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Wandering in Wonderland
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   LysergicBryan. "Wandering in Wonderland: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp54620)". Dec 13, 2006.

8 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I know this is a VERY long story, but it is one I typed up the day after having my first high-dose acid trip. I copied and paste this into here with no editing and no revising. Therefore, this is the exact account of my first high-dose acid trip from right after it happened. I didn't go into acid in hopes of getting high as a party drug. I went into it for a spiritual experience. I am part Native American and proud of my heritage so I have studied the use of psychedelic drugs to invoke spirit quests. Before I paste in the experience of the acid trip I will tell a little bit about my background, the setting, my mood, and any other information I think will help those of you thinking about entering the world of LSD.

My first real acid trip took place exactly 10 days after my 19th birthday, which is in July. I am a straight-A student, graduated high school with Honors. I am very studious and interested in psychology, science, quantum physics, chemistry, history, and philosophy. I’ve always been a loner, never enjoyed parties or social gatherings. I have always loved nature and animals so I planned to go out on a nice day for the acid trip and maybe look for snakes and turtles in a forest.

The drugs I have previously done were marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine. Never really cared for alcohol because it made me numb and apathetic, never really cared for cocaine but it was addictive. I enjoyed marijuana mostly because it heightened my senses, made me more aware of my surroundings, and exaggerated everything. I was in a bad mood on the day of my first high-dose acid trip because I was being harassed by my parents all morning about how my checking account somehow had $-56. Luckily, when my friends came over I calmed down because they’re people I have always been very comfortable with. Enough of the background information, here’s the story of an experience I will never forget...

As I am writing this, I am coming down from the most spiritual and life-changing experience that can possibly happen. Still coming down so this story may seem a bit confusing because my mind is racing and everything I'm looking at is moving, including the words on the screen. This experience is one which you can not possibly comprehend unless you have actually experienced it. Now I have taken a few hits of acid before, the most was 4 but it was really weak acid so all I got was a body high and slight movement in my visuals. Slight trails, everything was more vivid, I could notice everything. Everything was clear and my senses were heightened. I felt really spaced out too so talking to people was really confusing too. But that’s about it.

At around 4:30pm I took 8 hits of white fluff acid. I have heard it is the strongest acid you can get nowadays. I was with one of my best friends, who I will call D, his girlfriend S, and my friend K. After we took the acid, S drove us to the package store so D could get some alcohol. After we got back to my house I saw my parents leave so we went in my backyard and smoked some pot out of my glass bowl. D and I got pretty stoned. Then as I was sitting on my porch with my friends having a cigarette, I felt a slight shift in reality. Like I was slowly being transported into a new world.

Everything was so much more vivid. I could hear every bird, every gust of wind, the stereo was blasting out the song Jerusalem by a stoner metal band called Sleep and it was making me space out and since I was relaxed I started to get tingly all over my body, a feeling of bugs being under the skin. But it wasn’t like that, I knew there were no bugs under my skin so I didn’t freak out. Then I realized the feeling felt like the loving fingertips of a woman tickling me all over. I was getting slight trails but nothing hard yet, it was only as if I waved my hand in front of a computer screen. I looked at the paintjob on the side of my house. I could see every brush stroke from when it was painted. It kind of looked like it was bulging out a little bit. Then my friends decided to go for a swim...

My friend D kept insisting that we go swimming. At first I didn’t want to, but he said it would be good for us because I have a solar heater in my pool so it was like bathwater. It was scorching hot outside and the water was in the high 80s. I went inside for my swimsuit and I felt really weird. Very spaced out and confused. I forgot what I went inside for so I went back outside and I saw my friends in the pool. I think I remember getting a swimsuit for K too because she left it here from last time but I don’t remember when that came into play.

I went back inside to put on my swimsuit and I went outside. Everything was so much more vivid and I knew the acid was kicking in, but I had no idea what I was about to experience. I knew I was stoned but I'm pretty used to being stoned, and it never felt like this before. I felt like the wind kind of, like I was a part of the air. I stood on my pool deck and stared at the water for a little bit noticing every little ripple in the water. My friends kept encouraging me to jump in. I knew it would be too much of a shock to jump in so I slowly climbed in. All I can remember that D said was 'come on dude jump in the pool. I'm telling you, this will be the craziest experience you have ever had.' As I was swimming around, and going underwater, things gradually started to get weirder. Not really any visuals yet, just very tingly, stoned, spaced out, confused, my senses were heightened and I could hear and see everything so clearly and it was all so crisp. Then things started to get really weird...

