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Passionflower As an MAOI
Passion Flower & Mushrooms - P. cubensis
Citation:   tripfiend. "Passionflower As an MAOI: An Experience with Passion Flower & Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp5423)". Jan 14, 2002.

T+ 0:00
6 oz oral Passion Flower (extract)
  T+ 0:45 2.0 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (capsule)
Using an MAOI and Psilocybe mushrooms, one can create a sort of 'Mushroom Ayahuasca' which has effects profoundly different from mushrooms alone. About a year ago my wife and I decided to try a Mushroom-MAOI combination of Psilocybe cubensis and Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata). Syrian Rue is traditionally used for this experiment, however, we selected Passionflower because it seams to be more natural and more readily available. Passionflower extracts are about 80 times weaker than Syrian Rue but seam to produce less nausea and fewer undesirable side effects.


*IMPORTANT* MAOIs react dangerously with *many* foods and drugs. We abstained from a wide range of foods, drugs and alcohol for at least 72 hours beforehand. Some drugs, such as an SSRI (Prozac for example) can not be taken for 2 weeks before taking an MAOI. Also MAOIs can double the effect of Psilocybe mushrooms, hence, 2 grams can equal up to 4 grams! Read about it at

12oz of fresh dried Passionflower leaves were soaked in a small amount of cold water (just enough to saturate the leaves) and 4 tbsp lemon juice for 2 days. The leaves were pressed and the liquid saved. Water and lemon juice were again added to the leaves and the mixture was brought to about 150F on a stove for 2 hours. Do not boil the leaves at this point, it can reduce the amount of harmine and harmaline extracted. The process was repeated, but the liquid was boiled for about 1.5 hours (added more water when needed). Fresh ginger root was added to the mixture (to reduce nausea) and the mixture was boiled for an additional 15 minutes. The mixture was then pressed and the leaves discarded. After cooling, the liquids were combined to make 6-8 cups of brown, bitter liquid. This liquid was cooled for 4 hours, iced and served as iced tea with plenty of sugar.

The Experiment

6:00 pm - After fasting for 6 hours, we each consume 3 cups of Passionflower extract.

6:15 pm - I experience some nausea, my wife feels fine. The nausea (probably due to the large amount of liquid consumed on an empty stomach) quickly dissipates.

6:45 pm - We each swallow 2 grams of potent dried P. cubensis in gelatin capsules. At this point we are beginning to notice the effects of the MAOIs; a warm comfortable feeling, some loss of coordination and a general feeling of euphoria similar to alcohol (about 4 beers).

7:15 pm I feel a definite shift in consciousness, a familiar sensation that usually precedes a mushroom trip. We watch a movie (The Spy That Shagged Me) and wait. I feel dizzy as I walk to the bathroom. As I stand there, I feel as if something is about to happen. I feel nervous and anxious, much more so then before an average trip. I try to relax and suddenly notice that I see the toilet bowl 'in double' and *everything* seems to have a greenish hue. This is the first visual that I have seen on this trip and the world has suddenly turned sideways on me! I feel like I have been physically pushed to the side of myself, a curious feeling I have only had once before with high-dose LSD. A sense of *physical* disassociation as if I am standing next to myself. My first thought is oh shit, I took too much. Then the visual effects seem to mellow. I begin to feel comfortable again. Waves of warmth and comfort came over me and the world seems odd but friendly. I return to find that the effect has hit my wife as quickly as it hit me. She is sitting on the floor watching the movie with amazement. I sat next to her and began to notice that I can not understand the movie. I have only minor visual distortions and feel very clear headed but I can not understand the movie *at all*. I try to explain this to my wife and discover that I have trouble speaking. Mushrooms typically make me feel somewhat delirious as opposed to LSD, but I have much less experience with mushrooms than my wife. I ask her (as best I can) if she has ever experienced this degree of impairment from mushrooms before. She tells me that she also feels more impaired than usual, although she feels significantly less impaired than I do. Although we consumed no alcohol or any other drugs, the inebriation deepens over the next 45 minutes. This state of confusion is alternately distracting, annoying and hilarious, but never unpleasant.

