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Changing Emotions
Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
by Andy
Citation:   Andy. "Changing Emotions: An Experience with Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) (exp50904)". Erowid.org. Apr 18, 2007. erowid.org/exp/50904

300 seeds oral Morning Glory
This will be my first real trip report, my others were half assed but this trip was intense and deserves to be explained, so I hope you all enjoy it.

The night started when I picked up 4 bags of 2.5 grams of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory Seeds.

I proceeded to clean them off of any chemicals and around 10:30pm I chewed up 250 seeds and held them under my tongue for a couple minutes. After an hour I just felt intensly 'high' like marijuana but maybe 10x or so.

11:30pm I then proceeded to take the remaining 50-60 seeds.

12:00pm I've been laying down realizing (so I thought) that nothing was going to happen.

12:30pm This is were the night gets insane. I start having vivid closed and open eye visuals. My life would never be the same from this point on.

Because I did not look at the clock all night I will just state the things I remember and that I feel are of importance.

First I listened to music, the beat would set my mood. The music consisted of Modest Mouse, Panic at the Disco, The Dandy Warhols, with the occasional rap song for the good beats. I then realized after a while I had to piss, and went into the bathroom. Surprisingly the dark bathroom did not scare me, however when I turned the lights on I looked into the mirror and I will never forget what I saw.

My view would start to go blurry, then my face and body would morph. At first I would see scaring all over my face, then progressivly it would change even more. My face would get distored, stretching, changing different patterns and copying the pattern off my shirt sometimes as well. At one point I would see different emotions on my face. For example, the most important one was 'evil'. My lips turned into a grimice and my skin pealed away to reveal a black, dark metal looking, evil being inside of me. At first this was scary, but I was happy that I revealed the so called 'evil' and that I had time to change this before I die.

I also went through other emotions such as happiness, sad, jealously, regret ect. I also went through a part where I was an elf which I remember vividely, my ears grew, and my hair line receeded. It reminded me of Frodo from Lord of the Rings. At other times I turned into other people, and I realized my situation could be worse, and that other people have problems, and I do not realize what it could be like to be in these people's shoes. I also turned into some sort of animal which I then proceeded to growl.

At this point it's probably a little after 1am. I then walked into the pitch black hall way and realized it was fun to dance in there, since I could still hear the music playing in my room. That lasted for a while, I saw a lot of swirls, rollercoaster like visions with vivid coloring, and a lot of spirials which seemed to be other dimensions. I then sat down and thought hard about what was going on and realized that this was what I always wanted, a trip.

Now I'm back in my room. As I close the door, I realize more is going on in my room then I've ever noticed. If I stepped forward, my room seemed to 'jump' very closed to me, as if I had taken 5+ steps. And then the opposite if I stepped back. At one point I remember curling up in the corner on the floor by the door and just gasping at the effects of the LSA.

I then laid down for a while, and noticed that the music was sounding different. I was having audio hallucinations! Something I could never believe possible for me especially off some seeds I ate! I could slow down the song if I wished, if I 'winced' my mind it seemed, or change the tone of the voices. This I found very amazing.

I then proceeded to smoke a cigarette and take in the night I have had so far. It's probably around 2:30 or so by now. The cigarette was a bad idea though cause I started seeing the lit end dropped on me. At first it was neat, but then the cigarette disapeared and all I saw was fire and I thought it was dropping on me and setting me on fire. I quickly put out the cigarette to end the anxiety.

Next I went on AIM and talked to a friend to tell him my experience. He then proceeded to tell me that morning glory seeds are toxic and poisoness. At this point I am totally geaking and freaking out, believing I am going to die, and this will never end. He told me I won't be okay if I ate too many and I had thought to myself, oh great. I blew out the candle, which was the only source of light I was using all night and turned the lights on bright so I could settle down. I didn't know what to do, so I called a friend who I had talked to earlier.

It's now 3:30am or so, and I had awaken him. He was very nice and calming though, and explained to me I was just tripping. I remember when I heard him say 'You're just tripping' that gave me complete peace, and I had realized this is something I had wanted to do for a long time. I thanked him and apologized for waking him.

I then sat and thought about life, things that normally bothered me, seemed to have not an ounce of impact on my thoughts. These were things that usually depressed me too, and it was nice to know I was free from them for a bit. I went into the trip with a good attitude, and mind set, not depressed or sad at the time.

After that I had another freak out, for some reason I started thinking I was homosexual. Now I guess this kind of told me I am not comfortable enough with my sexuality, which by the way I am totally straight and have never once had a thought about being with a man. I calmed myself down and explained to myself that I do like women and I always have, and that proceeded to let me see vivid images of women and past sexual experiences which was nice to see in memories while tripping.

I next just tried to act 'sobor' and realized that I don't appreciate life as it is, and that I do not need drugs to get fun or enjoyment out of life, and I should just use drugs so see my inner thoughts and analyze them. This seemed like a big step in my life, because lately I have felt otherwise, and now (being sobor) I have being taken aback at the progress I had made.

I proceeded to go back to the mirror and enjoy the transformations I had of my body, and remember at one point going in third person, but it was very hard to stay in that 'view' so I decided my mind had had enough for one night and it was time to go lay down and listen to music. I ended up falling asleep at probably around 4-4:30am.

I didn't awake until almost 2pm. Still a bit shakey, and 'stoned' like feeling. After later today taking some oxycodone, my body has seemed to relax and almost be back to normal. Eating also helped earlier. I will also admit in the morning I had a lot of trouble pissing, and some constipation, although that quickly passed (probably 15-25 minutes). Also during the night there was some gastral problems inside my body, my stomach making a lot of loud noises ect, but it was all okay. I did have some nausea for the first 2-2 1/2 hours from taking the seeds, but it was barable and I was happy to not have puked at all.

I hope you all enjoyed my trip report, I just spent a lot of time, and a lot of honesty into this report, saying things I normally would not. It was a very intense time, I never expected anything like this out of some seeds I bought from the grocery store. Good luck on all your travels, and be safe ;)

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50904
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 18, 2007Views: 8,185
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