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Vegetable Gnosis
Morning Glory & Mushrooms
by OpenyourEYE
Citation:   OpenyourEYE. "Vegetable Gnosis: An Experience with Morning Glory & Mushrooms (exp54379)". Erowid.org. Oct 9, 2007. erowid.org/exp/54379

T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral Morning Glory (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 2.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


We had rented a cabin on a very serene lake in southwest Oklahoma, fitting with our tradition of tripping by lakeside. We each ate between two or three grams of pretty fine mushroom shake, no overt pieces of vermiculite were noticeable, this was actually powdered mushrooms, an hour or so after I had taken a few grams of morning glories in capsules. I have always found that mushrooms have a powerful synergy with other sacred plants like syrian rue, caapi vine or san pedro, and I've also noticed intense synergies with morning glories and rue, or even cannabis. Having never tried this combination before, I was a bit excited.

The preliminary effects of the mgs were good as we stayed in the cabin, waiting for the experience to come on. My girlfriend and I enjoyed several intense mushroom trips playing intricately off each other's energies the previous summer, and we were anticipating the reaction to this first batch in the spring, but we would not have one of our trips together this time. Half an hour after the mushrooms were down, she puked them back up. Though for the rest of the night she claimed she wasn't tripping very hard, she played a very important part in my experience.

We wandered around the lake for quite some time, sitting around in clusters of trees, watching the water, and waiting for the sunset. When it finally happened, I watched the battle between the two energies, and the final disappearance of the sun. Back in the cabin, after taking a couple of hits, my trip was climbing quickly in intensity. The spirits had made themselves known, pouring out of the wood-grain walls. I've never had any trouble seeing them on mushrooms, they just show up, but usually its only one. He's always showing me bits of historical information, or trying to convince me to drink a bottle of ayahuasca I have prepared, but this time he brought the whole spaceship full of grays.

We had planned to cook after we came down. Without incident, at the grocery store earlier, we walked about randomly choosing vegetables to make an oven foil packet from. Onions, potatoes, bell peppers, portabella mushrooms, and green onions. All vegetables, I'm a vegetarian. My trip built, hers was still diminishing, so she offered to start the food. One by one, to the usual soundtrack of floyd's meddle, I asked to inspect the vegetables. The stems reveal a lot about the fruit. It is the singular connection to the tree. Not the physical tree from which the specific fruit came, but the tree from which all living things grow.

My visualisation arrived at this tree, and began to move along the branches to the next vegetable. I layed on the bed holding a single potato, wondering. The beings pushed me along to the next one, a portabella mushroom. The image of myself laying flat holding a single vegetable to the side stuck in my head as an archetypal image. Almost like a stained glass painting, I envisioned myself as a spirit or as the gnostic christ holding a piece of this autonomous fiber of life governing the planet. What is the significance of a human being, an intelligent animal, grasping a chunk of the network of life?

The next veggie: a green onion. Green onions are split, from the root it branches out into two, in a Y shape. It is the same shape as any segment of branch including a knot where a new branch grows. It is the same as a piece of mycelium stretching its tendrils into the ground. It is the same as the vessels of blood in the body. It dawned on my the significance of this form. One branch splitting into two is the organic expression of a math equation. 1+1=2 is represented by a Y-shaped branch. Trees now appeared to me as great expressions of mathematics. Fractal geometries of infinite balance stood all around the cabin.

They had given me this lesson, but I knew it was just a teaser, they had much more in mind. Our traditional food was being prepared as I mulled over what I knew must have been an incredible realization, just clouded by the trip. I remembered eating this as a kid. Potatoes and peppers roasted and spiced together served on a plate at the dinner table. Where did they come from? My visualisation rocketed to the fields of potatoes being grown and distributed, and I watched the process in high speed. The organic traits became more clear. I saw more than just fields of vegetables being prepared, I saw the fields of people. The vegetables are grown, then fed en mass to the people being grown. These veggies aren't innocent.

The chemical locks of hallucinogens are too much for just coincidence. Anyone who's really tripped can probably tell you that. Shouldn't it be obvious that the nutritional locks of vegetables are too? Our planet needs a self-aware consciousness, but whats it gonna eat? The vegetables were seen not just as food anymore, but as a plateau for us to stand on. They are raising us for something.

The one who communicates directly to me showed me a few things. All the plants on my plate belong to him, also tomatoes, tobacco, and any other pepper we might have put in the dish. Wondering why my trip had gone so nuts, I just remembered I had taken morning glories. 'Those are mine too,' he said, 'also the mushrooms you're on of course.' I envisioned him, and his kind, still lurking in the walls, dwelling within the autonomous realm of the plants, or as he said, the 'plantssss...' in a strange, almost biblical inflection, drawing out and softening the a.

For millenia, mankind has been tending the fields. Some of our oldest words apply to farming. A very biblical connotation tinged this voyage as I thought of words like 'reap' and 'sow.' I could envision all of the heroes of bible not as men, but as spirits, wearing long robes of flowing energy. We are plants. Imagining neighborhoods of people reminded me of fields of vegetables. Just as the veggie grows husks for its seeds, the human plant grows houses for its individuals. The growth of the soul is like a ripening of human fruit to be harvested. My trip peaked with a vision of the pattern:
they live in the plants that we grow and harvest into physical fruits. We live in a physical plant that they grow and harvest into spiritual fruits. Those of us who have been allowed to develop our consciousness are like the individual plants allowed to seed, or a mushroom allowed to open its cap to spread its spores.

Almost as a joke, or maybe just to put me at the limit of question, they showed me an interesting aspect of the pattern. We harvest the plants with scythes in a specific reaping motion. They use the same motion to harvest our ripened consciousnesses, only with spaceships instead of tools. It became clear that the beings I've always seen in the plants were the gray aliens that have been spiritually abducting people for years. It kind of made sense now. The rumors and legends about these beings held. Smaller in stature, containing vast continents of galactic knowledge, piloting spaceships, controlling world governments through the population's use of their plants, spinning jewels of reflective knowledge and turning light energy into physical energy through photosynthesis. It had never occurred to me that the notion of races of super-intelligent beings secretly running the world was actually true, but here was a full fledged mushroom trip to show me. What am I supposed to gather from that?

It was only a few days later that I learned tomatoes, onions, peppers and potatoes all belong to the same, very tight-nit family of plants, the solanaceae. The sister family of the sol's is the convulvaceae, or morning glory family. Interestingly enough, the solanaceae is often referred to as the nightshade or datura family, as it contains all varieties of this most ancient and powerful sacrament. They left me with a cliffhanger. They told me that this knowledge was always available to me, and I may walk down their path whenever I am ready. This lesson was only part of a many-fold teaching that I may never receive. If I do, I know I certainly can't share it with the realm at large. I'm questioning hitting the submit button even now...

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54379
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 9, 2007Views: 18,303
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Morning Glory (38), Mushrooms (39) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), Mystical Experiences (9), Combinations (3), General (1)

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