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Killing the Myth
Citation:   genaro. "Killing the Myth: An Experience with Adrenochrome (exp51847)". Mar 28, 2006.

100 mg sublingual Adrenochrome (freebase)
Compound used:
D,L-Adrenochrome freebase (synthetic, 99,98% purity)
CAS: [56-06-8]

Adrenochrome (freebase)

Note: D,L means it is a racemate, which means it is an equimolar mixture of two of enantiomers: the D-Adrenochrome and the L-Adrenochrome (also called (-)-Adrenochrome et (+)-Adrenochrome respectively)

Adrenochrome has been described as a hallucinogen or psychotomimetic and a cholinesterase inhibitor. It has also haemostatic properties (meaning that it is something that stops bleeding.

Description of the powder: a close-up of the adrenochrome crystals shows a dark red color but the powder seems just like dried blood to the naked eye, meaning some slightly orangy brown color. But if I dissolve some crystals into a few drops of water I will get a blood red to bright red solution (depending on the concentration), exactly the same color as Mercurochrome. It has a slightly metallic chemical taste which somewhat reminded me of the taste of blood but it was much more tasteless (less bitter).

Most labs sell D,L-Adrenochrome(CAS:56-06-8) at 70 to 100euros for 250mg. But I recently found another chemical supplier selling a product named 'Adrenochrome' at 110euros for 50g, the price difference is so huge that I first though it couldn't be the same compound that other suppliers were selling, but CAS number was 56-06-8 so it was definately the same Adrenochrome. Such a price difference seems strange to me, I thought maybe it could be one of the two enantiomers (instead of the D,L form) but this wouldn't be logical as separating two enantiomers is complicated and therefore one enantiomer alone should be more expensive than the DL form, and certainly not cheaper.

Adrenochrome is quickly oxidised and should be kept away from air, light, humidity and heat. Therefore it is kept in an airtight container which is put in the freezer. Even this way, it will slowly decompose so it should not be kept for too long before use.

My experimentations with Adrenochrome:

I had acquired D,L-Adrenochrome freebase (the one sold at 70euros for 250mg)

first trial: I held 100mg under my tongue for 1 minute and then swallowed. Fast onset (about 5 minutes)

second trial: I snorted 50mg. Onset: a few seconds.

third trial : I smoked 25mg (vaporised in a crack pipe). Onset is almost instant.

Note that I waited a few days between each trial.

The three trials gave me the exact same effects, which were very light and really uninteresting (I wouldn't even call it a high).

First, it's wasn't hallucinogen nor psychedelic. I had a feeling of warmth through my body, I felt a numbness in my hands and my head (possibly linked to the haemostatic effect), there was some slight sedation, and a very slight short lived euphoria (the euphoria was a slightly more pronouced when smoked, but still very short lived)
There's also some minor visual change (no visuals, just that I would see the room slightly differently than usual, but honestly that was some really minor change, a joint of hashish would have done the same, nothing really noticeable). There might be some slight myosis too (=little pupils), not really sure.

To sum up, effects were extremely weak, absolutely not fun nor psychedelic in anyway, and short lived (I would say the slight initial euphoria is gone within 4-5 minutes, and the few strange feelings that I experience from the stuff are gone within about 1 hour (I couldn't say the exact duration as I didn't really checked my watch)
Needless to say I was very disappointed by this uninteresting compound.

The effects I had from it were flimsy, there was a definite effect on my vision and my mental state for sure but I would definitely not call it 'hallucinogenic'.

SO, I might have wanted to try higher dosages just in case this could intensify any effects (let's say 250mg orally, 100mg snorted and 100mg vaporised), or I might have wanted to try the other adrenochrome (the one sold at 110euro/50g) just to make sure it is the same...but I didn't as I had better things to do with my money and I was pretty sure that even if this would give me some more effect, that would still be of poor recreational/spiritual interest.

Also, about possible secondary effects of adrenochrome: as it is an haemostatic compound (prevents capillary bleeding during injury) it is not impossible that excessive use would end up causing blood circulation troubles, furthermore some scientists seem to say that adrenochrome is known to cause cardiovascular troubles.

To conclude I would say that this is an uninteresting substance to my opinion, and furthermore it's possibly a dangerous one.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 51847
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 28, 2006Views: 354,854
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