mouth was because of the giant cut in my tongue. I donít remember doing it but I must have taken a *nasty* bite out of it.

Once this passed I suddenly realized I had been very, extremely, incredibly hot the whole time. I had no sense of feeling before, but now the heat hit me. I had been overly hot the entire experience.

This was basically the end of the 'peak'. From this point on the vomiting came less and less and the weakness settled in more (now from exhaustion, as opposed to the drug). I tried to sleep once I was certain the vomiting was over, but I couldn't. Unfortunately, I had to go to work at 1:00 P.M the following day. The vomiting hadnít stopped until about 4-5 AM So I was near dead. I couldn't call in and I managed to drag myself to work. I worked the worst 8 hour day of my life, came home, and passed out for a long time.

Obviously there is no absolute proof the substance at hand was PMA, but through my research I have found no other drug that really would fit this description (especially considering the rather small dose). I am typing this now as a warning for others. I have always done my research on chemicals, and I feel I know my fair share of facts. However, nothing could have prepared me for what started out as a beautiful night with my girlfriend.

Anyone wishing to do multiple e pills, heed my warning - do not try more than one of a new batch!

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5471
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 16, 2002Views: 28,962
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MDMA (3), PMA (126) : What Was in That? (26), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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