Allergic Reaction
by Shrooms
Citation:   Shrooms. "Allergic Reaction: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp5323)". Jan 13, 2002.

2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


In my area shrooms are a little tricky to come by. I had wanted to eat some shrooms for about 2 years and could never get them. Then finaly last weekend my friend gives me a call out of the blue and was wondering if I was intrested in a half oz of some dank shrooms. Jumping at the ocation I said YES! and ran up to my buds house asap.

I checked everything out and everything looked pretty good. So I threw the money at him and got ready to eat :) I heard fasting befor your trip can really help. But I had no idea I was going to get any mush that day so coudln't really plan much ahead. So I called up a couple of my friends that I knew were looking for shrooms the whole time I was and we got together at my house.

I choose my house because my house is more like a crash house. When someone needs a place to crash you can come to my house. It is just a warm cozy place and I knew everyone would feel comfertable there. So we each took our share of the shrooms and ate away. Let me tell you... Waiting all that time for something that tasted so bad was a mistery to me ... But I knew it would be worth it in a few hours.

Prior to eating shrooms I had experimented with a few other types of drugs. Pot, GHB, MDMA, LSD, Coke, Opium, DXM, and couple other chemical breakdowns my friends have come across.

After everyone had finsihed there meal we sat around talking about what we had done on our day and we were going to do tonight. After about 45 mintues we figured the booms would start to kick in soon and agreed it would be fun to go smoke some pot. We went out side on a nice crisp febuary friday night. We all smoked some buds and sat around relaxing and I started to notice the lights outside having a extra sorta glow. And more and more things had much more color then befor. Befor I knew it I was starting my wonderful journey....

Of cource with only a half oz of shrooms not a bunch of poeple could eat. So we had a couple designated drivers driving us around showing us things on the road. Or as it seemed that way. We stoped at a few differn't spots were our friends hung out. Visited for a while and laughed for about 2 hours. It was much fun. I don't remember what we were laughing about, all i remember is that is was very fun.

My bud and I decided to go back to my house early and spend the night there. We sat around listing to music. Playing with my turn tables and the new records I had gotten earlier in the day. Then about 4 hours into my trip my arms started to itch.

My legs started to itch also. It didn't really bother me just kinda got annoying after about 10 minutes. Then finally I looked down and I had a bunch of red spots that were starting to bump up. I had no idea if I was triping or if they were really there. Which started to get me scared. By then the itching was unbearable. I had no idea if I was triping or it was real. I had my friend come over and tell me if he saw any thing strange on my arms and he said yea !! All over your arms you have these bumps. Then he started to draw with a pen were the bumps were. Then I knew something was wrong. I didn't want to freak out I tryed to stay as calm as possible and enjoy the trip. So I just got in my bed and listened to some shoothing music and stayed up the rest of my night with my friend talking about anything we thought off. About 9 hours after eating them. We were both pretty much not tripipng any more and decided to get some sleep.

In the morning when I woke up I right away jumped up and checked my arms. Nothing was there. I was very relived and went and got some breakfast from wendys. While in the car I started to itch on my arms and my legs again. Not even thinking about the night befor I went ahead and itched. Finally when I got home they were the big red bumps that I saw while i was triping. I got some cortaid from the store. And rubbed the on the bumps for a while. It stoped the itching very well.

Over the next couple days I relized that I must have had a alergic reaction to the shrooms which made me break out into hives. Because over the rest of the weekend I broke out about 5 more times. Now it is thursday and I havent broken out in 2 days. Which is a very good sign.

Even though I did have a experience like that. I did enjoy my trip. It was very fun and was everything plus more that i excepted would happen. I will shrooms again but I think im going to wait untill alergy season is over :)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5323
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 13, 2002Views: 14,998
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