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Better Living Through Synergy
2C-T-2 & Syrian Rue
Citation:   Pashasan. "Better Living Through Synergy: An Experience with 2C-T-2 & Syrian Rue (exp51599)". Jul 21, 2006.

0.5 g oral Syrian Rue (tar / resin)
  10 mg oral 2C-T-2 (capsule)
this report is taken from a usenet grp that will remain anon please forgive errors in spelling and gramer. I know this isen't in MLA format but come on... its usenet :)

Pashasan wrote:
mythical story I am writing. certainly not what I am doing right now

6:18 pm GMT
10 grams of Syrian rue seeds into coffee grinder. to powder. 2 cups of water in small sauce pan brought to boil. 2 hours boiled adding little bits of water kept stirring. Drain through cheese cloth, do it again. Reduce liquid to resin. result 1 gram of resin.

10 mg pills made up of 2ct2. 3 pills mixed with inert matter (10mg pills x3)

1 gallon Kratom tea made and iced.

three Xanax and three Valium are put into pairs and put in different areas I will be in, separated to reduce panic induced consumption of all avail pills.

1 gallon iced coffee

house clean. cat herself... alone. But have been thinking about this for weeks. confident. music ready mostly chill stuf like Gotan project and Miles Davis. doing a bit of last minute stretching and prep

6:45 is go time
1/2 gram Syrian rue resin
10mg of 2ct2
wait and see. get ready to up the dosage at hour 2 if all is well

doing ok
I am questioning if perhaps 2c-i wouldnít have been a better choice to do this with. the nausea is getting pretty bad. I just swallowed some pepto but I realize this isnít really from my tummy but from my head...
and we are into the second half hour

hour two
well fuck me. so this is fun

I think 10mg was the right thing to do here. am more than a little fucked up now...
time dilation I feel like im waiting hours between reports.. TV is taking forever to happen.. boooored with it... think I will go sit outside on roof of apt building and look at the pretty lights.

donít think I will be needing any additional doses of anything here. 2c or Xanax. but will take the latter with me

deff something too this. its odd the effects are so .. different. not sure if this is result of synergy or of interaction. I mean is this because there is less of the chem. in the system but what is there is boosted? could the lack of additional 2c be responsible for the fact that I donít feel any of the toxicity that this drug usually gives me? better living through synergy. Jesus could this all have gone wrong if I had doubled up all the dosages. wish I had something better than SR to use as MAOI.. dosage too uncertain. Cant be sure if there is any regularity to the dose from these seeds.

Have to see about getting some pharms. FUN. not ready to give it my total stamp of approval but seems to be lacking any real obvious down side. interested to se what the longevity will be on this combo. XXXXX said that he had a report of Syrian rue stretching a 2ct-7 trip out to the 72 hour range. that is why I chose the 2ct2 route instead .. I donít have a muthafukin thing to do tomorrow so im not worried but im hoping since this is a shorter acting compound the interaction of the MAOI will not lengthen it too much. I would be fine with a 12 hour ride. that is opposed to the 5 hour or so that it usually gives me. meh. well see.

ill try not to babble here at this point. Seems I could go on and on and on.. but wont.

since this is a very strong combo but in no way scary gave some thought to a good blast of 5-meo-dmt. but am going to refrain. As many others do I have a tendency to want to push that envelope, but its not always appropriate. IF I just start jamming every drug that I currently have into me I guess this isnít really a look at MAOI's and 2C compounds but my silly little trip one afternoon

so at 2 hours this is a fun but easy 2+ Nothing too scary I feel fine in mind and body... I was trying to be kind of clinical about my thinking so there wasnít much time for soul searching over the last few hours. I think ill go pour me up a bit of Kratom and try to remedy that and see if this combo can tell me something as well as just be very pretty.


hour three is it. Iím inside now.. .fucking cold out there. cats looking at me funny quick trips outside, while to me and mine (humans) are a necessary evil at 10 degrees above, to her eyes I just went out and did something very fun without her. Funny how much my GF and my cat think alike. Or maybe that is just an observation that I am having about their states of mind as I am the only constant in that equation. I mean physiologically it's impossible for my GF and my cat to really have anything in common, but I do see alot of similarities in thinking. I just cant tell if it is an honest observation or if im just projecting my own thoughts and feelings onto them and then ascribing those feelings as their own. My god am I doing this all the time? Are all my interactions to some degree or less with the people I see every day at work at home at the superette all colored by my own projected feelings, and if so, are others doing the same thing? is this a unique pathology inherent only in me, or a universal observation about all of humanity, and if it is then how could anyone ever really get a bead on reality? Or is this search for absolute truth as futile as quantum mechanics states it is. If so .. huh. thatís fairly interesting. I think ill go have a snack.

