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Riding the Purple Horse
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
Citation:   Ubo Cid. "Riding the Purple Horse: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp51615)". May 6, 2006.

T+ 0:00
6.0 g oral Syrian Rue (capsule)
  T+ 0:46 20 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (tea)
‘Ayahuasca’ analogue preparation and subsequent experience.
1 dose = 6g Syrian rue, followed by 20g inner root bark of mimosa hostilis
Subjects: me (190 lb male, age: 30) and my brother (170 lbs, age 24)


At the time of this writing my brother and I had been experimenting with various ‘Teacher Plants’ over the last 3 months and finally came around to trying an ‘ayahuasca’ analogue, which is essentially taking some sort of MAOI followed by a source of DMT which is reputed to be the most potent hallucinogen known. In our case: Syrian rue as the maoi, and the inner root bark of Mimosa Hostilis as our source of dmt. Both of these were easily obtained by placing an online order with an entheogenic plant supplier.

After returning from a weekend snowboarding trip, I excitedly checked my mailbox and to my absolute rapture I discovered a rectangular box which did contain what we had ordered: 4 oz. of the inner root bark of mimosa hostilis, and 1 oz of Syrian rue. I quickly called my brother and told him the good news, and we decided that Tuesday night after work would be perfect as my roommate would be working the overnight shift and we could have my whole apartment to ourselves. In our previous experiences we had found it essential to have a private and comfortable environment so that conversation or other activity is not limited or restricted.

Tuesday night turned out to be a bust. Long story short, my brother puked halfway through his dose, and then I lost my resolve, and we decided to call it off. Out of all the nasty extractions and tinctures we had tried up to this point, this stuff was … another level of nasty, straight up INTENSE. The next day we decided to try again Thursday night as my roommate would be again working overnight.


We weighed out 20g of the root bark (because we already had approx. 1 dose from the previous try) on a digital scale (purchased at the local ‘tobacco’ shop) and tore it up into small pieces and then ground it up in my coffee grinder which produced a purplish powder. Then we dissolved a packet of Emergen-C (contains 1000 mg vitamin C) into .5 liters of bottled spring water to make it acidic, which helps to leech the dmt out of the bark.

We simmered the powdered bark in the acidic water for about 20 mins. The water was a dark purplish/red color and smelled nasty. We strained out the root powder using a method I like to call ‘squeeze filtering’ which is to pour the liquid through a thin rag or washcloth (could use cheesecloth, t-shirt etc) into a container, and then fold the ends of the rag up and squeeze the liquid out. This liquid we combined with the dose from the other night which had been resting in a tall cup.

We re-boiled the root powder in another .5 L acidic water and strained out the powder again, and then a third time as well, hopefully leeching all the dmt out of it. After this we had about 1 L of dark red liquid to deal with. This was obviously way too much to be ingested, which was the reason we failed the previous time. While the liquid had been sitting in the tall cup more particulate had settled out. We pipetted the liquid off the top using a turkey baster, and then squeeze filtered the gunk on the bottom to get all the liquid.

This final liquid with none or very little solids left in it we further reduced by low boil until we could actually see residue forming on the top as a ‘plasticy’ or almost candy looking substance, which we believed to be the dmt. At this point we added a little more water to re-dissolve the residue, removed from heat and decanted equal portions (about ¼ cup each) into glasses and let them cool outside in the snow.

The final liquid which was to be our dose was very beautiful, looking like a very deep red cabernet sauvignon wine. We were very excited because we knew this would be a manageable dose – it could be swallowed all at once. While our doses cooled, we weighed 12g of Syrian rue and put it into some Echinacea capsules we had emptied out.

The Experience

10:20 p.m. We each take our 6g of Syrian rue (6-7 capsules). Over the next 30 mins we notice a very heavy yet content and relaxed feeling, and very slight visuals of the ceiling waving if concentrated upon. We program the music for the night: PM Dawn, Pink Floyd, DJ Tiesto, Pink Floyd, and lastly Counting Crows to come down with.

11:06 p.m. Go time. We are nervous about taking the dose because of our previous failure, and we know the stuff is absolutely noxious. The KEY was to plug our noses and just down the stuff, keeping our noses plugged while we rinsed with several more drinks of water, until the burn from nose and throat was gone, then and only then releasing our nostrils.

11:11 p.m. I notice slight nausea setting in, and visuals starting to build already. The ceiling looks like gently rolling waves. Patterns on furniture breathe slowly. This definitely accelerated faster than ‘shrooms’.

11:24 p.m. My brother rushes to the toilet and retches a few times, and comes back to the living room. We are not really conversing at this point. I am concentrating on being very still to avoid nausea. I am seeing colors outline all objects, and a mysterious pattern seems to emerge wherever I look, similar to the ridges on coral. At times I let out startled laughs because I am afraid I will start convulsing into a seizure, mixed with vertigo. My brother later reported that he also felt that I might seize. This feeling eventually passed, and was replaced by total euphoria – I had never quite experienced this much of a body sensation from any other plant teacher, and felt that ‘he’ (mimosa hostilis) was speaking to me now.

