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Quiet Mind
by PoolShark
Citation:   PoolShark. "Quiet Mind: An Experience with Kava (exp51927)". Aug 27, 2009.

  repeated oral Kava


Let me start off by saying that in my opinion Kava is the best drug I've tried so far...and I've tried many of them including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, lsd, mushrooms, salvia, assorted prescription drugs, on and so forth. Kava is the only drug that provides mental clarity while also relaxing me and giving a sense of euphoria that can at times be compared to low doses of opiates or amphetamines. I ordered some powdered awa grade vanuatu kava from a reliable and respected online vendor, and some of the actual kava root. I've tried kava a few times before, pills from a store in the mall didn't do much of anything, though I think that was due to the fact that I was young and looking for more of a marijuana type high. Also there is a sort of reverse tolerance to speak of meaning it takes a few times before you can 'recognize' the effects of kava. I also bought some while in australia. Next I'll outline the three ways I've prepared kava and its resulting effects.

The stuff I bought in Australia had a pretty potent smell, though I'm not entirely sure where it came from. I put about an oz. into a medium size bottle of grain alcohol (sorry I forget exactly how much) and let it sit over night. Then I strained out the resulting brown liquid and mixed it with some fruit punch. The stuff tasted pretty bad and made my mouth very numb. After a few minutes I could feel something, though it was hard to distiguish between the alcohol and the kava. I did notice my mind was very quiet, and I was very relaxed, two effects I have come to identify as resulting from the kava. I shared it with a few friends who all said they enjoyed it.

When I first tried chewing the root it was almost impossible not to gag. It tasted terrible and the more the root was broken down by my saliva, the worse it tasted. However, it did work very well, within a few minutes the familiar feelings of euphoria, muscle relaxion and mental clarity set in. I would chew a root about 5 inches in length, or about as long as from my back tooth to my front tooth. I would hold it between my teeth clenching slightly, sucking the juices out. Eventually the root would soften and I would begin to chew it slightly, still sucking the juice out. Often I would spit most of the root out, but keep a small peice to put between my lip and my teeth, kind of like chewing tobacco. This provides a small continuous buzz, good for incognito kava chewing. By this time my mouth was extremely numb, and the taste wasn't so bothersome. I might add at this point that after chewing the root a few times the taste kind of grew on me. I started off chewing the root for about 15 mins at the most, but now I can keep it in there for more than an hour. The longer you chew it the longer the effects last. This is my favorite way to do kava, though the drink it very effective too.

My favorite way to prepare kava in a drink is by filling a cup about 1/3 full with milk. I hear lecithin works well too but I have never tried it. Then I use this tong type thing I got from a Chinese shop, its a wire mesh pair of tongs used for making loose tea and it works perfectly. I put about a tablespoon and a half in the thing and put it in the milk. Then I heat some water and pour that in the cup. After dunking the tea tongs for about 15 mins the cup is ready to drink. Usually some of the powder falls out, so the last gulp is pretty gross, but the more of the stuff you drink the better you'll feel. About 2 or 3 cups will do the trick, making me feel extremely relaxed and almost giddy. Also the best part is the mental clarity. I tend to have an overactive mind (most people do nowadays) and this stuff quiets it right down. It's nice to just sit and 'listen to the kava' and the natives say. The point being there is nothing really to listen to, you just kind of sit and feel good, relaxed and worry-free without thinking too much, just kind of living in the moment. This is why Kava is my favorite drug.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51927
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 27, 2009Views: 28,610
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