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A Pleasant Introduction
Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil & Leonurus sibiricus
by DrZ
Citation:   DrZ. "A Pleasant Introduction: An Experience with Anadenanthera colubrina var. cebil & Leonurus sibiricus (exp50141)". Jul 21, 2006.

5 seeds smoked Anadenanthera colubrina (dried)
    smoked Leonurus sibiricus (dried)
Though I've had the Cebil seeds for about a month, tonight I felt called to make my introduction to this plant teacher. Siberian Motherwort is already a friend of mine, and we speak regularly.

I had read a positive report online concerning mixing Cebil with Dagga, another plant in the same family, also containing leonurine. Seeing as the active ingredients were the same, and I had some on hand, I decided to wing it.

Contrary to how the snuff is prepared, I did not heat the seeds, as it seemed that since I was going to smoke them it was not necessary. Next time, I might not omit this step.

After removing the brittle outer husk, I mashed up the tan inner seed into a fine powder. The seeds were quite brittle and shot all over the place when I first attempted this with a spoon. I eventually used a garlic press to crush them down, then turned them into a powder using a spoon.

Next, I eyeballed out an equivalent volume of Siberian Motherwort, and crushed it down to a powder using a spoon. The report I had read used a much lower dose of Dagga, but the Motherwort is less potent, so I increased the amount.

After I had rendered them both into a powder, I mixed them together, and then put them into the pipe I usually use for the Motherwort (which has never been used for Cannabis). There was a layer of Motherwort on the bottom to act as a screen.

Using a small torch, I took the first toke, long and slow. Though it was somewhat harsh, it was less so than I had expected. The taste wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly pleasant either. Almost immediately my face felt prickly and flushed, and I felt lightheaded. It seemed to act as a stimulant, and I could feel my pulse quicken and my skin flush, but that could very well have been psychosomatic. I continued to smoke, and took maybe ten hits of various sizes before feeling that I had taken enough (this was maybe 2/3 of the bowl). I then lay back onto a pillow to enjoy the rest of the experience.

The physical effects were immediate, but the mental effects took a minute or so to really kick in. It wasn't anything particularly overwhelming, but I could sense an increased connection to the plant world, as well as an opening of the root and the third eye chakra. I felt grounded and serene. Somewhere along in there, a mild nausea crept up, but it wasn't anything I couldn't manage.

Colors appeared more vivid, and my hearing seemed to be much more acute than normal. There was a brief sensation of things starting to move around, but nothing really coalesced into visuals. I did notice a small white dot of light briefly appear in my field of vision at two points.

I could sense, rather than see, a moving mandala pattern encompassing my entire field of vision, and it was much more apparent when I closed my eyes. After using my hands to block out the ambient light, this became much more clear, along with a weird sort of strobe effect. At this point, my ears also began to ring slightly.

There were also some rather interesting psychic effects, but I suggest that if you're into that kind of thing you form a relationship with these plants and investigate it for yourself.

The peak of the experience lasted around ten minutes, then I felt it quickly slip away. All in all it was very pleasant, and I was glad to have met what I feel is a very wise plant teacher. I'm certain that we will speak again in the future, and I look forward to the lessons that it will teach me.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50141
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2006Views: 25,996
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Anadenanthera colubrina (139), Leonurus sibiricus (277) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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