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My Friend Was A Tree
by J
Citation:   J. "My Friend Was A Tree: An Experience with Dimenhydrinate (exp53757)". Erowid.org. Jun 22, 2009. erowid.org/exp/53757

    Dimenhydrinate (pill / tablet)


Well, Ive tripped on Dramamine about 15 - 20 times in March-May, doing 16-24 each time. Im gonna describe some of my trips, or the ones i can remember the best

Trip One- I was with my friend, I'll call him S, and we were going to robo trip. So we went to the store and they were out of robotussin, and i rememberd that I had taken Dramamine before. So We bought Two bottles each (24 caplets). We both took all 24 pills (which by the way, taste horrible) and decided to go skating. It hit us about 10 minutes after we took them, and we had to stop skating and walk. It was a main road, so a lot of cars passed by us. After a while, it seemed like they were alien ships flying by us, and the road started getting longer as we were walking. Then Somehow we ended up at his friends house and i was drinking a soda. We were all sitting in his living room, and my friend S and I were tripping hard. His walls were moving and his light on the ceiling was turning on and off by itself. I started to drift in and out of reality. I would start feeling like i was asleep and dreaming with my eyes open, and then snap back into the room with my friends. I thought we were there for about 25-30 minutes, but the next day he said we were there for 3 hours. When his mom got home, he told us we had to leave and as I was leaving i gave his mom a hug and left. We started walking to the creek behind my school, when we met two of my friends that were robo tripping (I was going to robo with them, but we got dramamine). One of them vanished, the other, wilson, walked with us to just before the creek. He kept talking but my friend S wouldnt even look at him, so i thought he was fake. He disapeared, then my friend S said he had to go home cause it was late, but it was only around 5 o'clock, and he could have stayed out till 8. So he left, and i then noticed i had lost my skateboard, so i went home thinking i left it there. As i went home, I saw my mom in some bushes and asked her what she was doing, but she disappeared. I went inside and my parents were wondering what i was doing home, and i said i had to look for notes to make a note sandwhich. And that I lost my sea monkeys. They thought i was just hyper and thought nothing of it. So I ran through the house for 30 minutes and couldnt find my board. So, I intelligently thought of retracing my steps and found my board at where my friend S had left from. After that the trip was ending and I thought my friend was a tree and had a long conversation with it.

Trip 2 - I had taken 18 and had went to school. I went to an alternative school because I had gotten kicked out for marijuana at my regular school. The bus ride was about an hour so I thought I had some time to let the trip settle. Wrong. While waiting for the bus I heard kids laughing and people calling my name, but no one was there. While going to school I saw snakes all over the place on the street, my seat got smaller, and I had bad cotton mouth, and felt kind of sick (Kind of ironic, I had taken motion sickness pills, hah). I got to school and had to pass the metal detector and the cop. I felt so heavy my legs were wiggling as I walked through. But no one noticed a thing (amazing how im going to a alternative school and they cant tell im tripping hard). So first period I was at my peak of the trip, and I saw a kid in the trashcan and he was kicking and screaming to get out, so I get up and go look in the trashcan but nothing is there. The teacher thought i was crazy. Then in second period I had a math test. When I looked on the page the numbers looked like ladders from the old game Donkey Kong. So I spent the whole period trying to finish it but stopping every 5 seconds, and drawing all over the paper. I turned in about 4 sheets of paper, and the teacher only gave me one, which I drew all over. After that period I came down

Trip 3- This was probably the most intense trip I ever had. I had taken 24 pills, at about 9:30, and it hit me in about 15 minutes. Somehow, I ended up downstairs and My parents and my girlfriend were sitting on the couches. I asked them what they were doing, but no one answered. My parents left, and my girlfriend was just there. The room turned into a beach, and a vollyball net was there. I asked what was wrong and she just said 'I know im going to regret this.' and dissapeared. Then, I went upstairs and my parents were in the computer room, but it was a hillucination. I asked them what was up and they said they know everything and were going to give me a drug test. I was scared out of my mind, and then they vanished. So I sat in the chair they were in. Before I know it there are 6 cops walking up my stairs and going into my room. I go to look what there doing and I saw nothing. (The light was off and I couldnt turn it on). So I go into my little brothers room and just sit there, I dont know if he woke up or not. Then I look back in my room and cops are all gathered by my window. I look down the hall and My principle is there. He tells me They know ive been taking and selling drugs and there gonna find it, so I'd better just him where it is now. I was freaked out, and kept denying it. So he calls the cop and he walks up my stairs and says he's going to interview some people from school. He walks back downstairs, and he makes me sit upstairs in my computer room chair. Then I see people walk by and go downstairs, waving as they go by. I see him talking to them, and when he's done they all come back upstairs and just stair at me. Finally he tells me to come down and talk to him. It takes me about 10 minutes to get down, it was pitch dark and i kept missing the steps. He said that I have to sign this piece of paper to not get in trouble with all that they found in my room, so someone I sign his paper, and he walks out my front door. Then next think I know im sleeping in my bed. My door was open and I see my science teacher walk by and tell me to get up, the period had changed. There were 3 other people in my room sleeping, so I thought I better go. I try and get dressed, but cant manage it, so I walk downstairs to get a drink, and my parents are really there. They ask me what im doing up so early (It was probably 4:30 and I dont get up till 5:20) and I said Ive been sleeping for 10 minutes, thinking it was only 9:40. Then I said there were 3 people sleeping in my room and they started yelling at me, saying I was sleepwalking (How stupid are parents, I got arrested for drugs, and they think im sleepwalking). So i go back to sleep for a while, and when I wake up, im still messed up but I can control it.

Trip 4- This is the last and worst trip Ive had. I was with my friend S, and we decided to do some Dramamine again. So he spent the night at my house, and we took 24 pills at about 10 o' clock at night. It starts hitting us instantly, about 10 minutes. We start watching Mortal Kombat the movie, and we start tripping hard. Then, S stands up and walks around the room, and pukes behind my chair. But im too fucked up and I think im just hallucinating. So its all good, but then at around 1 in the morning my dog wakes up my mom. She comes downstairs and sees us tripping hard, and I think she isnt real. So i pay no attention to her. Then she calls me and I go talk to her, and she smells my breath and asks me if im 'alright'. I say yes, and she says ok so I go back into the room I was in. She then calls me again and turns on the light, my eyes were very dialated, so she knew something was up. She starts yelling and asking what I took. I keep saying nothing, and then start some random conversation. She wakes up my step dad, and he starts pushing me around saying im on something. Then, when I was finally convincing them I was fine, S walks into the hallway and starts talking nonsense. He would just mumble and say im trippin hard, and walk into walls. So we had to take him home, at about 3 in the morning. im still tripping hard. When I get home, my parents try to find out what I took, but I just ignore them and go to sleep.When I wake up, I had to talk to my parents again. I convinced them He must of slipped something in my drink or something, but his parents call and tell them everything, and they find 4 packs of dramamine in my room. Luckily, they didnt tell my probation officer.

All in all, dramamine was fun while it lasted. I havent done dramamine for about a month now and right now I have some problems I think were caused by Dramamine. I have headaches all the time that feel like my brain is a sponge and someone is squeezing it, on and off for minutes at a time. I cant breath fully, Whenever I get up Im always dizzy, and sometimes I almost black out. I see things that arent there every now and then.

Even With all these problems, I still want to do more dramamine. It is pretty addictive.

My opinion is DONT DO IT
Its fun in the beggining, but the long term effects are horrible.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53757
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 22, 2009Views: 11,493
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Dimenhydrinate (17) : Various (28), Post Trip Problems (8), Health Problems (27), Bad Trips (6), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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