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Mostly Positive Results
Steroids (Stanozolol)
Citation:   AboveAndBeyond. "Mostly Positive Results: An Experience with Steroids (Stanozolol) (exp54005)". Sep 18, 2006.

50 mg oral Anabolic Steroids (daily)
I completed a 6-week cycle of stanozolol (Winstrol) tabs recently. I've been weight training and working out for about 7 years now and this was my first steroid cycle. Prior to this, I was already pretty lean with decent mass. My goal was to gain a little more mass and develop a 'shredded' look, which stanozolol is often used for due to its mild estrogenic nature (meaning it doesn't cause 'bitch tits' and testicular shrinkage like other roids).

I first noticed results at the start of my second week in the form of a surprising boost in strength. I don't mean increased energy, I mean my lifts had actually gone up a good 5-10 pounds each. By the beginning of the third week, I was beginning to see a noticeable difference in my build. I was surprised to note that I appeared quite a bit bigger. Most of the info I'd read prior to starting my cycle indicated that size gains weren't that impressive with stanozolol, as it was a relatively weak steroid, however it was working beyond my expectations.

Unfortunately, the third week also brought my first set back. Stanozolol is notorious for drying out the joints and increasing the risk of injury. I experienced this firsthand as I was finishing a set of pull-ups. I felt a pain in my shoulder that prematurely ended my set. I finished my workout, but I had to take the next couple of days off as my shoulder hurt with every movement, and it had a distinct 'creaky' feeling to it. In fact, I could feel that creakiness in every joint in my body. Even when I just cracked my knuckles, I could feel the dryness.

I was able to resume workouts in the fourth week, but I lessened the weights to give my body a chance to repair a little more. The fifth and sixth weeks were very impressive, as I finally ended up developing the physique that I wanted, with a huge increase in strength as an added bonus. All told, I gained almost ten pounds of very lean mass, shredded enough body fat so that I was ripped like never before, and added a good 45 pounds to my bench press (which anyone with lifting experience can tell you is a very dramatic increase). I was extremely happy, as I felt like I'd condensed a year of gains into a six week span.

Overall, I was extremely happy with my results. Noticeable side effects were very mild, and were in the form of dried joints and a very, very minor increase in acne. I usually have a clean complexion, but I noticed a couple of blemishes and one zit on my cheek. There was no 'backne' or anything gross like that. I've been meaning to get my liver values checked, as stanozolol is particularly hard on the liver (so NO DRINKING OR DRUGS on cycle, and things like caffeine should be kept at a minimum), but I just haven't gotten around to it. It's been about eight weeks since the end of my cycle, and I've still kept nearly all of my gains.

I haven't decided yet whether I'll do another cycle. I'm quite happy where I am right now, but it's true when they say that steroids are addicting. Seeing myself get bigger and stronger every week is a tremendous feeling, and even though most of the people I know consider super big guys to be disgusting, it's still real hard to not want to do it just because I finally can.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54005
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 18, 2006Views: 71,546
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