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Encounter with Death
by Rood
Citation:   Rood. "Encounter with Death: An Experience with 4-HO-DiPT (exp52266)". Erowid.org. Apr 20, 2006. erowid.org/exp/52266

2 capsls oral 4-HO-DiPT


I acquired some 4-Hydroxy-DiPT from a friend, he bought them of the internet just before they became illegal (around may last year I think). I had also gotten a hit of acid from him, which was my first trip.

this is in the summer and I was 18 years of age.I take the bus to a friend of mine, he's home alone and I plan to ingest my 4hodipt while my 2 friends smoke pot and watch over me. my friend rolls a few joints for the night.

I take the 4-ho-dipt. they are in pill form and each pill is 15 mg. one of the pills is only about 3/4 of its original size so I assume I ingest about 25 mg. we sit around and eat some food and talk. after about 20 minutes my legs start to feel tingly and weird. I look at a plate on which we had eaten and it seems to become deeper when I look at it. I laugh a bit at it, then I look at the floor. The floor looks weird, it seems as if the patterns in the material moves, yet they do not. I think I see faces in the floor. I honestly see a flash of none other than Bob Marley himself in the floor. I definitely feel the drug now.

I notice after a while that I am really tripping, I dont talk as I usually do. we go outside into the summers evening. I look into the sky and the sunset looks beautiful, not a lot of people are around so I can relax and focus on the beauty around me. we walk down a road which seems to last for 20 minutes when in reality it only took us 30 seconds to go down. we go to a place by a lake/pond and my friends light up a joint. I dont smoke any of it, I am too busy looking at the lake. a green 'light' or hue surrounds the whole place. it feels as if the whole place is breathing this warm green colour.

I look down on my legs. I am sitting in a very weird position but I think my legs look beautiful in this position. I tell my friends that my legs look pretty and they just laugh.

we continue our walk through the sleepy neighbourhood. ( I have difficulties remembering when things happened so some of this might have happened before or after they are presented in this report)

we walk up a small mountain. we sit down on a bench and light a joint, which I take 2 tokes of. I cannot sit still so I start to walk around. I see a green light in the sky, it looks like a firework of some sort but I know it's not.

I start talking to a tree, it doesnt really respond but I can 'feel' its spirit. we embrace eachother. my friends laugh at me, I go on to tell the tree that they are only laughing because they dont understand our 'language'. right there I have a very weird experience. I 'see/feel' a dream I dreamed the night before and forgot about, I didnt really see it but I 'feel' a window in the air that displays this dream to me. a very weird moment.

I go back to the bench where my friends are smoking ganja. I look at a rock beside us and see a beautiful woman, she is composed of small stripes of light blue and green. she looks a bit like a cartoon. it is a very peaceful and pretty image, it looks as if she is sleeping inside a spacepod or something. when I come closer the image dissolves into other things. we head on.

we walk back to my friends house and roll some joints. I am very glad to be in this state, and I give the remaining pill to my friend. the dose I have in me is well enough for me, I'm not even peaking at this point. we go out for another walk. we come to a football field. I point at a star which we all look at. it looks as if a spiral is surrounding it and we all see it. we have a wonderful moment of togetherness. we smoke a joint and are glad for each other. this far the trip has been really nice to me. from this point on the night takes a darker mood, not necessarily in a bad way but still. I begin to 'peak'. we decide to take a much longer walk than before, through some dark woods. looking back on it, it was a bit crazy to go there tripping but I really dont regret it for I saw/felt some really amazing things.

at this point my mind is bombarded with messages and weird thoughtpatterns I have never experienced. it is very hard to explain but I am able to 'see' my personality from an objective perspective, and I see things in myself that I have to change to become a better person. as awesome as this is I feel that this is just the beginning of the larger change. I have to change my whole being to get where I want to be. but this change in personality is the first one I have to go through, and now I see it in front of me.

