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Another Presence
Anadenanthera colubrina
by Hydro
Citation:   Hydro. "Another Presence: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina (exp54063)". Dec 5, 2006.

3 seeds insufflated Anadenanthera colubrina (ground / crushed)

The first thing to mention in terms of preparation is that I actually forgot to heat the seeds first, those aware of the process will know that this is one of the first steps to take during the preparation. Seemingly this wasn't a problem, as they most definitely did the job. I took three of the seeds and removed the shells, I then ground them into very fine powder using a sieve. I mixed the pile of ground seeds with a quarter of the amount of calcium hydroxide and left it for a little while before taking it to the bathroom and snorting the seeds.

My reason for doing this in the bathroom is that the pain of snorting them is incredible, far more painful than anything I've ever put in my nose before. As such, I find I salivate more than normal, therefore I have to spit, and I also have to blow out any remaining seed (to avoid an unpleasant clogged feeling) after the effects have begun. I'd much rather do this into my toilet than onto my carpet or anywhere else. I was prepared for the pain as I tried the insufflation method a few days previous to this with unremarkable results.

As I snorted them the burning pain kicked in immediately, it didn't subside to any great extent for about 2 minutes, and even then it was still very much present, albeit less overwhelming. After spitting into the toilet and wishing the drip didn't taste so unbearable, I began to feel a pain in my shoulders and neck, quite an achy pain as though there was a lot of pressure on my shoulders, there was also some nausea and a little disorientation, although that came and went relatively quickly.

That pain grew into a very heavy feeling over the next few minutes, almost sedating in that it wasn't particularly unpleasant anymore, and it very much made me feel exhausted, yet calm and relaxed. I was also beginning to get slightly hazy vision, which combined with the unusual body high made me feel as though I should lie down, this was about 5 minutes after originally snorting the seeds. I pretty much allowed myself to collapse with my head by the toilet (a prospect somewhat less of an issue at the time) and didn't move for the duration of the trip, the same calming feeling remained throughout. One other thing I should mention is that throughout the entire trip my thoughts were racing, similar to my thought process whilst on stimulants.

From my previous experiences with these seeds (once insufflated, a number of times smoked) I was expecting perhaps very slight visual distortion and somewhat stronger closed eye visuals, however what happened completely surpassed my expectations. The next part attempts to describe the peak of the trip and the visual aspect, I can't do it full justice, however I will attempt to briefly outline the most interesting effects. I would say this part was the peak, which was probably about 10 minutes into the experience and lasted for about 15.

I lay there motionless, looking at the rather uninteresting cieling, my eyes locked in place looking at an inset circular light in the middle. What resembled a glowing sphere started to grow around it until it appeared to be an eyeball, the texture of the eye reminded me of liquid. Translucent, yet the shape was well defined and shimmering. I began to notice that all panels and large flat spaces were appearing as gridded sheets, slightly slanted in my direction. There was also a slight enhancement of colour and (as I mentioned before) an unusual shimmering, liquid effect. Of course, these images weren't picture perfect, however they were incredibly well defined shapes and patterns, the rest was a matter of interpretation.

There was definitely a distinctive quality about what I was 'seeing' compared to the visuals of other substances. There was that sense that there was another presence there, despite my being entirely alone. One of the things which intrigued me the most was that I instinctively referred to the eyeball as 'she / her' in my mind, as there was a definite feminine aspect to it, almost as if it had its own personality. Whilst it wasn't nuetral towards me, there was certainly no hostility, if anything I would say I considered any link between myself and the vision in front of me to be one of trust. I hasten to mention that there was no interaction between myself and this 'creature', I was fully aware that it was all in my imagination, yet instinctively I couldn't help but come to conclusions about its role.

As with my other experiences with these seeds I found that all of a sudden I felt more able to move around. So from there I headed back to my bed for a lie down, about half an hour from originally snorting them. The effects had for the most part, stopped fairly suddenly, the only traces I was still aware of at that point were a little enhancement of colour and remaining weakness in my shoulders and neck, although both were barely noticeable.

It was definitely an interesting experience, one which I found both enjoyable and intriguing. In my opinion the positive aspects of it outweigh the negative ones. The pain of insufflation is very unpleasant, but I find it to be worth it, therefore I do intend to repeat the experience, both with the colubrina again and perhaps in future with the peregrina, so as to compare the two. Whilst I was expecting some degree of intensity from the experience, I found that my expectations were very much surpassed, and while I don't think it could even be considered comparable to the intensity of a full-blown DMT experience, I did find some of the typical characteristics of DMT were noticeable. That may seem quite an obvious thing to expect, but when smoked I found the effects to be very different.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54063
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 5, 2006Views: 15,731
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Anadenanthera colubrina (139) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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