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No Good for Sleep
by The Sleeping Troll
Citation:   The Sleeping Troll. "No Good for Sleep: An Experience with DOI (exp51042)". Aug 12, 2006.

3 hits oral DOI


I purchase 3 hits of DOI against the advice of my dealer, who says its best to take only 1 hit. He said it would last 16 hours, and I laughed thinking, 'This hippy is trying to talk it up'. I ingest 3 hits and go to a drum circle.

No effects

Slight Euphoria, but the 'feeling' came to me, the feeling I gets when I know tripping shall occur

Heavy Euphoria, body high.. I ride in a car home from the gathering, and it is fantastic... I arrive back to my house, there I contemplate the meaning of 16 hours... for some reason I believe him now.. and it begins...Iím very freaked out because I am staying with my parents and I donít have a car at the time.. no where to go, nothing to do... I try to sleep. Nothing. I get more and more freaked out and now every time I close my eyes I hear terrible quality reggaeton music and see various images of skulls, fire, and other such demonic things. Then I quit trying to sleep.

I watch Curly Sue with a renewed interest. It was fantastic, wonderful, excellent. Haha. I laughed and rejoiced.

I foolishly try to trick my self into sleeping and all of the aforementioned symptoms occur again. In the same intensity.

I watch Father of the Bride and it likewise was seeming one of the best movies ever.

I try to sleep, now I cant really express to sort of hell Iím experiencing now, all of the same things but I try to battle them. I try to pray and when I pray I see with closed eyes arrows shooting out into oblivion and exploding. I want to cry but I donít. I just keep going through the same things. Iíll have moments of peace soon after I convince myself that God will put me to sleep, little did I know, he certainly wouldnít.

I feel bad, like I had a bad trip all night and didnít sleep. I watch TV and try to eat, which isnít pleasant.

The next day, I feel like crap and my eyes are dilated, this doesnít end for 2 days.

Overall, it sucked and I wouldnít do it again, and I am not an inexperienced Psychonaut either, I donít know what it was that happened to make me think like I did, but I just wouldnít do it again.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51042
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 12, 2006Views: 9,087
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