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Two Thumbs Up
by Treefingers
Citation:   Treefingers. "Two Thumbs Up: An Experience with DOC (exp51333)". Mar 29, 2006.

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2.7 mg oral DOC (liquid)
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)


My first few times through PiHKAL, I ran across a substance that immediately caught my eye. That substance was DOC. It looked like a powerful psychedelic drug reminiscent of LSD and DOM. I was a member of a invite-only forum back in the day and there were plans of hiring a chemical company to do a custom synthesis of the compound for us. Unfortunately, the forum ended up being shut down during the RC busts that were soon to follow.

You can imagine my delight when I saw that DOC was being offered by a number of chemical suppliers. There was also quite a bit of hype surrounding the drug, and I was eager to see if it was true for myself. I bought 250mg of the material and waited for a good time to use it. I had the weekend off from work (how the hell I was lucky enough to manage that, I have no idea), and invited Tiermos over. Friday night at around 10:30pm we each ingested 2.7mg of DOC that had been dissolved in alcohol and mixed in with a soda.

I called my fiancé, Ai Jia Li, at around 11:15pm. She asked how the drug was feeling, and I told her that not much had happened by that time. I was definitely feeling a little ill, and nausea was slowly creeping up on me; puking was feeling like a real possibility. I told her I loved her, and left her to sleep.

I returned to the room with Tiermos and we sat back watching the movie “Waiting” while waiting for the drug to take effect. Tiermos was feeling a little sick as well (“I feel like I have to shit, but can’t” etc.), and I was definitely not feeling too hot.

About midway through the movie I began to truly trip. It was becoming pretty difficult to follow the plot (or lack of plot) in the movie, and visuals were beginning to come on with surprising force. The nausea never progressed to anything truly substantial (thankfully), and subsided as the trip continued to increase in intensity. By the time it was over I was beginning to feel pretty good.

“I am tripping really hard...I’m fucked up”.

I was surprised at the intensity of the trip. 2.7mg seemed like a low dose to me, but I was tripping as hard as I would off of 2 or 3 hits of strong LSD. Tiermos, on the other hand, wasn’t in the same place. Seems as though he may either be insensitive to the compound, or I may be unusually sensitive. The same thing has happened with other phenethylamines when I’ve tripped with him.

Colorful fractal visuals overlaid much of my visual field, and there was an added depth to flat images. I spent a couple minutes staring at a painting on the wall noticing that it seemed much more alive and organic than usual. The oriental carpet on the floor also seemed to morph and sway “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”-style. DOC was quite reminiscent of LSD (I know it’s been said before, and I’m only jumping on the bandwagon), so much so that I pondered for a moment on what differences there actually were between the two drugs. After some thought, I decided the only noticeable difference was an electric body load that seemed to surge through my body. I attributed it to the amphetamine nature of DOC and have noticed quite similar body feelings from other phenethylamines. The body aspect was far from uncomfortable, and became an aspect of the trip that I enjoyed immensely.

I was feeling a little hungry and got myself a bowl of cereal, which I immediately regretted eating. It left me gassy.

I decided to bring down my little supply of nitrous to see how the two chemicals would interact. Tiermos and I took turns doing balloons and I found each one to be extremely intense and bizarre. After exhaling the sweet gas, I felt the effects come on like a strong vibration. The vibration would increase in intensity until I could hear it ringing in my ears. I would find myself awash in colorful and complex visuals and lose myself for quite a while. Each balloon left me stuck in a time loop, in which I would hear everything continually repeat and echo until I slowly came down from the nitrous. It was a truly interesting experience, and I felt that each time I let the nitrous take over my body it allowed me to connect with the “other” that I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a handful of times before during extremely intense LSD and mushroom trips.

I began to realize that the nitrous was giving me the impression that I was reliving past tripping memories. I remembered the many trips I had embarked on in high school and it was easy to reconnect with those distant emotions that I had worked through. I spent much of high school missing Ai Jia Li. It was difficult knowing that I had met my potential life partner, only to find us part ways in such a painful way. Rather then dwelling on the pain of the past, it was easy and right for me to feel more appreciative of the fact that I finally have her back.

Once the nitrous was over, I urged Tiermos to follow me outside. It was quite chilly in the spring Northern California night, and had been raining earlier. I always love the smell of the air right after rain. There was also a pleasant crispness to the air that was feeling especially amazing while on DOC. Tiermos and I stared at the beautiful energy in the sky (I think I’m going to have to look at the sky during every trip from now on) and talked about life. We talked about our insecurities and uncertainties about the future. We talked about how difficult and overwhelming it is to finally choose a specified path in life. We talked about how rapidly time has passed and how we are both very quickly beginning to feel old.

We returned indoors and decided to try and get some sleep, even though we were both still tripping quite hard. I turned on some Sonic Youth (Murray Street, Sonic Nurse, Daydream Nation, Washing Machine), and we both sat back enjoying these beautiful records. DOC enhanced the music to a great degree (again, much like LSD) and I was able to appreciate many aspects of the albums that had previously gone unnoticed.

Unfortunately, sleep did not come easy. At around 8am (still tripping at a full +++), I finally gave up and called Ai Jia Li. She seemed a little down about things, but it was easy for me to bring her out of it. Before long she and I were laughing and having a wonderful time talking about nothing and everything. Seemingly out of nowhere, at around 10am I became extremely tired and felt my eyes begin to droop. I bid my love farewell, and immediately went to sleep.

I awoke at 4pm feeling very refreshed, and still tripping at a ++. I slowly came down, and by 7pm I was at a lingering + which helped to lighten and brighten my evening.

DOC was amazing stuff. I enjoyed it immensely. It contained everything that I love about psychedelics. It was emotionally opening, but did not leave me in a confused and useless state of mind. I felt like it helped to put my life into a different and less dire perspective. The trip has also motivated me to keep on top of my shit, which I truly appreciate. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51333
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 29, 2006Views: 15,607
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