8:00 pm The visuals are now quite good, not spectacular, but the TV seems to pulse with energy and it wiggles astonishingly when the channel is changed. At this point I cannot understand how to use the TV remote. I begin to feel cold and I ask my wife if she wants to take a bath together. She agrees and I walk to the stairs. I discover that walking is *very* difficult. I stagger dramatically and look very drunk. When I get to the tub I pour a bath and use the bathroom. I have now pissed about 6 times since 6:00 pm! My wife notices and we laugh about it.

8:15 pm We light candles and sit in the bath. The candles light make great shadows on the walls to watch. The visuals are very prominent at this point and seem to primarily be strange distortions of actual objects. The distortions are very obvious and very extreme. At this level the distortion seemed +++, but I did not experience things I commonly experience at +++, flowing or molten surfaces, extreme color distortions, severe time distortion or actual hallucinations. The distortions seem to show only the world as it is, but distorted to be beautifully stretched and shaped. My wife says that she is experiencing considerably less noticeable effects. She comments that the visuals seem obvious, be seem to change less than she would expect. She rated her level to be ++.

8:45 pm Out of the bath, I lay by the fireplace and listen to music. CEVs are extremely well formed and 3 dimensional, almost like vivid dreams. I see more than shapes, but fully formed Magritte-esque scenes, very surreal. Music seems to be the only thing with severe time distortion. If I listen to the music carefully I get caught in a music loop. We are listening to ambient music and the long continuous sounds seem to go on forever. Unlike an LSD time-warp experience I enjoy this and just float with my eyes closed, never wanting the endless loop to end. We lay by the fire for what seems like hours.

9:15 pm I want to take a bath again. I have begun to shiver and some nausea has returned. I sit in the tub and my wife sits next to me on the floor. I can now talk more sensibly and we chat about life, philosophy, death, etc. I describe the CEVs which are now more like a movie playing when I close my eyes. We sit quitely and I close my eyes and try to focus on the visuals. I feel strong rushes of emotion. An overhelming sense of alone, a sense of spiritual loss for the world. I relax more and feel as if I might drift from my body. I see images of friends and family, as well as strange landscape. The effect reminds me of opium dreams. I think I was actually asleep for 10 or 15 minutes (strange I know).

10:00 pm Still at a strong +++. I now feel very hot and sit outside to cool off. I seem to notice more color distortions and unusual moving patterns. The visuals seem more like a standard mushroom trip. Things with texture are very interesting and have kaleidoscopic color patterns.

10:45 pm I sit with my wife by the fire, we watch the flames which look fantastic. I return from the bathroom (I have pissed another 5 or 6 times now) and we have sex by the fire. The sex is amazing, very sensual and tender. We rest by the fire and listen to music.

11:45 pm The effect is now beginning to were off. About a + now. Feel euphoric, but very tired.

12:00 am We go to bed. My wife sleeps instantly, I cannot. I remember something about Melatonin being a mild MAOI. I take some Melatonin and eat something. In about 45 minutes I sleep soundly and have fantastic dreams.

7:00 am Our mood is great. I have a slight headache which I attributed to dehydration. I feel very clear headed even at breakfast with friends.

I believe that my MAOI-Psilocybe mushroom experience was a wholly different experience from Psilocybe mushrooms alone. The sense on inebriation was much greater and the effects were very strange and pronounced, but much less disturbing than a Psilocybe mushroom experience with twice the dose. The spiritual aspect seems very different as well, I had a strong spiritual sense of empathy for the world in general. I felt sad and disillusioned by the world. The spiritual aspect however was very impersonal. Almost as if I were experiencing it as a detached observer. No deep introspection or self-realization. The MAOI seemed to make the overall experience more comfortable. The effect was definitely stronger than Psilocybe mushrooms alone and lasted slightly longer. I highly recommend this combination.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 5423
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 14, 2002Views: 97,964
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