Hellishly Intense Camping
by Mr. H
Citation:   Mr. H. "Hellishly Intense Camping: An Experience with 4-HO-MiPT (exp53384)". Erowid.org. Jul 5, 2006. erowid.org/exp/53384

28 mg oral 4-HO-MiPT (capsule)
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  25 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)


[Erowid Note: Handling weapons while intoxicated or tripping is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

This took place 3 days ago. College had let out and I had planned a camping trip at a remote pond. My two close friends V and P were to go. We started getting ready around 5pm, gathering lots of supplies and making two trips to the place by ATV with a trailer attached. We had everything we needed, music, comfortable sleeping gear, firewood, flashlights, good chairs, substance collection, etc. Due to a bear scare last campout, I brought a .357 snub nose and 2- 5rd speed loaders. I left the gun unloaded and secured in the back of the quad.

We settled down around 7:30. The sky was getting dark grey. The weather report said 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms, but from my interpretation of the Doppler radar in motion it looked like it would miss by a tiny amount.

We started a small fire and each cracked open a beer. We were here to celebrate the end of a long hard semester, which I did poorly at. We stare at the warm fire as the sun begins to set. Then V takes out the miprocin. I am pretty sure this is the same stuff that was sold to me as psilocin before. We each take a 28mg capsule at 8:30. I had some hesitation because that is a higher dose, but I've done high doses of tryptamines before and figured some tolerance stuck around. We put a trance CD on repeat, and put the volume real low.

As slowly as the daylight fades, the stuff gradually kicks in. At 9pm I feel pretty tense and shaky but alright. I have another beer rather quickly to reduce this tension. It works but hurts my stomach. V and P seem to be having some stomach issues as well. We smoke a bowl to try and help it. It works slightly, and man does the trip start to take off. I felt +1.5 before the bowl, and 15 minutes later I was at a +3. Overwhelming visuals and strange sound distortion took over. The body buzz was electric but almost 'trying' to be soothing. Then it starts pouring steady rain and thundering some. We put on rain jackets we brought in preparation for this.

'Oh man guys I don't know about this' P says. In our fragile minds, him saying that didn't help the situation. I was [i]really[/i] tripping hard. I started to hear voices and see things. The voices weren't clear, just distant deep chanting. I would see blobs of red appearing and disappearing in darker areas of the woods. Then the blobs would stay and move around like ghosts. I knew it was visuals but I was scared. My mind was very vulnerable and becoming irrational with anxiety. The lightning flashes in the sky were mind blowing and ominous.

Then V walks away from the fire without saying anything. I figure he is going to pee. There wasn't any conversation going on at all and we were silent mostly since it kicked in. After what seemed like 10 minutes but was probably less, I say to P, 'lets see where V is'. We get up and I grab the flashlight. Getting up was so weird. I felt like I was only 3 feet tall and the fire was 5 feet across. Concepts keep flashing in my head that couldn't be put into words but went something like 'flashlight, strange device man made' 'fire-strange chemical reaction'. The rain died down some. My head was soaked because wearing the hood limited my peripheral vision and I didn't like that.

We do a scan in about a 100 feet circle, walking around. I get more nervous being away from the fire. Everything was getting very weird but being by the fire felt closest to home as I could. I yell 'V! come here.' Me and P walk back to the fire and throw a bunch of wood on the fire. A little too much wood because sparks fly all around and get close the tent. My idea was that if he got lost he could see the fire better. I kept seeing those red blobs fly up close and at the same time I'd hear strange garbled words that sounded like they were coming from some evil voice.

Then it turns bad. It feels like its been an hour and V is still gone. I start to remember the last campout where we were scared by what was most likely a bear. I go to the quad and get the gun, then load it. I know that this is shaky judgment because I am tripping my ass off, but I still feel my rationality is in place, even though it is getting distorted with negative feelings intensifying. I stick it in my pocket.

P flips out. 'Where the fuck, what the f-fuck happened to V!!??' He yelled at the top of his lungs and gets off his chair. I feel a surge of adrenaline and by some primal reaction jump off the chair when he yells. I am too jolted to respond in a way that would calm him down. I begin to fear for our lives. Horrible images fly through my head about what could have happened to him. Guts and a bear eating my friend... V running around lost killing himself by running into trees. I feel a strong urge to break down and scream and cry. I resist this, knowing that doing so would hinder our very chances of survival. Thunder roars again and the rain picks up.

I begin to see waves of visuals, as if many transparent sheets painted with all kinds of crazy designs were moving and melting in front of me. Seeing this in great intensity felt like the end of the world was near. The crackles of the fire sparked small microscopic explosions in my brain with the strange sound. P sat down and put his face in his hands, not making any noise. The quiet helped the hugely intense adrenaline rush to calm some degree. The trance music was barely audible but it had a slightly calming effect too.

'Ok... listen man, this isn't our fault. We should sit here and wait for him. Going out in the woods is dangerous because we might get lost..' I manage to say.

