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Spiraling into the Black Hole
by Ark Dweller
Citation:   Ark Dweller. "Spiraling into the Black Hole: An Experience with DPT (exp51803)". Jul 7, 2006.

  insufflated DPT (powder / crystals)


In retrospect, deciding to trip that night was probably a bad idea. I was upset with myself about several things, including girls, a partially failed extraction of n,n DMT, and a computer that seemed to be slowly dying, so I just wanted to let go and do something crazy.

I set up my scale and tapped a bit of DPT into the holding tray at first the scale wasn't reading (it only measures amounts of 10mg and above), but eventually I got it to even out at what I believed to be 40mg, but what I now think was somewhere around 200mg. I snorted it up right away and was immediately surprised at the feeling of the powder in my sinus cavity.. my membrane felt like it was completely saturated and some of the powder had gone all the way to the back of my throat where I could taste it. After two minutes it was dripping down my throat and I experienced the familiar numbing effect of DPT, except this time my tongue and throat was numb, swallowing became a pain, and I experienced a moment's panic when I thought I might have almost swallowed my tongue, but the numbing went away eventually.

I sat down to browse the Internet a bit while I waited for the trip to take hold, which it did eventually. I got the expected rush, with perceptions of color tones shifting, my plane of vision zooming in and out, as it had on my last trip. I went to the shower to wash the mucus out of my nose, as I could feel that all the powder was absorbed.

Showering was nowhere near as entertaining as it had been the last time I tripped on DPT. The water was too hot (I couldn't manage to adjust the temperature properly for some reason), and I felt like I was definitely not getting clean, this was a waste of my time. That was when I noticed that the shower curtain was visibly shaking, which for some reason shocked me. I stared at the curtain for a minute and then realized that I was also shaking, and that the entire bathroom was shaking. I figured it was time to get out of the shower.

When I toweled myself off, I got an extreme disassociative effect... I suddenly forgot who I was, what I was doing, why I was doing it... the bathroom seemed an alien world that I had never been in before, this was the first point that I noticed the visual hallucinations (shadows growing and shrinking like black worms, bits of dust and dirt becoming extremely apparent and large, and the wallpaper pattern on the wall swimming before my eyes) and auditory enhancement (I could hear the drain dripping crystal clear, and examine the sound in my head). I left the bathroom into a strange and unfamiliar apartment... it no longer mattered that I hadn't dried myself off, small considerations like my current status, an intermittent cough, what I should do in the next moment, seemed extremely trivial.

I lied down on the bed (while still mostly wet and naked) and could absolutely not find a comfortable position to lie in, it was at this point I noticed the psychological stripping that would become the downfall of my night... what appeared to be happening was every consideration and perception I experienced became somehow segmented in my head and displaced, for example, the lights were off and the only light I could see was a dim one coming from outside my window.. after seeing the light, my plane of vision shifted to the left, and what I then saw was a compacted version of the light, and the full light from middle to right.

This not only happened for my visual experience, but for my auditory perception (sounds echoed around the room, as if in a feedback loop), as well as my internal dialogue, and my sense of self. I spread out on my bed and put my arms at my side, but after a moment, while closing my eyes, I could no longer instinctively determine the shape and position of my body. I felt like some sort of human spider hybrid, or a geodesic arrangement of limbs and flesh, this was frightening because I no longer believed my experience to be an effect of the drug, it appeared to encompass the entire universe, as though I was projecting my hallucination onto the real world. I imagined that the universe was ending and compacting into my head, or that my daily hallucination of what I believed to be the real world had been exposed to be a farce, and by the power of will I had re-arranged my body and the space around me to fit my fucked up perception.

My fear was slowly rising - I enjoy my life and I wasn't prepared to give it up just yet. I wanted to grow and mature as a human being, not as some deranged hallucinatory contraption. Somewhere in the back of my head I knew it wasn't real, but that same voice was telling me that the drug might be permanently changing me into this monster, which was just as alarming. My next instinct told me to find some external source of sanity, so I rolled off the bed (I was reassured to find that I could still walk and move normally) and walked over to my phone. I attempted to call my friend, we exchanged a few words (I couldn't say what I was trying to say) before my service went out and I gave up.

At the computer, I took the time to listen to some music, which was incredibly uplifting. The harmony of tones and beats seemed to be the soundtrack to my life and my human experience - I can't imagine another time in which I've been more moved by a piece of music... eventually I got tired, as I couldn't read the text on the screen, and images were completely distorted. I gave up and went to sleep as the trip wore off.

On perception of the passing of time: there was none. Usually when I smoke cannabis I am aware intuitively that time is passing slower than it normally would, but on my trip time was not even a consideration.. everything seemed to happen in an instant and last for an eternity.. I didn't expect the trip to ever end, and I had no concept of 'waiting' or 'boredom'.

In the end, the trip had both positive and negative aspects. It was certainly the strongest trip I've ever had on any substance.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51803
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 7, 2006Views: 7,456
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DPT (21) : Alone (16), General (1)

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