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My Two Favorite Substances On My Favorite Day
2C-I & Cannabis
by Rincewind
Citation:   Rincewind. "My Two Favorite Substances On My Favorite Day: An Experience with 2C-I & Cannabis (exp52563)". Apr 10, 2007.

20 mg oral 2C-I (capsule)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated oral Cannabis (cookie / food)


I am a pothead. I smoke marijuana every day, without fail. I am certainly psychologically addicted to it, but I don't really care. I love it too much. From time to time I'll experiment with other substances, usually whatever is around. The only other drugs I do with any regularity are cigarettes, alcohol, and lately, cocaine. A few weeks ago I received a shipment of 2C-I from an online vendor, so I've used that a couple times also.

April 20th was fast approaching, and I decided the best way to celebrate would be to take 20mg orally (I'd previously been doing ~10 mg intranasally), since I smoke pot every day anyways. So the morning of 4/20 arrived, and I smoked my normal morning bowl before class, then went off to take a test. After I was finished I went over to my friend Th's house to smoke a few bowls. We ended up probably smoking three blunts of good shit, and numerous bowls. I also had two pot brownies that Th had baked. I ate the second at about 2:20, followed at about 2:30 with a capsule containing a measured 20mg of 2C-I. We continued smoking and chatting, and I felt the brownies kick in a little bit, but they weren't very strong. All of a sudden, I looked up at the clock; 3:34. Wow, I thought, Should be kicking in soon. I stretched my neck to one side to crack it. As soon as I felt the pop in my neck, I was instantly transported to 2C-I space. It was almost like cracking my neck had cracked the gel capsule directly into my blood stream. Easily the fastest 2C-I has ever hit me when I take it orally.

One of the things I love about 2C-I is how I can look at a previously mono-colored surface, and see two or three different tones forming intricate patterns. These aren't like LSD patterns, which manifest themselves to me mostly as circles or smears, or shrooms, which just twists and melts things. These are recognizable symbols and patterns, kind of like those hidden eye pictures. The floor of Th's house was definitely fun. I sat there, grinning like a fool, wondering if I should finish the Heineken Tall Boy that I had been handed earlier. As if on cue, my stomach started twisting. Now usually, 2C-I is very gentle on my stomach, but I decided the combination of alcohol, THC brownies, and no other food in my stomach was the cause. But at any rate, I set the beer aside.

At about 4:00, we headed to another friend's house for a 4:20 on 4/20 smokedown. Another interesting way 2C-I manifests itself is that when traveling at high speeds, such as though experienced in a car ride, my visual hallucinations almost completely disappear. I can still feel the energy, and my mind will throw out the occasional strange thought, but the majority of the confusing aspects are gone. Don't worry, I wasn't driving, we had a sober driver, but I believe if I absolutely had to drive on a psychedelic, I'd choose 2C-I. Again though, I would strongly not recommend it.

We got to the house at about 4:10, and there were already probably 10-15 people there. I grabbed a seat, as I really wanted a comfy cushion to sit on. As I sat there, more and more people just kept rolling in. By the time 4:20 got around, there were probably at least 40 people in the house, most of them crammed into the living room. And almost everyone had a pipe and weed of their own. I was really starting to peak, so much so that I lit my bowl at 4:19, thinking it was already 4:20. And what a time to peak. 4:20 arrives, a cheer rises, and shortly afterword, the smoke did too. Pipes were being passed left and right. You couldn't give them away fast enough, there would be one or two more shoved in your face as you were hitting the first one. Absolutely insane. Every breath was a hit, even if you didn't have a pipe. And this whole time the walls were crawling, people's faces were melting, and I was fucked up.

After most of the pipes were cashed, the party moved outside, where there was weed brownies, weed rice crispy treats, weed spaghetti, weed fruit was amazing. 2C-I normally makes me anorexic, and this time was no exception, but I managed to choke down a good amount of spaghetti and two more brownies. As I was standing outside eating, I could actually feel the trip grind to a halt as the vast amounts of THC in my system started to take over. I actually stopped tripping completely for about 5 minutes. I went back inside to smoke a few more bowls, then headed out front for a cigarette. I had a different brand than my usual, and either because of this or just because I didn't need that much nicotine, I ended up getting fed up with it and throwing it away about half finished. Chilled inside for a bit longer, then we headed back to Th's house.

We got back before 5:30, which was a shock to everyone, cause it felt like we had been at the house for alot longer than an hour. We sat around and smoked some more, and a few of Th's customers came in to get their sacrament. I must be a very calm tripper, cause no one ever seems to notice unless I or someone else says something, but every person that came in treated me completely normally, when I know most of them are the type to fuck with a tripper.

At about 7:30 or so, Th kicked everyone so he could nap. In fact, everyone except me pretty much passed out. Oh well, thats what I get for taking a speedy drug when everyone else was smoking to the point of stupor. My friend E drove me home, and I spent the next 6 hours or so watching movies. I probably would have passed out earlier, but my friend was supposed to call me when she got done at the bars. I was really hoping to experience sex on 2C-I, but no luck. At about 3:00 or a little after, I took two 400 mg capsules containing Valerian Root, German Chamomile, Kava Kava, St. John's Wort, and 350 mcg of melatonin. I passed out in about 20 minutes.

I awoke the next morning feeling pretty decent. No hangover to mention, although I did sleep for a relatively short amount of time and was thus somewhat fatigued.

Overall, I couldn't have picked a better day to trip. Good friends, good food, good atmosphere....lets just say by the end of the night my jaws hurt from smiling and laughing way more than I am used to.


Know your substance, Know your supplier, Know yourself

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52563
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 10, 2007Views: 9,277
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2C-I (172) : General (1), Combinations (3), Large Group (10+) (19)

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