I feel as if my mind is expanding, it goes way outside my body. it's as if I have a new sense.

we continue our walk. we come to a road that is next to a dark forest which seems really threatening. I now have an interesting experience: the road and the forest tilt towards each other. it's as if we're walking on a wall and the forest is a wall on the other side of the 'room' we're in. I dont remember what happens next, but we're in some sort of park and I see castle on a mountain a couple of hundred yards away. I dont know if it's real or not.

There are a lot of small bushes here with pretty flowers. I lay down beside one of these and start talking to it and caressing it. I look up in the sky and see a luminous geometrical pattern all over it. we walk away from the park and come to a field. it feels lonely and scary there, but we walk past it. my friend who also took 4-ho-dipt begins to talk about the grass around us being evil. he has been pretty silent this far. I am a little scared at this point. we get across the field and in front of us is another area of woods, I have a bad feeling about it but we walk in to it and up a path. as soon as we start to walk up the path it starts to rain and the wind starts to blow.

I know 'something' is warning us or doesnt want us to go this way, I tell my friends that something is wrong here but they insist we head on. as we reach the end of the path the wind and rain stops but I still feel a very nasty presence around us. beside us now is a big, recently built house, with a planted lawn around it. it is lit up inside with dim lights, for some reason it looks and feels horrible. I am very afraid to stay there any longer and we continue to walk. we come out on the asphalt road beside the house and here I can 'feel' death. I feel Death as a being, he/she/it is very present.

I look to my left down the road, and a couple of yards away from us he is standing, Death. Death stands under a street light, he is very tall and very big. Imagine three fully grown men put together. I only see his outer shapes because his whole being is luminous. he is of a very bright blue colour. it lookes as if he is carrying a scythe or something on his back but its hard to see as I only see his outer lining, its like looking at a shadow. but it is glowing of blue. beside him he has a dog, also glowing blue. this dog is the largest beast I have ever seen, it is sitting down but is still taller than Death and Death is taller than any man I've seen. The Dog's ears are huge, 1,5 foot long perhaps. They just stand there, but I can feel them strongly. surprisingly I'm scared, I just say to my friends: lets get out of here. a Very profound moment for me.

we're almost home again, back in the neighbourhood. we're sitting next to a road that leads up to my friends house. we decide to light the last joint. it is a rather strong joint. my friend who is tripping falls asleep for a while and then wakes up and asks for the spliff. we all laugh. my other friend who is only smoking pot tonight starts to look very much like a lizard when he is smoking the joint. this joint boosts my trip.. we begin to walk up the road to my friends house. walking up this road takes about 1 hour. I'm not sure if it just feels like one hour or if it really is one hour but damn am I high. at this point my mouth is extremely dry, I have never been so dry in my throat before.

I begin to hear all sorts of weird and scary sounds. I feel sounds reverberating inside my body, as I talk my mouth starts to feel the way guitar-effects-pedals sound. If you know what a tremolo is: imagine that sound inside your mouth. very weird. I see ghosts inside the asphalt coming at me. it's pretty scary especially since I feel like I'm moving in slowmotion. Next thing I know we're in my friends kitchen, my friend is telling me to stop shouting. I am pretty outraged by the fact that I am hearing eerie echoes in my head and that my face is feeling like sound effects. my friend starts to feel ill and goes to the bathroom to vomit. I feel shitty, my friend demands we turn all music off and I become pissed off because the music really soothes me and I need it cause I am freaking out.

I listen to my friend vomit for half an hour (which feels like 3 hours) and his floor starts to look REALLY creepy. I see a bunch of genitalia-resembling stuff moving around inside it. then all I remember is seeing my friends sleeping and thinking I should go to bed too. I wake up the next day feeling weird, takes me a while to comprehend all of what has happened to me.

these were the biggest moments of this trip but there was alot more that happened that I have forgotten about. everything is a bit hazy when I think about it, feels like one big moment instead of several different moments. hard to explain. I do remember seeing a whole bunch of 60's and 70's musicians inside a mountain and that the forest was alive and breathing and I was part of it.

this was a really great night that left a huge impression on me. I cant really explain all the stuff that happened.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 52266
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 20, 2006Views: 8,885
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4-HO-DiPT (281) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4)

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