Ok so that seems to be a good synopsis of what kind of head space im in right now. Complex evaluation of available stimuli, while not seeming overly paranoid. Slightly overanalytical. But all in all I feel in control. No crisis of spirituality or mind. All in all hour three is going well.

As to strength things built up steadily over the last hour. At this point I would have normally said I was 'peaked' but in subtle ways this still builds. So in that respect the combo is proven in my eyes a substantial potenting effect. Qualitatively I must say there is much to be said here. So my head space has been covered, not unlike a normal 2ct place, not significantly different but it should be said I feel much less vulnerable to inappropriate emotional schisms like i can on high doses of 2c and other compounds.

I think there is something to be said in favor of longevity. I feel none of the hurriedness that I usually do. Between the time dilation effects and the knowledge that this will last a lot longer I donít feel rushed at all. This could be said to allow a greater immersion into the experience. I can take my time with my thoughts. Iím not constantly remarking that this is a stronger or weaker trip that it was a moment ago. This is something I do compulsively when 'tripping'. Always gauging the relative strengths of whatís going on. So in that respect this is nice. I feel more in the moment, free to just experience the effects.

as to visual field hallucinations it is very much a normal 2ct experience, there are subtle differences that I can attribute to the SR. but all in all it is a very synergetic meeting of effects. None of the layering effects that say nitrous oxide produces. IE the 2ct and then on top of it the whomp whomp effects. I have had no negative experiences visually as of yet, but then again hand in hand I havenít seen anything truly remarkable at all. This is in line with the small dosage I have chosen to try this first go around. But like I have already said, I feel I can take my time and really get up close and personal with what im seeing. I got down on my hands and knees and looked at the hard wood flooring a in ago and tried to pick out the individual patterns I was seeing. Was enlighten.

nuff said for now. still fighting an urge to pile on the stimuli. see what a lil pot or something could do to kick this up a notch. but am going to say the course and not augment.. didnít even drink my Kratom :(.

Hour 6

ok well

little to add .. I feel about the same. I have had a lot happen but it is really only in continuation of the experience. I cant add because I doubt anything is new enough to comment on.

as to longevity. marked decrease in immersion into environment. Am still very much 'there' but have seen the peak and now am seeing the fall. but is very much less dramatic than what I have come to expect from 2ct2. normally this drops me like a bad habit. Iím in it.. done. nearly to baseline as quick as I can notice it. But now I am seeing a gradual decrease in visual field intensity. I am really thinking about that 20mg I left over there on the counter..

god im conflicted here.

no. maybe another time. god damn it. a part of me says nobody will give a shit, its not like this is a serious clinical trial or anything, go have a good time. But then again I think its important if just for me to keep this as straight as possible, if for no other reason then for the duration of effects. so no more 2c 4 me tonight. but .. there is always tomorrow.

I will end my report here I think.. I will finish up in the morning as to duration and after effects. Hope this was in a small way helpful to anyone who was thinking about potentiating a 2c compound with Syrian rue.

I can only vouch for the 2c from the sample I have... I can only vouch for the Syrian rue seeds I have. But I did see a valuable potentiating effect from their combination, with little effects so far.

will make proper summation in morning

Morning after

Well here we are. I went to sleep at about the 9 hour mark. Much activity could still be observed if one were to attempt to see it. I was ready to be done being awake. IT is now 12 noon sooo I guess you could call this +16 hours from dosage, and all effects have ceased. I am experiencing no noticeable effects that could be result of the initial dosage and almost none that could be viewed as in result of the effects. My vision is at its normal range and I donít seem to be experiencing any heightened state of awareness. I am calm and feeling very baseline.

All in all this was a successful look into low doses of the two chems in conjunction.

I wont go on too much into final thoughts as I have decided to make this a first of three reports.

I believe that the next will be at twice the dosage.. and then the third will be at twice again the dosage of both compound

Sooo tune in next time as we try 1 gram Syrian rue and 20mg of 2ct2

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51599
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2006Views: 18,394
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2C-T-2 (53), Syrian Rue (45) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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