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Unexpected Intensity
by Rollatini
Citation:   Rollatini. "Unexpected Intensity: An Experience with Cannabis (exp51577)". Jun 19, 2008.

0.5 tsp oral Cannabis (cookie / food)


Considering the fact that I'm an IV user of much stronger drugs, intense drug experiences are nothing new to me. So I'd always considered marijuana to be a weakling of sorts, a petty and subtle little high. It was never a daily habit of mine. Something fun on occasion, especially in social settings, but nothing to write home about. Now, as a result of the recent experience I am about to share with you, I've gained some respect for the lowly cannabis plant.

Here goes:

This experience came about when my boyfriend decided to make what is sometimes called cannabutter - that is, butter with THC, for use in cooking and oral consumption. He'd been growing a couple of plants via hydroponics, and the potency of this weed was unknown, but believed to be of high quality. By the time I'd smoked a few bowls from this stock, it appeared decent. Still, weed is weed, and I wasn't especially impressed. I'm no big fan of the weed high, nor do I really like smoking anything.

So my boy made this cannabutter by following a recipe he'd heard. From what I remember, he boiled butter with some water in a small metal pot, then put plenty of cannabis leaves, stems, and some buds (but mostly the non-smokable stuff) into a little metal strainer. It was about an ounce total, I'm not sure. He put the strainer in the boiling pot, and let that simmer for three hours, stirring and mashing on the side of the pot frequently, while trying to evaporate as much of the water as possible and release all those good chemical juices into the butter. When he felt that enough time had elapsed, he stopped the flame, removed the strainer with its drained plant matter, and took the now-green butter out of the pot, put it in a small plastic container, and let it sit in the fridge to cool (and thus let the melted butter turn solid again). When this was done, a very sickly green, swamp-ooze type of buttery mess was now before us. It didn't look very appetizing. Being no big fan of weed, at first I ignored it. As my man wasn't in the mood for it either, it sat in the fridge for over a week, ignored and almost forgotten.

One day, after a series of really not-so-fun events and rough comedowns, my man decided it was time for his cannabutter creation to be put to good use. To ease my physical and mental discomfort, he suggested I try it. Being pretty desperate for any sort of relief, I gave in. I didn't want nor need a strong cannabis high, and I told him so. We both knew that too much weed via the oral route could result in undeniably trippy, long-lasting experiences, and this was NOT what I wanted at the time. He said he didn't think that the small amount he was going to give me would have a strong effect.

Reluctantly, I agreed. He brought the stuff over, and I proceeded to spread a tiny amount (less than half a teaspoon) of the 'swamp ooze' on a bagel, along with plenty of normal, non-psychoactive butter. This I ate, hoping the weed would help me to get some rest - something I've been lacking lately. It was around 1:00pm in the afternoon. It didn't taste too bad at all, but then again I only used a small amount. My boyfriend left for some errands soon after my consumption of this bagel. When, about an hour later, I began to get a bit drowsy, I assumed this had worked and fell asleep.

When I suddenly woke up, after only an hour of fitful sleep, I immediately knew I had consumed too much. I wasn't just stoned - I was TRIPPING. I have been stoned as hell before, but I was never this damn stoned in my entire life. It was intense, and very psychedelic. The trippy effect was not unlike that of LSD, which I knew could happen with high-enough doses of cannabis. It worried me quite a bit, as I really wasn't in the mood for either pot nor LSD. I certainly didn't want to trip, but that is exactly what I was doing. At least there weren't any visuals to speak of, but it was really quite aggravating. But there's not much I could have done about it, so I decided to try and enjoy the experience. This didn't work much. Not being able to fall back asleep, I went and fiddled around with some computer games, as well as tried to read. But my thoughts were completely scattered, my concentration ability nulled. My mind was everywhere at once. I couldn't focus at all. There was also plenty of time dilation.

When my boyfriend got home later that evening, I was still just as stoned, if not more so. I half-jokingly bitched at him for recommending his cannabutter to me. But I didn't truly blame him, for he had no idea how potent his cannabutter would be. After all, he'd never attempted to make some before either.

Throughout the experience sounds sounded very strange, and I felt something peculiar - I kept hearing odd, metallic-sounding music randomly, and and musical 'echoes' to speech. Speech itself sounded distorted, and my vision was, for lack of a better term, bizarre. Not the thing I was looking for at that point in time, although I'm generally a big fan of hallucinogens.

Anyhow, later that night me and my boy had to leave to go somewhere, and I was still just as baked as before. Tripping on weed and annoyed about it! But off we went, and I had a lot of trouble talking to people throughout the night, mostly due to the fact that I could barely focus, took a lot of time trying to piece sentences together, and was disturbed by the constant imaginary 'music' floating in my ears, especially the aforementioned echoes left behind when people spoke to me.

The trip didn't subside much until much later that night, well into the early morning of the next day. I finally returned to baseline at around noon of this next day, and was glad it was finally over. I helped override the tail end of the trip's effects with use of another drug. I'd had enough of it and was ready to return to my usual.

I'd had previous experience with eating weed in baked goods, but nothing that happened was like this. Not even close! Mind you, I've never actually baked any pot yummies myself, nor had I ever eaten cannabutter before, so I had no idea how potent it would be.

Overall, this was definitely an interesting experience, just not appropriate for my mindset at the time. It lasted quite a while, as I'd expected of oral consumption of any cannabis-laden product. I think I'll be a lot more cautious with this particular route of cannabis administration from now on. It definitely has potential for those pot smokers looking for a more psychedelic experience, and those who like trippy effects in general. Certainly worth the extra amount of weed needed (when compared to smoking) if you're looking for such. I didn't enjoy it much, but then again, it just wasn't the right time for it, and, as I said, I'm simply not a huge fan of weed.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51577
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 19, 2008Views: 14,420
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