'But he's out there! You have a gun and we have the ability to find him! We aren't losing our minds yet!'

A conflict erupts in my brain. He had a hell of a point and I don't know what to do. The word 'yet' echoed. I look at the time and can barely see or understand it, but after a minute of choppy thinking realize it has only been 90 minutes since we took the stuff. I become panicked to think that it could get much more intense. I throw up, out of nervousness mostly.

I put some wood on the fire and decide to take another walk around. I tell P to stick by my side and I point out and try to explain the route we will take. We begin to walk in a straight line away from the fire until the fire's light can barely be seen. Then we walk in a way that we try to circle the fire. The woods are creepy and I still see heavy visuals going very strong. P's face melts and distorts when I look over at him. I try to ignore this and keep moving, pointing the flashlight trying to see a sign of V. P holds my arm sometimes due to fear.

After a huge circle that took us right to our peak, we head back. I feel like the world is crumbling down around me. Voices are constantly speaking in my head. Sometimes I can hear what they say and its always negative words like 'dead, cut, kill, shoot'. I lose the feeling of who I am a great deal but adrenaline keeps me able to function and think somewhat. If it wasn't for the stressful situation I believe this dose would have caused me full ego loss. The cold rain soaks into my brain through my hair and skull.

We sit down in the chairs with desperate feelings all over us. Then I hear something walking in the woods. P looked at me like a crazy frightened animal. I crouch down and sneak over to the tent for cover, P follows. I sit up and shine my flashlight quickly. Bright greenish eyes stare back in the distance. I make out the shape of a racoon. It stares at me as it slowly begins to walk the other way.

'P... lets go have a beer and lay in the tent. This is out of our hands'. 'Ok..'

We get the beer and zip open the tent. V stares up at me like hes going to kill me! He pulls up his arm in a fist and all I can focus on is those huge eyes of his. 'V!!! V! calm down we were looking all over for you what the f***!?' He lowers his fist and lays back. Relief washes over me like some kind of strange orgasm. P laughs nervously. 'Man I got a story to tell you guys' V says in a drunken-like distorted voice.

We have a few beers in the tent and talk about our trips. There wasn't anything good said except for finding V. I unload the gun and set it aside. We have a great time talking and drinking down the beer as the trip begins to fade out. Soon, it becomes light out and we feel tired and strung out. We all pop .25mg ambien and fade out to sleep in a barely memorable laughing drunken like state. We wake up around 3pm Friday.

V's report:


When the trip kicked in, I felt real edgy like. I drank beer to relax but it only hurt my stomach. P and H weren't saying too much, we were just kind of dealing with the onset of the stuff which came on gradually, but flew in real fast after the weed. The weed is probably what did it for me. It gave me that extra rocket booster into crazy land.

I started seeing complex 3-d shapes forming from outlines in patterns like the trees and leaves. These would bend and rotate. It was a very amazing sight. Then I'd see them in the sky for brief moments if I looked away from the trees quick. Then I started getting voices going on in my head like crazy and I was scared because this never happened to me before. I thought I truly lost it. I started feeling evil vibes coming from P and H even though they are cool guys. I caught P staring at me briefly and it felt very wrong. I went to piss then quietly crawled into the tent to try and get my head straight.

I can't remember this part clearly cause it was so f***ed up. But I remember hearing P and H talking, and I couldn't really understand it but my mind interpreted it as a plan for killing me for a reason I don't recall. It was such a sickening thought. I knew H had a gun and I was waiting for him to poke it in aiming at me so I could grab it and toss it in the pond. The tent was melting and bending, there was all kinds of colors I'd never seen before. Crazy neon looking sludge formed everywhere. I would hear them yell for me in a deep thick alien tone sounding mad.

I heard them walk away so I go out of the tent to see if I should make an escape. I start walking then get scared of the woods and get back in the tent. I lay there for what seems like forever watching my hands fall apart and melt, thinking horrible things hoping it can end soon. It felt like my brain was stuck in a slower moving time than the others. Finally they come back and my nervousness increases. I hear one of them say lets get in the tent with a beer, and I thought that it might be code talk. I get ready to disarm or punch someone but when he opens the tent and looks at me I see good in his eyes and the irrational paranoia falls apart right there. I lay back with extreme relief. After ten minutes I was doing well, mostly over the terrible paranoia of the trip. I had a decent time from then on.


Now back to Mr. H:

This trip gave me some confidence about future trips although I won't be tripping this hard for a long time. I was able to maintain some level of sanity due to the frightening situation even on top of a massive (for me) dose. Part of this trip literally felt life-or-death, meaning if I let my thinking go off in the ways it wanted to go, I'd be eaten by a bear or killed somehow. I am still a little shook up about it though. It has been imprinted strongly in my memory.

This substance is one of the deepest I've tried. It is very much like P. mushrooms and can have similar positive and negative effects. From Enlightenment to Terror.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53384
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 5, 2006Views: 17,003
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4-HO-MiPT (342) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5)

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