A Feeling of Calm
by Jow
Citation:   Jow. "A Feeling of Calm: An Experience with Codeine (exp52388)". Erowid.org. Aug 23, 2008. erowid.org/exp/52388

200 mg oral Codeine (extract)
A Feeling of Calm

Background: I'm a fairly light 'drugs user' and drinker. I'm a 17 year old male and smoke roughly 10 cigarettes a week. Past experimentation has been with psilocybin (magic mushrooms), caffeine (over dose), marijuana and Hawaiian baby wood rose seeds. Experimenting with psychoactive/analgesic substances is a rare thing for me and I would say I am only addicted to tobacco - I do not regularly drink alcohol or caffeine and have not smoked marijuana for a number of years.

Preparation: I had tried codeine on one previous occasion using the same extraction method and same brand tablets - I therefore knew I wasn't allergic to the substances and vaguely knew the effects to look out for. I had read up on codeine considerably and is the only OTC medication I have used experimentally. I have never been given morphine at a hospital nor used any other opiate.

I acquired a pack of 32 generic 'Boots brand' paracetamol and codeine tablets. Each tablet contained 8mg of codeine phosphate and 500mg of paracetamol - the tablets also contained (for anyone who's interested); maize starch, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and sodium metabisulhpite. I decided to use all of the tablets which would result in a dose of 256mg of codeine (most likely less as some would be lost during extraction).

I ground the tablets up using a pestle and mortar and dissolved them in one standard sized mug of 'hot' water (boiled water mixed with cold tap water was used - so that it felt warm/hot but not too boiling). The solution was mixed thoroughly and left to cool to room temperature and was then placed in the freezer for around 15mins, stirring every once in a while. The mixture was then placed in the fridge for a further 15-20mins so that the insoluble powder would fall to the bottom of the mug (makes for easier extraction). I set up 5 empty glasses and slightly soaked 5 coffee filter papers in ice water and then set up the filters. I poured most of the solution from the mug evenly over the five filters and then added ice water to the mug and poured it out evenly again. I left the filters for quite a while till most of the liquid had been extracted (took around 30-40mins). I discarded the left over powder/sludge and mixed all of the extracted liquid with apple juice into one cup.

Note: A small amount of the powder had got into the liquid during the filter process but I decided to go ahead anyway as the liquid was not too murky. I should have filtered the liquid a seconds time, but I didn't want to waste much time. I'm guessing a bit of codeine was lost in the filter process so I will estimate (conservatively) that I was taking 200+ mg of codeine. The solution tasted very bitter, even with apple juice added, but I drank it and held it down.

Time line: I had my laptop with me while taking the codeine so I could write my experience - I'll leave it in mostly note form.

Setting/Mood: Quite anxious, in living room with tv on. In a happy and content mood, dimmed lighting.

7:30 - Drink solution.

7:40 - Start to feel a bit 'strange' - stand up to put a cd on - wobble a bit, like being slightly tipsy but having good concentration. Feel a tiny bit itchy, not much, goes away if ignored. Tried to scratch head at one point, but that just made it more itchy.

8:00 - Relaxed, slumped on sofa - listening to a cd (coldplay, chillout bands etc), not really thinking about much, just 'listening' just 'relaxing'.

8:10 - Watching tele (music still on) adverts are on - I seemed to be able to see 'more of the picture'. I'm much more focused, there was an advert with an ocean scene - my eyes followed the waves back and forth. Feeling heavy and relaxed.

8:15 - Feel a slight paranoia - probably my body knowing something is different and not liking it. No big deal.

8:30 - Closed eyes sitting back on sofa - eyes been closed for quite a while; 10 mins - very relaxed. Feel a 'spinning sensation' like while meditating. Makes me feel very slightly nauseous, but not in a sick way, more like butterflies. I can visualise 'warmth' flowing up and down my body like a spray/blue light in water. Flowing with every or so breath. I can see the warmth flow from my feet up to my head in 'rings'.

Open eyes to write this before I forget :D Feel quite tired, but still perfectly conscious. I can still write perfectly and the colours in the room feel vivid. Every once in a while I felt very disconnected, like I could see the light from a lamp in the room, but it didn't seem like light - it seemed almost distant, very disconnected.

Strangely I feel quite hungry, but from what I've read I shouldn't feel hungry? don't want to eat tho as I feel it may weaken the high.

8:55 - Went to kitchen to make some food. Can walk straight but I'm walking slower. Look in fridge and get out a ready meal - try to read instructions for microwave on back, I thought I could concentrate very well, but perhaps it was an illusion, read the instructions over and over, takes a while to understand the layout. I put it in the microwave - went to get a kitchen utensil, couldn't decide what to get, fork spoon fork spoon fork spoon. Eventually went with spoon hehe. Went to get a glass of water - my tap is sensitive and I usually turn it too fast/far - this time I subconsciously turned it veerrry slowly. Alot more careful.

9:00 - 9:15 - Eat food, have good co-ordination but I still feel relaxed.

9:20 - Feel a bit nauseous after eating. Not too bad, slightly worse than before, not really sick, more like feeling a bit 'light' or 'airy' if I make sudden movements or a loud noise comes on the tv.

9:40? - 10:10 - Feel quite sick now. Started to come on gradually but then came on quick. Not 'need to run to throw up' type nausea tho. Quite annoying. Could have been due to food I ate (chicken teaka readymeal with a cookie, hehe). Also may have been due to the fact that I took the codeine with half a shot of 20% cherry spirit - the codeine was also slightly murky, so a slightly amount of paracetamol and filler would have been left in. Perhaps a reaction between the acl. and the tablets? or maybe just the food.

10:30? - Sickness feeling pretty much gone now - probably nearly back to baseline.

12:00 - Went to bed, sickness feeling nearly gone but comes back in 'waves'.

Woke up in the night, I looked at my watch and it said 4:00, but as I later found out my watch was broken and had stopped at 4:00, so I don't know what time I actually woke up. Went to sleep again, woke up a couple more times and then eventually went down stairs at 12:00. Felt refreshed. No sickness but a bit 'lite' or weak still. Like a hangover weak but without the headaches etc.

Conclusion: Overall a good experience. The nausea experienced was a bit off-putting and did ruin the high somewhat, but it was extremely euphoric. It didn't last for long though, 2 hours I'd say, peaking at around the 1 hour mark. Perhaps I should try a larger dose. For occasional recreational use it is good and is readily available OTC in the UK, so obtaining it is no problem. However unless a larger dose was used (for me anyway) I would favour something with a longer lasting effect - magic mushrooms would be a better choice for me but unfortunately they have become hard to get hold of in the UK. Perhaps I shall try kratom or something else in the future.



Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52388
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 23, 2008Views: 104,580
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