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Nearly Neverending Trip
Citation:   Ex-day tripper. "Nearly Neverending Trip: An Experience with Memantine (exp52958)". Jan 3, 2007.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral Pharms - Memantine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:20 30 mg oral Pharms - Memantine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:40 40 mg oral Pharms - Memantine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:50 70 mg oral Pharms - Memantine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 1:20 200 mg oral Pharms - Memantine (pill / tablet)
I am a relatively experienced DXM tripper, and was really bored, and I remembered that there was alot of samples of Namenda in the cupboard so I looked it up online and it sounded like it would be fun. Lol believe it or not I wasn't expecting near as much AT ALL that I got, I was blown away, the most craziest/weirdest/psychedelic/dissociative (you get it) of my life.

T+0:00: I start out injesting 2 10mg tabs of memantine

T+0:20: Ok I'm not getting hardly anything, and my patience and me wanting to get high makes me take 3 or 4 more

T+0:40: Still nothing special I feel an interesting and something alittle like DXM but very mild, I take 4 or 5 more atleast

T+:0:50: Ok so I feel alittle bit of something, my vision is a little jiggly when I run down the stairs and I feel slightly trippy in a dxm like way but still not even like 180mg of DXM, I take 7 more atleast, and within 20 minutes I was feeling some dxm effects indeed, it felt like a classic mild dxm trip (240mg of dxm), but I should have stopped there indeed.

T+:1:20: Ok so I take more and more within a very short course of time (don't know why, I was just pretty desperate to get fucked up, which I certainly did), within a course of maybe an hour I take an extra 20 pills, which at the last time I took it I had taken 13 or so, so I was up to 36 pills all together, this is when it seriously begins.

T+2:30: 10 minutes after the last dose I became so dissociated, and became !!!VERY!!! weirded out, when I close my eyes I go into an extremely ambient, eerie, ugly trance, not scary but it just felt yuck (that's all I could think of), I remember closing my eyes for 20 minutes or so, and I went through a journey through my mind, I saw and felt like I was going through my head seeing a flesh-like wall, tripped out in a technoy way and going through, I saw my heart in my head, and it felt like I was controlling it, this made me somewhat pannicky and was so fucking weird, I was really beginning to think that I seriously am too fucked up because it was too fucking weird/in a ugly way/but not neccessarily SCARY, some other shit happened during this journey, and I see this werewolf and he's saying that he's taking away something in my mind and you will be changed forever, this felt extremely extremely mystically/weird/ugly. I wake myself up out of the conscious, but extremely engagingly disorientingly ugly trance and feel like I'm going slightly downhill into a bad trip. I go down stairs and listen to some Evanescence, this was actually VERY enjoyable in the beginning, but then I am just too overwhelmed and WEIRDED out by the feeling of the other side of the intoxication (on one side it's very dxm like, on the other it's weird/ugly/disorienting, and unpleasant STRONG dissociation).

I try to do different activities to make me feel good and not weirded out. I watch alittle of lord of the rings, which is OK but still feel too weirded out to really enjoy it. So eventually I go to sleep at 4:00A.M. (yes it did make me quite wired but no strong increase in blood pressure, temperature, or heart rate.)

T+20:00: So I wake up at like 12:00, and when I wake I am immediately 'ughed' that I was still very messed up from the memantine, even uglier than the trip itself, though I'm not as fucked up but I am still fucked up, highly. And I feel very flatlined emotionally and pretty depressed, because of the weirded out feeling, is really starting to bother me

T+40:00: ok so I am going to speed up this story, and sum up the rest of the effects I get, the next day and for 7 days I feel still really messed up and weirded out ALOT still, within another 7 days I am still pretty messed up, and my vision still feels very detached and looks stroby, not near as much during the trip though, in which it was really really really crazy, and another 7 days goes by (that makes 3 weeks after the trip) I am still messed up, but the real improvement is noticed 5 weeks after the trip, which was when I was OK, I still felt repercussions of the weird trip when I listen to music I listened to during the trip and sometime after but not as pronounced and bothersome.....but anywho lets get to now

Ok so it has been probably almost 9 months since the experience, generally I am back to how I was before the experience, but still when I listen to some certain songs I feel the weirded feelings again, I still get the weird dreams, though not anything close to as weird during the plateau, I have learned alot by this experience and have a good attitude about it, I feel that it has gave me a lesson and strengthening of the mind but was by far not worth it, because it was very debilitating (mentally, though I had no significant physical symptoms, which I found interesting), I am guessing that this substance acts similar but not completely like PCP, being I looked up the psychopharmacology of it continually. And I find it amazing that it is nearly an unknown VERY strong dissociative that no one seems to know about or experiment with. I would guess that it maybe could be used recreationally in doses of 60mg-180mg, but I wouldn't go anywhere over that, being that 180mg should be far enough to get fucked up.

Though I have only done this stuff once and don't plan on doing it again at all, judging by the mild trip effects I got when I was coming up, I did actually feel good, energized, smarter, slightly tripped out, and with little disorientation. One thing that I have found out about this stuff that I found interesting was that in Australia it is Schedule 4 controlled substance, and I just wonder why.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 52958
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2007Views: 38,112
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