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Parched yet Peaceful
Amphetamines (Adderall)
Citation:   Life On Rewind. "Parched yet Peaceful: An Experience with Amphetamines (Adderall) (exp52154)". Jul 25, 2006.

T+ 0:00
  oral Caffeine (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 10 mg insufflated Amphetamines  
  T+ 0:00 25 mg oral Amphetamines  
  T+ 7:00 50 mg oral Amphetamines  
While Iíve always debated the complexity of mental functions while on the use of certain drugs, I am always open to proving myself wrong. Thus my first upper experience begins. Until now, I have only recreationally used pot, various opiates, a couple different anti-anxiety medications and DXM; basically downers and a mild hallucinogen thrown in. This account is of around a 35mg dose of Adderall XR ingested at around 5:00pm with another 50mg to be ingested around seven hours later. I tried to crush the beads in the first pill and ended up losing a lot of them, so I snorted what I had of that (OUCH!!!) and then poured all the beads from another pill down my throat. Bitter, but not nearly as bad as a 7.5mg Hydrocodone / Acetaminophen tab (talk about BITTER). Right now, Iím waiting for the effects to kick in. Iím noticing a little bit of mental clarity from the dose I snorted as I write this. Hopefully the caffeine from the Mountain Dew Iím drinking wonít cause any adverse effects.

T+0:15 Ė Iím noticing some more focus, probably from the snorted dose, since it seems to take the better part of an hour for an oral dose to kick inÖ Chatting online right now, Iím contemplating doing some task that Iíd usually get bored with in a little bit just to see if maybe I actually have ADD and really would benefit from an Adderall prescription. I donít notice anything too noteworthy just yet.

T+0:40 Ė Iím noticing an increased heart rate, and my focus seems to be improving, like Iím excited about something when Iím just chilling out at my computer. I feel like I could concentrate on the most menial task and not get fed up with it, cleaning seems plausible, but what fun would that be? I feel slightly euphoric like everythingís just fine. Iím having a little trouble typing as fast as I normally do. This could be my new favorite drug thoughÖ

T+0:50 Ė I decided to put on some music as I start to notice the effects become stronger; amazing! I seem to be opening up more emotionally to my friends when Iím chatting online and I can completely immerse myself in the music Iím listening to without losing focus on the other things Iím doing online like typing this up, chatting, and checking my email. I can clearly and concisely state my thoughts to people although my mind is going a hundred times faster than my fingers can type. I just got off the phone with my father. Instead of the usual passivity I exhibit towards him, I was assertive and got my point across. I am not one to be all that assertive with my father. It seems as if I just want to get my point across clearly and firmly. I could probably sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo about now.

T+1:10 Ė I canít believe the time has gone by so quickly since I am having such a blast. My muscles feel kind of tight and warm in quite a good way. The music is quite an enjoyment, and itís not distorted in any way. If anything is different about the way I hear the music, itís that I hear it more completely and intricately. I can appreciate the music as a whole and as separate instruments. So far, no negative side effects at all, no itching like DXM or opiates, no paranoia like pot; just a pure euphoric awareness. I feel like I could take on any task and achieve it quickly and efficiently.

T+1:30 Ė The effects seem to have mellowed out a little bit. I still feel like Iím on cloud 9, but I guess because Iíve gotten used to the way it makes me feel, it just seems normal now. Iím sucking on a hard candy that yesterday tasted all sweet, but now itís got sort of a salty taste to it. Not sure if its not supposed to taste like that, or I notice more complex tastes whilst on this stuff. I still feel extremely focused. I was on the phone with a friend of mine, and usually I zone out when Iím on the phone. I could concentrate on her every word, although when she told me about a problem she was having, I couldnít really sympathize. I think it would take a hell of a lot of tragedy to make me upset. Not to sound rude or cheeky, but on a side note; masturbation is absolutely heaven on Adderall. Orgasm is like a thousand times more intense. Though I noticed a rapidly decreased penis size in its flaccid state; Iíll have to ask my roommate and/or his friend about that since they are experienced with Adderall.

T+1:45 Ė Iím a little disheartened that there isnít anybody with which to speak right now. I am in such a mood for an intellectual conversation, perhaps a debate. I have so much mental energy right now just begging to be unleashed upon the world. My body seems willing and able to do most anything except for the fact that my mind seems to be running too fast for my body to keep up. This seems to be a social drug, not really a drug to do on ones own seeing as I have a burning desire to just have a meaningful talk. Maybe Iíll settle down by playing some guitarÖ

T+2:10 Ė So I about played my wrist numb on the guitarÖ Iíve never come up with more amazing guitar riffs in my entire career. I can actually focus well enough to form a song structure instead of my normal random, chaotic jamming. Music seems so much better to listen to and to play. I can nitro pick faster and longer than I usually am able to, and lyrics seem to be flowing more openly. Everything just completely falls into place so willingly and so much easier than normal.