I put on these goggles that made everything have a purple/red tint. Because of the suction of the goggles it felt like my eyeballs were getting pulled out. But I forced myself to think 'It's only the effects of a drug, and it will wear off. Your eyes aren’t really getting sucked out.' I could still feel it but I accepted it because I knew it was just my imagination. I went underwater and I could see every little movement and how the water was distorting the bottom and sides of the pool. Then once I came out of the water I could not see a thing, everything was so dark and purple so I took off the goggles.

Everything was as colorful and exactly how they looked when I had my goggles on before. With a purple/red tint. I felt a little part of my thumb growing so I looked and I could see a blister form right before my eyes and it was growing. I looked down at my chest and could see my skin change color from the normal skin color to having patterns in kind of pale dot shapes. Then I could see the goose bumps grow out of my skin. I got out of the water because I realized the blister was most likely from the chlorine in the water. Then I looked down at the grain in the wood and it started waving, and kind of swirling together. The spaces between the pieces of wood that made up the deck were also kind of waving, looked like water kind of. Then I looked out into my backyard...

When I looked out into my backyard, the tool shed looked very out of place. It looked like a small house. Then as I noticed the surroundings I could see how it fit in. The picket fence in the back looked like it was swaying slowly side to side, as if dancing in the wind. The house looked like it was blowing up like a balloon and deflating back to regular size (with an indent in the center), only to inflate again. As I looked at the point at the top of the roof, I could see my house kind of swaying slowly from side to side.

I looked at the grass, every blade was moving like it was alive. Every object was breathing just like my house, the tool shed which made me think of a dwarf's house, the pool deck, the pool, the fence, the neighbor’s tool shed which was right behind the picket fence with a lot of plant life next to it which was moving like it was alive. The tree’s leaves had a weird purplish-orange design on them and the tree seemed to stand out.

Except my friends looked completely normal, a bit too normal. D told me to look at the tree because it was colorful. I was so confused because as I was looking at the tree D kept telling me to look and I kept saying 'I'm looking at it man' and he said 'no dude, look at it.' So while I was staring at this tree I heard my friends laughing at me and I felt retarded because I could not understand what was going on. Then D tapped my shoulder and pointed to the tree he was talking about. One that was across the street and when I looked at it, I could see every leaf move like it was going in small circles and it looked like flowers were growing out of the middle of it.

I decided to go inside to dry off and change because I was cold (even though it was supposed to be scorching hot out.) The ladder to get down from the deck was breathing so I had to have my friend help me get down the ladder, the back porch and the stairs that went up on it were breathing. The floral patterns on my walls in the kitchen looked like they were growing, and the grain designs on the dinner table were moving and swirling to form shapes that looked like faces you would see in an animated scary movie. I went into the bathroom and the walls, the hamper, the sink, the shower, and the toilet were breathing. Every design on the floor tile and the walls were growing, swirling, and swaying.

I looked in the mirror and I could see every little detail of my face and it looked like it was moving a bit, so I talked to myself in the mirror just to tell myself it was just a drug which will wear off and I'll be fine. Don't worry… the image didn’t talk back and I knew it was just a mirror. I was just trying to calm myself down because I didn't expect what was happening to me. It was a bit overwhelming because it was hitting me pretty hard, and it was my first time really tripping. Then I noticed the trails...

I heard about trails and the times that I have done low doses of acid I would imagine myself to have slight trails, even when I smoked too much pot I would imagine it too. But right now, in my bathroom, I had a trail. I knew it. I moved my hand across my vision and saw 50 hands spread out like a fan, slowly fading away like it was dissolving from the beginning of the fan until all that was left was my real hand. I just fooled around making crazy trails in the bathroom until I decided to go back outside.

Everything in the kitchen was moving. The objects were inflating and deflating and kind of swaying from side to side as if dancing, and all I could think of was the scene in Evil Dead 2 where the house was alive everything in it was laughing (although nothing really was laughing during my experience, they were just dancing). The patterns on everything were growing and/or swirling. The top of my table looked like the top of a crooked tree stump, but somehow it belonged in the middle of my kitchen and it was on the four table legs in the exact center of my kitchen.

As I walked toward the door I stared at the table and everything was getting darker and the patterns on the table were swirling to form the faces even more. The floral designs on the walls were growing and sprouting more flowers. I went outside and sat down on the porch swing with K, while D and S were sitting at the table. Everything was moving just like how it was earlier but stronger. I looked at the kitchen window which has a design of two birds on it and I saw the tail of one of them start to curl up.

My mind was moving so fast so I told my friends I wanted to go for a walk, go on an adventure. I didn't want to waste my trip just sitting around, I wanted to go experience the world because I felt like I was a child again and I was experiencing everything for the first time. Plus a walk would do me good because it would help to clear my mind. But my friends told me no because it was too hot outside. I didn't feel the heat but apparently it was a very hot summer's day. Then S drove us to an old graveyard…

On the way to the graveyard, everything was moving. Being inside the car I felt very claustrophobic because it looked like the sides were closing in on me and every pattern around me was moving, although my friends looked perfectly normal, everything around them was alive. I looked out the windshield and the road looked like it was curved up in the middle like a big hill and the trees were growing into the middle of the road like we were in a rainforest.

