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Salvia 35x Warning
Salvia 35x
by Cody
Citation:   Cody. "Salvia 35x Warning: An Experience with Salvia 35x (exp54119)". Erowid.org. Oct 21, 2009. erowid.org/exp/54119

1 g smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


I was shocked that no one had a report on the 35x extract. Two friends of mine decided to go out and buy the extract but I was expecting them to return with a 10x or 15x with a gram or something but instead they brought back a 60 sack of 35x salvia (purple sticky salvia). I estimate that I consumed close to 50mg of the salvia A chemical. One friend decided to go first because he had never done it, we all watched has he slightly shifted into someone else after ripping my double bubbler, however, his experience didn't seem much stronger than mine with the leaf matter( Iíve smoked about an ounce of it before). I wasn't really expecting anything strong because he was giggling and seemed to be enjoying himself. After he had finished hitting the dub I cleared what was left and then hit it again to clear out the bowl. I actually did get a decent hit the second time and I could begin to feel the subtle relaxing/pulling effect that made everything seem to slow down. Once I started to pack up the dub for my hit I began to mentally visualize/ prepare myself for the journey ahead. Using a 3 in long butane flame a kindly burned the living fuck out of what was in that bowl. Everything almost instantly vaporized into smoke and once I had cleared it, weird shit started to happen.

I recall my buddy counting 1,2,3,4,5 and then once he had hit six everything warped. I was suddenly pulled into a being/world so distorted of my own surroundings that I felt I was completely helpless. The world began to spin and my brain was engulfed into a tornado like rotation. I had absolutely no idea how to solve my spinning problem, but as this one developed another issue began to surface. the spin was only the appetizer. The main course followed when it seems every particle/person/thing began to slice itself into millions of geometric planes. These planes divided themselves in such a way that I could see my friends bodies split into so many different pieces it was scaring me. The combination of the cutting/splitting and the spiral send my mind into overload. I can recall having one second of clear though throughout all this when I told myself ďits only salvia.Ē At this point my friends said that I went into what seemed like a shock/seizure following hitting my head on a nearby dumbbell. The world I was in resembled a giant machine slowly being pieced together with every rotation. The spin didnít make me sick but the physical pain I was having made everything harder to deal with. Every rotation engulfed so much pain/torture that it was tough to handle.

The dementia developed into a sort of LEGO world with infinite cascading repeating lines/planes. All this of course with the never ending spin. My friends who hadnít smoked were trying to help me because I can remember having their faces/bodies being torn into shreds. My brain was attempting to create a movie like or picture like image, but every shot/frame was disrupted by movement. Each movement created a brand new place for my body to separate and be reconnected (in a spiral of course). Some of the layers/planes would not correct themselves and seemed stuck, with my friends half on the bottom of my view, half on the top with no connection in the middle. Nothing would remain still. The trip continued strong - almost like a machine with thousands of moving parts, unstoppable no matter what you did. Mentally I kept trying to calm myself down but the visuals would stop. Closing my eyes hadnít even crossed my mind until I tried it while my body spun and connected to Robís, spinning round and round. I still felt surging pain so I tried to deal with the hallucinations. Some how Rob was trying to put music on to chill me out but I was finally able to say something.

ďNo leave it off, I donít think I could handle it.Ē

My slowing endless delusion continued at a more moderate pace now as I moved around. I truly had no control over my body functions or how I was moving. The trip controlled everything. I ended up in a lazy boy about 6 feet from where I originally was, but I still have no idea how I got there. I instantly remember robs face and him saying something, but words remained somewhat out of this world and unimportant. Once I was able to speak I felt unable to communicate correctly. He and Billy began asking what I saw but I could not even begin to describe what was still happening. I told them I couldnít even talk about it. I recall Robs glasses moving side to side on one plane while his other two parts of his face also move independently. They shifted in an orbital way.

As I began to recover, I took long deep breaths thinking there was still smoke in my lungs. I wanted to be sober at this point because I was scared of being pulled back into that other world. The salvia hadnít fully worn off yet either so it seemed I was ready to trip hard again at any moment. I asked for the TV to be turned on but the history channel scared me instantly. I began to speak and ask questions, focusing on them and not the trip. An attempt to become sober through discussion seemed logical and I kept on talking. I felt the floating/pull after effect for quite a while, especially after smoking some headies. My hallucinations are basically indescribable, however this was my best attempt at creating an accurate report. I would need an artist and a frame by frame shot of the trip to accurately depict it visually. Salvia extract this strong is not for those inexperienced in the tripping department. I have eaten mushrooms countless times and never once had a trip anywhere half as strong as this.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54119
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 21, 2009Views: 8,499
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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