T+2:45 Ė So I spoke to my best friend just now who I havenít spoken to in forever because of a falling out. It seems that I am more willing to admit fault in this state. I feel like a really bad person for what happened and want to improve upon myself. This is a similar mindset to my first DXM trip where I regained faith in myself. Itís a different high though, so far thereís nothing psychoactive happening and I donít expect nor want that. So far Iíve come to be more assertive and more willing to take fault and feel remorse.

T+3:10 Ė Effects are really mellowing out now. I donít think theyíre going away yet, just kind of chilling out. I think itís the familiarity factor again. I still feel really energized; itís strangely like drinking a lot of codeine cough syrup and then taking a caffeine pill, except there arenít any caffeine jitters, just pure euphoric adrenaline. Iím talking to a couple people online right now, but I really wish I could talk to somebody on the phone that isnít mad or upset at me. I feel sort of like Iíd imagine X to be like because I am extremely content being verbal, but when the people I speak to on the phone have to go, itís a melancholy experience, even though I still feel great physically and mentally. I wish I had the words to describe that better. I really have to try some more of this stuff when Iím out tonight, the music there would be louder than the music here, and I could talk to my friends who show up.

T+5:00 Ė Some friends came by, my roommate came home and I scored some more Adderall from his friend, so my night is planned out. Iím still feeling some residual effects Ė alertness and everything Ė but for the most part it seems to be wearing off. Iíll be taking more before I go out dancing tonight. Adderall, 80ís music, and friends; sounds like a great time to me.

T+13:00 Ė So to recap the past 8 hours; I took the two Adderall orally at midnight, right before we left for the club. Iíve been home for about half an hour. The first dose didnít wear off as much as I thought it did, but I wasnít really ďhighĒ anymore; just still able to focus better. It took the same amount of time as before for this dose to kick in, although I didnít notice it as much this time. I think the caffeine from the soda gave the first dose a boost and kicked me into high gear, despite the higher dose the second time. Regardless, I still enjoyed myself quite well. I danced, met new people, talked with some of my friends, and drank a ton of water. This time around, Iím a lot more dehydrated. I felt this warm feeling in my stomach the whole time I was out and can still feel it as I type. I can only describe it as extremely pleasant feeling. My roommate just crashed off of the dose he took at his friendís place earlier. Heís getting really obnoxious and silly. He started talking to the ashtray and making his cigarettes have sex. I think heís so tired, heís delirious. I hope Iím not that annoying when I crash, which I should be doing any minute now.

T+15:00 Ė So I just now pretty much crashed I believe. I could have come down earlier and just now noticed it, but my muscles are fatigued, Iím sore and achy, and I feel slight nausea. It isnít causing so much pain or discomfort that Iíd let it keep me from speeding on this lovely pharmaceutical again, but itís definitely annoying. I donít really feel tired at all, just like Iíve been awake for 15 hours Ė which I have been. Maybe the Gatorade and the water I have been drinking helped bring me down gentler. Everyone has been passed out for a while, so Iím just here typing this up and attempting hydration.

T+15:50 Ė I seem to be doing fine save the minor back pain and continued dehydration. Iím not tired in the least, I just hope I donít get extremely tired while Iím driving today or while Iím out somewhere. I might take some caffeine pills since I donít have any XRs left to keep me up today. Hopefully I can successfully hydrate myself at some point, seeing as Iíve already had a lot of water and that bottle of Gatorade with no result so far. I may try the EmergenC packets I have. They have tons of vitamins in them, which should help replenish my body.

CONCLUSION: All in all, this was a fun experience; something I would NOT mind doing more of. Itís like the best parts of opiates and caffeine, which reminds me that I definitely want to drink a caffeinated soda next time I do this. It seemed to compliment the Addy perfectly.

The side effect that bothered me was the INTENSE dehydration. This is not a good side effect for me because this level of dehydration will make my penis shrink. Itís not permanent; itíll re-expand after I Ė eventually; somehow Ė hydrate thoroughly! It may be temporary but it sure can be embarrassing should things with others lead to that area. Fear not, your erection will maintain its normal size. It also can be a bit painful to urinate at times, but for that only happened once and it was a mild, annoying yet tolerable pain. Minor side effects seem to be lessened circulation to the fingers and the knees most noticeably Ė the feeling in my knees was actually really cool Ė and since it causes so much dehydration, I would imagine constipation would be an added problem.

Other than that, itís probably the best drug Iíve done besides pot and I am extremely curious as to what the two would be like together. It also may have been better if, the second time, I had swallowed one at midnight and then took the other an hour later to lengthen and intensify the effect rather than attempt to just intensify.

Iíve learned an awful lot from this experience, and not just about drug experiences. The revelations I had about me as a person will stick with me unlike a revelation had while on hallucinogens. All in all, I did indeed prove myself wrong about clarity and complexity of thought while taking Adderall or other such stimulants and learned more than I expected to about myself. I also think this is probably the best thing Iíve written, those pills inspired more words, thought, introspection, and understanding in one night than Iíve ever experienced in my life. It was such a great experience, although I am going to have to avoid getting hooked.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52154
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 25, 2006Views: 71,799
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