The street lights and what looked like towering giant pillars that connected the power lines were trailing so I could see one coming toward us right after the other and everything was crooked and looked like it was melting down toward the street. I decided to lay down in K's lap and stared out the window and was overwhelmed. All of a sudden I got tunnel vision and all I could see was a thousand street lights and power-line poles coming toward me and I felt some bubbles pop in my head so I sat up and held onto K.

She held onto me to calm me down. I had to get out of that car. D noticed me bugging out so he put on some relaxing 60's music and I was able to sit back, relax, and watch the crooked melting street lights, the growing trees with spinning leaves, the breathing street that looked like a balloon inflating in the center. Every once in a while I would tell him to turn down the music because I would see flashes that went along with the beat of the music and it bugged me out a little bit. But once he turned the music down I snapped back into reality and he turned it up again.

When we got to the graveyard, I sat down on the grass in front of a statue and smoked another bowl with D. Then I looked up and noticed all the gravestones were crooked and looked kind of like they were slowly dancing back and forth, the ground looked like it was breathing and the pathways looked like they were bulging out, like big hills that formed crooked and disoriented paths. The faces on the statues seemed to change into skulls and sometimes just to have a different expression. The leaves on the trees were spinning in little circles and growing, kind of looked like a painting. Then for some reason, which I can not remember, we went back to the car and went to a beach which led to an abandoned town...

At the beach we walked along the path, I was still getting the same visuals as I described earlier, they were just a lot stronger now and it seemed like there were huge waves going across the ground I was walking on. I felt my skin begin to swirl too. I could feel every grain of sand going into my shoes and I felt like I was being pulled into the ground because I was walking on sand.

Everything was moving. The birds trailed and looked like there were at least 10 flying by and fading away. I could see every bug fly by, the moths were beautiful. The birds were beautiful. The straw ground looked like it was swirling until the colors would mix together and look like small animals running around on the path. Then I noticed that they were little fiddler crabs running around. I saw a bird flying around in circles above me and it looked like it was pissed off and wanted to kill me.

D told me that I was near its nest so it would dive-bomb me. I was bugging out a bit because I thought the bird would attack me so I was clutching onto K as she guided me out of the danger zone. I started getting a bit paranoid and thought my friends thought of me as retarded because they weren't tripping. As we were walking, I kind of left them behind and walked on my own because I knew I was in my own little world.

Then I saw a bird fly through the air and it split into about 5 birds and flew in all different directions. I was amazed by it and I said to D, 'Holy shit! Did you see that? Those birds flew and spread out, there has to be at least 50 birds out here.' Then D laughed and pointed out the reality to me, 'Dude, there are only 2 birds. Look. One, two. You’re just tripping face.' I said 'I know, and I love it. I want more.' He told me that he was tripping face too because he took 6 hits, but he's experienced with it so he can control it.

D called me his brother in psychedelics and we sat down on the beach and smoked another bowl talking about how we want to take an even higher dose next time. As we were walking on the wooden bridge, every piece of wood that held it together was crooked and swaying like it was dancing. The trees and every little plant was growing and moving like it was alive and about to devour us. Not a harmful devourment, more of a peaceful one. Like we were going through a pathway into another world. The houses in the abandoned town were inflating and deflating, everything looked bent. Similar to the animation in the cartoon Rocko's Modern Life. I don’t remember much after that of what went on in the abandoned town. But I remember the walk back...

The ground was like water, I could feel it like it was an earthquake and the waves were going across the ground. The whole world felt like it was a seesaw and I could feel my own body waving around like it was moving with the water-like ground. I could feel every part of my body swirling into itself. I looked out onto the water and could see huge tidal waves going from one side to the other. I could see everything getting darker with the sun going down. I could hear every sound. When we got back in the car, my friend John called my cell phone and the way he was talking I could not understand anything he was saying. It was like he was talking a different language, which I could only partially understand. So everything he was saying was mixing together and confusing the hell out of me. So I told him I'd meet him at the fast food restaurant Wendy's.

On the way to Wendy's, D and I smoked another bowl to heighten the trip. When we got to Wendy's I was getting very claustrophobic because I was stuck in the car and they wouldn't let me out because D and S were arguing and ignoring the fact that I had to get out of the car. The insides of the car looked like it was closing in on me and the paranoia caused by their arguing made me think everyone was pissed off at me, like I ruined everyone’s night by tripping. John saw us there and saw me bugging out so he told D that I had to get out of the car.

