Amerihuasca Without Acidifier
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
Citation:   henry c.. "Amerihuasca Without Acidifier: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp53948)". Sep 19, 2006.

T+ 0:00
3.5 g oral Syrian Rue (tea)
  T+ 0:30 12.5 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (extract)
Many err in dubbing this trip which I recently took Ayahuasca, and thus the purists will speak out, as they must dissent when language is bastardized. However, Mismohuasca is a word too which I hesitate to use, as this is too Americanized. Despite the various names given to the Syrian Rue-Mimosa Hostilis combination, using these actual plant names seems to constitute the only sufficient title. Anyhow to the experience...

This has been described ad nauseum, however I will describe the process as I DID NOT use any acidifier, which is rarely seen described and still achieved a positive experience. I started the procedure by weighing out 12.5 grams of Mimosa Hostilis and then placed it in approximately one cup of tepid water. Allowing the root bark time to soak I decided to move onto the Syrian Rue. An unknown quantity of Rue seeds were roasted in a dry pan and then ground (I am not sure if the heat hurts the potency, it aids in grinding a finer powder). To break the seeds into a fine dust took longer than I expected - maybe because I used a pepper grinder - and thus the Mimosa had plenty of time to soften up in the bowl of water (35 minutes). When finished I reached my goal of 3.5 grams of Syrian Rue, I then proceeded to place this powder into a boiling pot of water (1.5 cups). As the Rue was gently boiling I then began to massage the Hostilis. The water darkens greatly as one works the bark over. I not only massaged, but also easily peeled limber strands off from the bulk with my hand. In tandem the Rue was boiled and Hostilis manipulated for approximately 20 minutes. I then extracted the Syrian Rue tea, discarding the filtered powder and placed on the side.

Here I drank the Rue, as the MAOI must first take effect. After this I strained the Mimosa and placed that into the pot slightly heating the substance for no other reason than to warm the liquid, I did not boil it (Note: drinking it cold would not change the effect). I took the remaining bark and placed it again in half a cup of tepid water and began repeating the massage process. I again strained out the bark and slightly warmed this liquid while drinking the first batch of purple water as enough time had elapsed and the Rue had taken effect. After finishing re-extracting from the Mimosa, I drank the remaining water... this is a cold water Hostilis extraction and a rue extraction void of acid. Consequently these methods proved quite effective. Also from what has been explained to me this cuts down on the vile taste often associated with Hostilis as the negative tasting thicker substances are not brought out, but rather the DMT containing portion.

The drug took hold, five minutes after the purge. I couldn't hold it any longer, the Hostilis was ready to return to this outer world or rather my toilet. The vomit flew violently but afterwards I began drinking more, and it stuck. The 'teas' did not seem at all harsh to me, rather they went down with ease, maybe this is because I DID NOT acidify, and maybe because I am used to Chinese medicinal herbs. The bitterness is always tolerable. The taste was not the cause of my vomiting, rather it was a necessity. Anyhow the drug took hold, but it wasnít acid, and it wasn't shrooms. My mood was effected by the music a couple times however music overall was unappealing, especially as time went on. Emotions began to flow, tumescent surges and then a quick ebb, a reflux of deep introspection. As I was coming up, higher and higher I did not fear the depth of reality which I would feel (sorry for cliched tripping abstractions) despite its exponential bloom. What was strange is things seemed off but I couldn't place what was off. Maybe this was due to some confusion at times but early in the trip this was minimal, as then it was easier to control the trip.

As I progressed into the latter part of the hour (after vomiting) dark colors became hideous to look at while brights appeared ephemeral, and entrancing. The sky and leaves had the nostalgic warm glow of childhood, that of when one is wrapped in the arms of safety. As for the dark tones, they were evident when the dog was around. I couldn't help but fixate on the beast's hideous mouth, her purple tongue and bile coated lips. Constantly I was turning my head away from the creature yet of course the dog relentlessly followed. I feared a violent outbreak on the dog, though I am not sure that this was simply displaced resentment toward the animal (and never seemed completely a viable possibility). Contrastingly, what was most shocking of all, was that the beast's fur was very pleasant to touch. This I find interesting on two levels, firstly because the Rue seems to have a numbing effect, and second due to the dysphoria which the dog instilled.

The biggest drawback of these plants is that the visuals become tedious. I had read a report by another poster which at the time seemed strange to me but now makes perfect sense. He said the trip wore off but the visuals were still cycling, so he went to sleep to avoid the annoyance. The visuals do outlast the trip and often seem jarring. The closed eye visuals are overly intense and thus can also become distracting during the peak as well. These fatuous streaming patterns steal one's focus, therefore I feel it is important to remain vigilantly focused, which of course will take a few experiences before one grasps this realm by which they can perform such tasks.

In these descriptions I have not tried to give a moment by moment account of what I sensed but rather a macrocosmic perspective, the overalls of the experience. Honestly I did not find this drug as pleasurable as the other more common psychedelics. In fact, it seemed to lack the spinal rushes which LSD instills and as a whole lacked that blissful feeling, the euphoria. I do realize that this is what Americans especially seek in drugs, and that this is not what the drug is about. Rather it is a tool for exploration into the depths of one's psyche. Consequently it remains obvious why this is not a common drug among the 'progressive' western culture. Despite this the drug does serve its purpose and is something I would try again, however I would invoke meditations into the process, which I only did briefly. Also in my next attempt I think I will increase the dose of Rue by a gram but leave the Hostilis at the same dosage simply to see what factor the Rue truly plays on this.

This was the perfect dosage to start at when on an empty stomach. From here the key is not exponentially increasing dosage, or dosage tampering but rather to explore the realm several times over before moving up. As Iím sure each level has its own bounds and within such lay unique elements. However at this level open eye visuals were not present it was more color tricks, while the closed eye visuals were jarringly intense. It was slightly emotional but I believe this is contingent on how willing I am to push myself, I was intent on exploring my emotions as it is something I rarely have done. Overall I am more curious about Rue and Psilcybin, yet as aforementioned, I must experiment at different dosage tiers further with these plants.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53948
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 19, 2006Views: 8,717
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Syrian Rue (45), Mimosa tenuiflora (74) : Alone (16), Combinations (3)

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