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Mental Liquid Suspension
by John Basedow
Citation:   John Basedow. "Mental Liquid Suspension: An Experience with MDMA (exp52959)". Jul 17, 2017.

1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)


I am writing this report while under the influence of MDMA (Ecstasy). Please excuse any typing errors and or random unrelated things.

(6:24) Crushed the pill up in and ingested by method of 'parachuting' (The pill was what I just found out earlier is called a mercedes)(COMMENT FROM [8:22 p.m.] It is funny that it is called a mercedes because I am going for a nice little ride) (go to the ecstasy pill database and look it up!)

7:11 (heh. 7 11) I wasn't feeling anything yet, I was angry because I felt maybe I got ripped of by whoever gave me this, heh)
And it only cost me 20$ so I was like alright I can get my money back.

7:15 I enter a chatroom and begin saying things that seemed, when I looked at them, rather unusual and I thought... hmmm...I stand up and walk out side. Oh yes, I'm feeling it.

7:16 Well I thought... a 20$ well spent. Thanks Sean for lending me that money dude, I promise I'll get it back to you.

7:25 Call my homie 'The dirty walrus' up and tell him about how good this is. He suggests that I try doing push-ups. (I am a weak bastard and can only do about 7, heh.) So I start and to my amazment I do 25 awesome push-ups. (not the pussy kind, I kissed the floor.)

(I cannot accuratley (excuse my spelling) remember any time frames and events any more so i will just tell you what i am experiencing.)

I then begin to scratch my face. I cannot it. I laugh.

I do some research and later realize maybe what i took was not in fact MDMA but MDA, due to the fact that i have had no changes in emotion.


I go for a little walk and dance around, completely oblivious to the fact that there are people watering their lawns and looking at me. Oh well.

Thanks again sean.

My eyes are the size of nickels now and they look strangely cat like (somewhat like the time I smoked pcp only this is WAY more fun.)

Cant feel my face.
Cant feel my face.

This went from mildly scientific to completley retarded in like, no time flat.

Anyways the time now is about... 8-o-clock

(Im going to go do some more push-ups, I feel pretty good about myself.)

heh maybe this is MDMA

Hm.. I only could do 3....

Anyways I'm starting to scare myself (in a good way) I stared at my self in the mirror on my floor and pounded on the ground.

This is fun, I cant wait to try this with a little ganj.


I have just realized that it is very fun to clench my jaw. I have read that this is a common side effect, and will pass.

On a scale of 1:10 of being fucked up I think I am a strong.. 11??

Ok its 8:04 now and I am enjoying writing this report, I hope you enjoy reading it and will find it useful in whatever. wtf.

I am going to leave and come back to my computer in 30 minutes to complete this report although i will have to cut it short and cannot describe what my come-down will be.

Yep this is MDMA.

Listed now is a Checklist of effects this wonderful pill has had on me (This list of effects can be found on the MDMA page of (A + sign means I have experienced this/ am currently experiencing)

(+)extreme mood lift
increased willingness to communicate
(+)increase in energy (stimulation)
(?)ego softening
(+)feelings of comfort, belonging, and closeness to others
(+)feelings of love and empathy
increased awareness & appreciation of music
increased awareness of senses. (eating, drinking, smell)
profound life-changing spiritual experiences
neurotically based fear dissolution
(+++)sensations bright and intense
urge to hug and kiss people
appetite loss
(++)visual distortion
(+)rapid, involuntary eye jiggling (nystagmus)
(Somewhat)mild visual hallucinations (uncommon)
(++++)moderately increased heart rate and blood pressure (increases with dose)
restlessness, nervousness, shivering
change in body temperature regulation
upwellings of unexpected emotion, emotional lability
strong desire to do or want more when coming down

(Be right back)
(My hair feels like a hat?!)

Time: 8:15 (so far SO GOOD!!)

It is amazing what how quickly I felt this

A list of things I'm thinking about:

() When am i gonna get laid
() Did i do my french homework? Did we even have french homework?
() Nickels
() Are baby carrots grown that way, or are they in fact, young carrots?
() This is Great
() I'm sweaty
() Still sweaty
() I'm proud of how much I have written. Go me.
() My armpits are sweating profusely.

Ok it's about 8:30 now and I'm staring to feel like a lizard and if I wanted to puff out my throat right now. (I could probably do it.)

Damn i wish i had a cigarette right now. I don't even really like those, they are just somewhat relaxing.

I cant wait to read this tommorow, lmao.

lmao.. that's a little gay. That's almost as gay as ROFL and LMAO (because nobody really laughs when they are on the internet.)


For those who have stuck around to read this whole thing thank you. (I hope that i have not written this report just to have nobody take a look at it's contents) Even if i have, i sure as hell am too happy to care (:

I am thinking i should probably get some sleep.
Maybe not.
Yeah sleep sounds pretty good right now.

If this amazing drug were a movie i am damn sure Epert and Ropert or whatever the fuck their names are, would give it TWO THUMBS UP and it would probably win an oscar.


This concludes my report on this wonderful experience. I hope it has been both entertaining and informative.

I will definitely be trying this again now that i know i am not going to die from it. (Be careful if you do try it because there is a very small chance you might!!!)

Ecstasy, you are a true friend indeed. I commend you.


Oh yeah and I don't know why but i kinda hate Dalton Hall for some reason. Alright nevermind.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52959
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 17, 2017Views: 929
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MDMA (3) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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