Shockingly Powerful First Time
Citation:   Shruming Human. "Shockingly Powerful First Time: An Experience with 2C-I (exp52148)". Aug 16, 2006.

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  oral 2C-I (liquid)

This report is about my first 2C-I experience. It was far more powerful than I expected, but I ended up enjoying it somewhat, although I have ambivalent feelings in certain ways.

Background, Preparation

I ordered some 2C-I from an internet company. It came as 100mg of fine white powder, and I dissolved it in one liter of water, not having any better way to measure out individual doses. Although my friend and I were both experienced with many entheogens, having tripped nearly 100 times (me) and around 40 times (my friend), we were both new to 2C-I. Since that was the case, we decided to start slowly. It turned out to be very lucky that we had been so conservative with our doses.

We had read information online about 2C-I, and considered ourselves well-informed, considering we were about to ingest a little-known research chemical.

Set, Setting

We were at his house, which is in a pleasant area with many trees and a nice view of the city. We were both excited to try this new chemical, and neither of us claimed to be worried about the fact that it was an experimental chemical, or anything else (especially since it was supposed to be a low dose). We were both in good mindsets, with wonderful music playing (Jazz, African and Indian music Ötry Ustad Ali Akbar Khanís music while tripping Ė itís unbelievable! Especially ďSignature Series Volume 2Ē).

The Experience

My friend and I (both around 140 pounds) each drank between 8 and 10 ml of the water, as a beginnersí dose (8 to 10 mg). By 45 minutes into it, I was blown away by the power I felt. I got quite scared, since we had thought we were only doing a little more than a threshold dose, but I was feeling an intense body glow and was already having strong visuals, mostly of wood grain waving and flowing. My friends massaged and comforted me, and I was soon in a good space again.

It was a decent trip overall, although the intensity of it was shocking. I did not feel able to write anything of value while on the trip, and my notes are a jumble of near nonsense when I read them now. My art was very interesting, although it took such as effort to move the pen on the paper that I donít believe that I will produce a lot, artistically, on this chemical. What I did draw, however, was very creative in some ways (the lines are powerful, and not something that I would normally be able to capture) but not in others (the subject matter is fairly uninteresting). I did not experience any great enlightenment, which may have been for any of several reasons, although the possibility is strong that I just donít love the drug itself.

The visuals were beautiful Ė comparable to those on LSD, for me. We went for a walk, and the road was wet from an earlier rain. The texture of the road was amazing to look at. It was glimmering in the moonlight, and it looked almost fake, or magical.

Time passed very, very quickly on 2C-I Ė the whole trip, which took around 12 hours, felt subjectively more like two hours. I would do something for a few minutes, and then look up and see that an hour had passed. It was too long for me, as far as the clockís time goes, and I wished that I could have gone to sleep earlier than 7 AM, although I was fully awake until that time Ė not any feeling of tiredness.

The trip was different than any other entheogen Iíve used, although I would say it comes closest to LSD. It definitely had a synthetic feel to it, and I generally prefer the plant teachers, which give more balanced trips, in my not so humble opinion.

More than anything else, I was very surprised by the power of the trip. I would say that it was roughly equivalent to 100+ micrograms of LSD or 2 grams of shrooms, although we all know that such comparisons are meaningless. I do not know why such a small dose effected me so strongly Ė Iím not a lightweight on any other entheogen than Iíve tried. I usually take between 2.5 and 4 grams of mushrooms, and always preferred multiple tabs of acid when I did that. So it appears that itís possible that Iím just a lightweight on 2C-I? However, my friend also experienced a full trip, and therefore I suspect that something else is going on.

I will probably try 2C-I again, partly because I still have most of the original liter of water/2C-I, but partly because I feel like I missed something that first trip. I do not hold overly high expectations for 2C-I, but I am willing to keep an open mind for at least one more experience. However, if I can find cactus or mushrooms, I will definitely do those first, as I find my experiences far more rewarding with those teachers.

I was glad I remembered to start slowly, since itís not so awful to be half-tripping the first time I experience a new drug. Later, I can up the dose slowly. If I had taken a common dose of 16 mg or so, it could have been overwhelmingly strong, and I could possibly have had an extremely bad trip.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 52148
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Published: Aug 16, 2006Views: 7,106
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