~11:50 p.m. From here on out, since I didn’t actually record time in a journal I will try to highlight the main points of my ‘trip’ in rough chronological order. At around this time I did not feel nausea anymore, but I felt mimosa tell me to run to the bathroom, so I did, and proceeded to retch violently for about 5 mins I guess, not sure tho because time was very distorted.

As I stared down into the toilet filled with nasty brown bile and other yellow mucus stuff, there seemed to be the face of a clown leering back at me, mocking me, laughing at me. Even though this made me very uncomfortable, mimosa told me to stay until I had completed my purging. After I stopped dry heaving, and my body felt totally relaxed, I got up very shakily and was basically in a different world. I basically didn’t feel like myself – I turned to the sink to wash my face, and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself, but this didn’t upset me. I went to splash water on my face and I noticed a pair of disembodied hands bringing water up to me and I just bent forward and let them wash me. I seemed to lose track of time and don’t remember how many times I washed my face. I eventually returned to the living room.

The Shaman Beckons.

After a time, sitting in my very comfy chair with delectable patterns, I felt that my body was disconnected, that my feet were very far away, that my my arms were not connected to me, or weren’t mine. One of my hands was propping up my head, but I felt that it was just a pillow or part of the chair or something. Then I felt a presence pulling me, or beckoning, or trying to show me or lead me out of my body. I didn’t resist, but it was like I couldn’t focus long enough, or I lost sight or sense of the Shaman who was trying to show me the way. I did not feel bad about not following, only that I needed to learn more, and perhaps next time I could go farther.

A Million Lions.

This was perhaps around the time of the peak of my external, unforced visuals. The curtains looked like they were billowing in the wind, the carpet was like static on a TV yet with depth, the patterns on my chair breathed and looked like vines crawling over it. If I moved my hand in front of my face, there would seem to be another 4 or 5 arms and hands following it that were inky black and making symbols with their fingers like sign language or something. When I would roll my eyes to look somewhere, all around the outside of my vision looked like I was seeing with compound eyes like an insect does with thousands of lenses. There are many more things I saw but I could fill pages with it.

In any event it felt like each of the things I saw could be a story or a lesson if I followed it, for instance the bug eyes might have been actually looking through the eyes of a bug somewhere - but there was so much to look at I did not dwell on any one thing. I also seemed to see the air, like it was water maybe. At that time I noticed something coalesce out of the air, a shape, and as I looked more closely it was the face of a male lion with a huge mane. Then I noticed that there were lions all around me, just the faces, feeling like there had to be at least a million of them, yet I could see them all at once like I was up close to them, face to face and not far away like you’d have to be to see a million lions all at once.

Riding The Purple Horse.

At some point I started concentrating on the things I saw when my eyes were closed. I don’t even know where to begin, or really even remember that much of what I saw only that it was just as spectacular, maybe more so than the stuff I saw with eyes open. I do remember one series of things I saw though, and this was probly the overall peak of my experience, hence the title. Various images were swimming through my head, and I noticed what looked like purple skin, with tribal tattoos that were swirling and ever changing.

I ‘zoomed out’ from this so to say, and realized that I had been under some very dark raven black hair. I could still see the purple skin with flowing etchings on it, but now with black hair over it. I changed my perspective again, and noticed that there were two hands clutching the black hair, and was very curious. I then felt that I was moving up and down, and accelerating forward, or at least moving forward at a great speed. I ‘zoomed out’ some more and realized that the hands were mine, and finally saw that the black hair was the mane of a great purple horse and I was riding upon its back. I did not ride for long, but I heard or sensed that the teacher told me I would be able to go farther next time.

Forgiveness of Expectations.

Somewhere around 3 hours after we drank the ayahuasca we started to talk about various subjects including, among many other things, physics (matter and antimatter) and the Bible (the prodigal son). At this point the visuals were subsiding, but could still be forced if single objects were focused upon. But I was more interested in the many ‘witticisms’ that were coming to mind about any and all topics. I seemed to be full of funny and wise things to say. I wish I could remember more of the things we discovered, it seems like a dream where I can’t remember the details. However, I did learn or re-affirm one very important truth: without expectation there is no fear. In this way I was able to be at peace with my life, for I had learned to let go of all my expectations – of people, of plans, of the future. My body was suffused with a great sense of well being, and I knew I would sleep very well. It was at this time we both noticed that Counting Crows was playing and that we had timed our music programming just right . This was around 4 am, and we watched a bit of ‘The Neverending Story’ that was on cable, before going to bed around 5 am.

The Day After

I awoke shortly after noon, having had one of the most comforting and restorative nights of sleep in a long time. My brother and I still felt like we had a slow/low buzz going, that pervasive sense of well being, and we felt that life was just great. We decided to go shopping at a thrift store, then ate at a Mongolian bbq restaurant. Now I’m back at home recounting my experience to the best of my ability, and I hope that someone finds it useful in some way, perhaps even enlightening. I will definitely be learning more from ayahuasca in the future, and will probably try more of the many analogue recipes there are, and of course the traditional recipe which is to use banistereopsis caapi as the maoi, and psychotria viridis as the dmt source.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51615
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 6, 2006Views: 27,125
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Mimosa tenuiflora (74), Syrian Rue (45), Huasca Combo (269) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Preparation / Recipes (30), Combinations (3)

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