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Interesting But Rather Unpleasant
Citation:   Oliver. "Interesting But Rather Unpleasant: An Experience with Datura (exp53350)". Oct 5, 2007.

2 flowers oral Datura (tea)
  2 leaves oral Datura (tea)
BODY WEIGHT: 10.5 kg
T - 0:00 - Consumed tea consisting of 2 flowers and 2 leaves (Datura inoxa and Datura metel).

T - 0:10 - Feel anxious.

T - 0:20 - Feel slightly stoned. Similar to small dose of cannabis.

T - 0:25 - Quite dizzy and tired. Focusing is difficult. Movements are exaggerated. A 5 degree rotation of my head feels like 45 degrees. The cannabis like buzz is transforming into something unfamiliar.

T - 0:30 - Mild sedation with an intense drawn out rush. Struggling to keep eyes open. Feel peaceful enough to just be.

T - 0:40 - Sat in meditation for 10 minutes. Reality doesnít feel right.

T - 0:42 - Balance slightly off. Floating and sinking at the same time.

T - 0:45 - Mouth very dry. Strong heartbeat.

T - 0:55 - Body feels extremely drunk. No euphoria or disassociation.

T - 1:00 - Eyes bloodshot and pupils dilated.

T - 1:05 - Desperately need to lay down.

T- 1:08 - Get in bed. I get up every 30 minutes to use the toilet.

T - 3:00 - Iím walking in the countryside with my dog. I try to call her name but canĎt speak. Within a split second Iím home watching television with the remote control in my hand. I keep trying to change channel but canít focus on the buttons.

T- 3:01 - Remote control vanishes and I realise Iím sat up in bed arm outstretched pressing my empty palm. Then I realize Iím not even watching television. I donĎt have a TV in my room.

T- 3:15 - I must have been sleeping for a while. My dreams are more real than reality.

T- 3:16 - Eyes shaking from side to side. Feel too ill to relax. Exhausted but canít keep still. I wander from bedroom to bathroom 7 or 8 times then sit on the edge of my bed.

T- 3:17- Mouth ridiculously dry. I have water but swallowing is too painful.

T- 3:18 - A girl is standing in my doorway waving at me. A small child appears next to her. I approach to see if they are real but they disappear when I get close.

T- 3:19 - I step back and the girls reappear. I notice a snake behind my stereo, worms in my bed and spiders on my door. The floor is covered with food. I reach for some but it disappears. My dog multiplies. I can see 3 of her.

T- 3:20- Turn lights on to make some notes. All the hallucinations disappear when the lights come on but everything now has rainbow trails like HPPD.

T- 6:00 - Iíve been watching people gather in my hallway for 3 hours.

T-6:15- Fall asleep (3:30am). Very lucid dreaming. This was the most enjoyable part of the experience because the unpleasant physical effects were left behind. The dreaming state was clearer than the waking state. I occasionally wake up next to a porcelain head then realize itís actually my pillow.

T- 13:15- Panic attack (10:30am). I calm down when I realize where I am.

T- 17:00- Motor control back to normal.

T- 21:00- Vision back to normal. Eyes no longer dilated. Overall an interesting but rather unpleasant experience.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 53350
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 5, 2007Views: 8,038
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Datura (15) : General (1), Alone (16)

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