When I got out, K and I went into Wendy's and the confusion was too much. The letters on the menu were swirling and waving around, each letter was dancing. Everything was moving around me and John's girlfriend, Rachel, asked me for 7 cents. I walked around in circles around the restaurant looking through my pockets for change, then I looked up and noticed Rachel and the person at the register were both staring at me. I apologized for not having any change then I left. John tried to talk to me again and I just wanted him to leave me alone because I felt so stupid because I couldn't understand him.

I got back in the car and we went to the playground where I went to elementary school. I saw some old friends from high school and I was happy to see them but they knew I was on drugs so they laughed and said it was typical of me. But I told them I took 8 hits of acid and smoked some pot and one of them said sarcastically 'wow, you really know how to mix your drugs. That’s a GREAT combination.' So I walked away from them because I had a feeling that they hated me for doing drugs.

D and I went out into the field and lay down to stare at the stars swirling around and moving. Then we decided to walk behind the school because it was dark and there were only a few lights and a forest was behind it. We were watching the patterns on the brick wall move, the trees dance, the leaves swirl, the lights of the field were overwhelming because they seemed so bright I can only compare them to the sun.

Then when we walked back, I was in my own little world and not paying attention to my friends because I didn't hear them and I was busy watching the brick walls of the school pulsate and wave as a few of the bricks started to bulge out, like they were loose and just being pushed out from the inside. Then all of a sudden I heard S yell 'What the hell did you do?!' I got paranoid because I thought she was screaming at me. Then I snapped out of my fantasy world and saw there was a cut on D's arm. S said again, 'What the hell did you guys do back there?! We heard a lot of noise.' I was so paranoid thinking everyone was pissed off at me, so I told them that all we did was look at the scenery.

I was being honest too. I don't remember him getting a cut. The bad vibes of D and S's arguing made me want to go home with just K. So I told D and S that I would meet them at my house because I wanted to walk home. K walked with me and I had the same visuals, except it was night so I couldn't see the leaves swirling. I was wishing it was brighter because I wanted to see everything move. But things were still breathing and bulging out, I was still getting slight trails as if I moved my hand in front of a computer screen but the images of my hand stayed a few seconds longer than it normally would if I did that.

When we got back to my house, D and S weren't there so I thought they went home. Paranoia made me believe they got pissed off at me and left. I was also kind of pissed because D had my bowl, my pot, my lighter, and I had no cigarettes left. K and I went inside. Since I was kind of used to the trip by now, I was able to handle dealing with my parents. They didn't suspect a thing. I handled it by walking inside with my friend, saying “Hey mom” and walking straight to my room with K.

When I was in my room I heard something hit the window so I looked outside and D was standing there. I went out to talk to him and he said they had to go home. I went back inside with K. I had a hell of a time and she definitely is the coolest girl in the world! No further details about that situation though. She drove me to the store to pick up cigarettes and she was playing this awesome trance music in her car stereo, which really heightened the trip.

There was a song about a guy who had to get used to not living next door to 'Alice' so I assumed he was singing about LSD. That song made everything look kind of like it was dancing to it. Then there was a techno remix of the theme from Never Ending Story which made everything seem like it was smiling. Eventually she had to leave. I was still tripping so I told her to call me when she got home. It seemed like an eternity so I was getting very nervous and afraid that maybe something happened to her. I tried to call her twice but there was no answer and I was only thinking the worst. Then I went outside for a cigarette and she finally called me.

I talked to her for a bit and it definitely calmed me down, and then I went to bed because I was all alone. I spaced out to The Beatles and Jefferson Airplane to watch the objects in my room move slightly to the music, and then I went on the computer to start typing this. I wasn’t really tripping anymore, it just seemed like everything was off and I felt burnt out and exhausted. I had to stop typing this about halfway through and I went back to bed and just tried to sleep. I looked at my clock which was not moving, and even seemed to go backward a minute, so I unplugged it and eventually fell asleep.

Now it is the next day, I definitely feel a difference in reality. My perspective has changed so much. Everything is clear and I am more aware of everything. I took a drive to the bank to fix the problem with my checking account and I was more aware of every little thing that was going on and I could notice the patterns in everything more and how everything kind of connects.

All I can say is: acid is my favorite drug. I don't do acid to get messed up. I never thought of it like that. Before I have ever done acid I always viewed it as a spiritual experience that I wanted to try. Now that I have done it, I believe everyone who can handle it should try it at least once in their lifetime. I thought I could understand acid after reading and researching it to no end. But once I actually experienced it, I realized that I knew nothing about it.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54620
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 13, 2006Views: 34,293
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LSD (2) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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