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Out but Awake
Controlled Breathing
by Hyperventilation
Citation:   Hyperventilation. "Out but Awake: An Experience with Controlled Breathing (exp52281)". Nov 1, 2018.


Alright so I was like 13 when I tried I got the idea to huff a coke bottle. I was the type of kid who always hung out with people who did drugs but never wanted to do them myself, mostly because I was scared ide become an addict just like many of my friends. I was always looking for something completely legal to do that would give me a semi trip. I used to mess with red bull a lot, like drink as many as I could and hope to feel a trip, the most I ever got was shaky. So I was looking at a website and got the idea that hyperventalation would be fun.

So I took my brother who was 15 into my room and said wait here. I ran to the kitchen and found a 2 litter bottle of soda that had been left the sleepover I had the night before. I shook it up so the gas inside acumilated throughout the insides of the bottle. I sat down, wrap my lips around the botle and started huffing, the co2 burned but I figured it was worth it for this legal trip. I huffed in an out at first it was only a burn, then I started feeling light headed, my brothers laughter then soften and by the tenth huff my vision started faiding, from a blur, to the point were it was it gone. Like it a movie where you see someone wake up out of there eyes, except the other way around, the light around me got darker and darker and then crept into my main vision and then I fell. I hit my head fairly hard but it was kewl. It was very weird, I couldnt control myself falling but even though I coulnt see or hear I was slightly conscious. Vision then reapeard just like the movies, darkness and then faides into light. And within a minute I was completely fine with only a little head ache from the fall, very fun and id o it all the time.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 52281
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Nov 1, 2018Views: 1,492
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