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The Dream Come True in Basel...
2006 LSD Symposium, Basel
by jocelyn
Citation:   jocelyn. "The Dream Come True in Basel...: An Experience with 2006 LSD Symposium, Basel (exp50556)". Erowid.org. Feb 20, 2006. erowid.org/exp/50556


Hi! First of all... I speak French (French-Canadian... From Québec...), so, my English is so-so...

On the January 11, I took a flight Montreal-Zurich, my head full of dreams. At this time, I wished to encounter some of my favorites writers or artists. But, above all, I wanted to sing ´happy birthday Albert' to Albert Hofmann. What an idea?!!! 6 hours of travel and 3000 dollars just to honour a man I never encountered? Yes!!! And it was some of the most well spend money in all my life. Nothing less.

The program was very dense. Often, I had to make difficult choices... I can't be at 2 places at the same time (not in my normal condition!!!...) . The side program (in the halls...) Was really great too! So much to see. So much to hear. 2000 enlightened people from all around the world to encountered. The reality exceed all my expectations. I effectively shook hands of authors, painters, thinkers, activists, researchers... People passionate about entheogens relatives topics... Like me. All those people were sooo nice with us, simple visitors. It was very obvious that they talk from the bottom of their hearts. Everyone was interesting.

Many were very interesting... Like:

Alex Grey... What an artist!!! This guy astounded a lot of us with his almost perfect way to represent the illumination state. A real feast for eyes and soul Alex... You are a magician. I'll see you one day or another in your new-york gallery.

Jeremy Narby... A very friendly French-Swiss man... His first book (the cosmic serpent) presents what is, in my humble opinion, the theory about all the entheogen world... You have to read it to understand...

Rick Doblin... A truth warrior!!!... This man worked days and nights since near 20 years. He dreams of a world where the entheogens have their places under the sun. And he works so hard for it. And he is so friendly. You can talk with him like an old friend. Thank you Rick!

Fire and Earth Erowid... .what can I say about this couple?... They are the reference in all the net... In all the world! Their site stops the isolation of thinkers-psychonauts like me. They allowed us to share information (very reliable...), experiences and contacts. If Rick Doblin is the warrior... Fire and Earth Erowid are the castle. Our treasure is very, very well kept in this castle. Thank you Fire and Earth!

Ralph Metzner... An icon... A part of the legend... He is part of the battle for consciousness since sooo long. Perseverance, integrity; a very articulate man. His view is very wide due to his experience spanning on +-40 years. A very special thank for his Bardo Blues. Touching and funny at the same time!

Benny Shanon... This one was not supposed to be there... What a surprise for me... Because his book (the antipodes of the mind) was the last one I read this autumn... Maybe the most difficult to go through I ever read... But... What a book!!!... The bible about ayahuasca! I talk a lot with him along the congress. We'll stay in contact by the net. Look for his next book later in 2006!

Ann and Sasha Shulgin... I love them!... They are +-80 years old and they still look like 2 children! The archetype of the perfect psychedelic couple. Still passionate... Still in love... Aging in beauty... I wish my couple will be like that in 40 years. I'm waiting for the next publication of the 'Shulgin amazing couple' to be available in few months.

I can say something about the majority of the speakers, but... I have to keep it 'short and sweet'... The overall atmosphere was simply filled with love, knowledge, imagination and affection (for the humanity, in general, and Albert, in particular) these 3 days were some of the most beautiful days of my life. Nothing less. My only one regret is that my wife was not able to be there. It was a turning point event, and all the +- 2000 people who were there sensed it clearly. Our community is mature and we are, for the vast majority of people I encountered in Basel, healthy, smily and optimistic.

A little word about the closing ceremony... It was one of the most emotional moment in my life! Try to imagine (for those who weren’t there)... 1500-2000 people in the room... Speakers and organizers of the event on the stage... And Albert himself who is in front of us, on his feet, without text... At 100 years old!!! It was so emotive to see this living legend speak with a mix of authority, experience, love and tenderness. A wonderful treat for the heart. At the end of the speech, one of his best friend (Rolf Verres, a specialist in psychotherapeutic medecine and a very gifted pianist) played a marvelous, so touching, piano piece.(by the way... Is there someone who know the name and author of this piano piece?...) Believe me or not, but... At the end of the piano piece, I opened my eyes and... the majority of the people around me were crying like babies! I never attended a so wonderful demonstration of love and affection for a single man. A magic moment in my life. I will never forget it!

I wish to address a very special thank you to Dieter Hagenbach and Lucius Werthmuller, the 2 main organizers of this event. Dieter and Lucius... Your work deserve a near perfect note! Thank you from all of us! A last word for Albert... From the bottom of my heart... Thank you Albert! Thank for being there. Thank for being you. You are, forever, our cherished elder! You are a living example for all of us! May be a little thought for all the community... We are very special people... We are consciousness specialists... It is our strength... It is were we are the best... We have no gun and few dollars, but... We have a lot of imagination and... The net! We have to dream, together, of a better world... A world where entheogens will have their right place... A better world where human beings will understand that in those subtances lies a kind of 'automatic-self adjustment-self improvement-spiritual-system'. It is so hard to conceive for someone who never experience it... It is so obvious for any serious psychonaut! Keep the flame on the net and, most important of all, around us...

Be responsible and creative. If you initiate someone, made it in a natural setting… (Albert Hofmann insist on natural environment and he is damn right!) Try to always look at your experiences in a sacred way; it has to be more a prayer than a party. Avoid overdose... Especially with inexperienced people. Be a witness of the sacred. Testify about your experiences only with sane and open mind people. Millions of small moves can trigger an effect directly on the collective consciousness. (look for Rupert Sheldrake and the morphogenetic fields...) We have to show that we are good people. We must serve as examples for people around us. In the 60's, the first wave of enlightened folks made great things. They promote actively two very simple and basic concepts: peace and love they were, at least, in part responsible for the ending of the Vietnam War. Their action were the reflect of their mind. Their trees gives good fruits. History will remembered them as truth warriors. We have to continue to work in the path of our elders. Sooner or later, our spiritual field will spread and blossom. Time is on our side. I love you all.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50556
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 20, 2006Views: 6,079
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