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A Spiked Journey
2006 LSD Symposium, Basel
by Omananda
Citation:   Omananda. "A Spiked Journey: An Experience with 2006 LSD Symposium, Basel (exp50015)". Erowid.org. Feb 9, 2006. erowid.org/exp/50015


A Spiked Journey ... Albert Hofmann 100's birthday bash in Basel, Switzerland

Friday the 13th

I changed the air & oil-filter in the now almost 22-year-old BMW, near Copenhagen where we picked up a couple friends to journey with us to Switzerland. Before we drove, I checked the water levels in the cooling system. In the heat of the moment, we said good-bye to drive off with a somewhat strange feeling in our bellies. Quickly we got lost in one of the first roundabouts in Denmark that's certainly not even near to marking roads clearly with direction signs. I stopped to figure out where to go next when I noticed stream coming from the engine. I opened the hood and found out that I forgot to put on the lid onto the water-cooling system. Now we were stuck already, after 15 minutes driving.

Fortunately, I had more water with me, so I filled up the engine again with H2O. I fixed the lid temporarily with a plastic rubber-thing, which gave us another 15 minutes of driving-time back to where we started. Stuck again on a road corner, we made phone calls from local's mobiles that drove by in the ice-cold night. A friend of us was on the move with more water.

When waiting I suddenly thought to look for the lid in the engine. May be it had fallen down? I realized that if I won't find the lid, we would not be able to drive anywhere this night. After several unlucky attempts I was about to give up, when I suddenly saw it on the very bottom on a metal-shield like a miracle still holding on, the key to our continuous journey. After we filled up the water again, we raised non-stop, besides the ferry crossing to Germany towards Alpine lands.

My two female companions slept throughout the entire night. They awoke one hour before the arrival at the boarder crossing in Basel, Switzerland. I suggested getting our passports ready, since Switzerland is not part of the EU, meaning that there is still a boarder to cross. The Swiss Officer who inspected our car looked suspiciously at our tires, saying that we were not allowed to drive on highways in Switzerland with spiked tires. He said we had to return to Germany, but ...first, we have to deal with the Germans, he said. Well, the Germans told us that its not allowed at all driving with spiked tires in Germany and we had to change our tires in a local tire shop, they said, plus we had to pay a fee.

I really just wanted to get to the symposium to see Albert Hofmann speak, but what to do? We, and another van from Sweden had to wait for the Autobahn Police that would take care of us. My two friends were a bit anxious, but I said; 'Let's see how this is going to turn out?' I learned never to judge a moment before its final turn around. After 15 minutes or so, a Police Officer showed up. I confronted him with: 'Isn't there a simple solution to this problem?' The friendly police officer replied if we had 70 Euros with us. I said 'Yes, but why?' He answered that he had to charge us the fine, but he knows of another boarder crossing into Switzerland where we can cross without problems, and so it was. After paying the fine, he showed us another way into Switzerland where we could cross without problems. As a result of this we were 2 hrs delayed and missed those at the first day of the victorious symposium! We checked into the hotel that we pre-booked. I relaxed for an hour before going to the LSD symposium for the very fist time.

I found many interesting people at the Convention Center in the Swiss Hotel to network with. Various scholars and intellectuals who'd been inspired by Albert's cosmic invention had made the journey to show their respect and share their love. The moment I walked in, the first sounds of Liquid Crystal Vision were heard. Billy just put it on and we run into each another. It was so lovely to see one another again, to experience such an epic event together. For many, including myself, it was a dream come true. As Jah Levi said: 'The dream is true'!

That first Friday (*the 13th) night we went to a stunning boat party where Eat Static and Banco de Gaia played live. Billy was a bit tired. He had a slightly negative state of mind and he wanted to go home, so I convinced him after a while talking to him to eat a mushroom chocolate that I had received from a friend of mine. We shared one golden pyramid and this made our night. I experienced my very best Eat Static show ever! There is not much else to say. I was just glad to have been there for it. I meet my friend Jan who knew of an Alien Landing place near Basel. He's an interesting fellow that I knew since many years.

He's actually inspired me to make Liquid Crystal Vision. Anyway: we left early because I wanted to save some energy for the Saturday symposium. After all, I had not slept yet and this was the second night without sleep for me. I rested for a few hours before going back to the convention center to mingle and listen to some of the 80 people speaking at the conference, simultaneously in 5 rooms. Previously I had been to similar events, but never that large. I made it throughout the day to finally get some rest after a special show of the Akasha Project and the Star Sounds Orchestra. Christian Ratsch was jumping around with a rattle, spiritualizing the musicians, the dancing audience, and himself.

The next morning I woke up for Toby Mark's tone of the day ... Banco de Gaya's morning meditation set. After that I went from Symposium to Symposium, topping it with Albert Hofmann's appearance and final words that were nothing less but historical. Iselin, my partner had been right by Albert's side, even on stage. Reporters and TV-teams surrounded her and Albert during his impressive speech. They made it into prime-time news all over the world that night. The emotional crowd, energized by the vibration of a 100 year old mystic that instilled faith and light into the masses throughout the globe had such positive vibration that all became love and non-divisional. Albert finished the event with the elementary words that he realized through this symposium and his 100th birthday celebration that his until then 'problem child & wonder drug' is just a 'wonder drug'!

With this empowering proclamation, he gave his blessing to psychedelic explorers from all corners of this world, and he took away a lot of confusion surrounding the topic of LSD.

That night, after a triumphant dinner at an Indonesian family restaurant we took LSD with the blessing of the wise being that brought it to the planet. We went to a GoaGil party, where, for the very fist time people were (un)-officially allowed to experience LSD and other psychedelics without the uncertainty of a species that has not properly understood those substances (yet). A new door has opened for a psychedelic era of a new generation that will be able to use these tools in rituals all over the planet, legally hopefully sooner than later. Work on the field of legalization has been done and will been done even more after this empowering event in Switzerland. Oh; and what about the CIA? The CIA and DEA (*from the US) had planted an agent in one of the Symposiums on Friday. He was sitting as one of the speakers together with Mark Mc Cloud in the Panel. Mark and a few others uncovered him with crystal clear evidence right there for everyone to see that he is an agent. This human being was humiliated and embarrassed by his own actions, being a liar and trickster who sold himself to the evil empire. Triumphantly, he was dismissed as a fool and that was it about the DEA! They lost and they should loose their jobs too.

What I gathered from the symposium that can be ordered on DVD or CD in their entirety in English, o German from:


In the symposium people form all parts of society and the world, scholars, politicians, even policeman thought together of how to make these substances safely available. They thought of pharmacies as distributors in case these powerful medicines would be legal one day, but why not bars, I thought. Albert said that they would be most beneficial when being taken by a group of individuals in the right setting.

The speakers argued that only medicinal doctors in psychiatry were able to experiment with psychedelic substances during the 60th and with special permissions now. Even Albert Hofmann explained his trips in the hospitals on LSD being confusing. As a result of this, he and 2 of his close friends did the very first planned psychedelic experiment in his house, outside of a hospital setting, evidently very successfully! During the symposium, the idea was thrown out that it was probably better to find new places to make psychedelics safely available to a wider group of people. I thought why not legalize where it is already used in group-rituals, all over the world?

Major Trance parties, like BOOM-festival, with holistic settings really are the perfect examples for psychedelic playgrounds and healing environments today. The bars where they sell alcohol would be the best outlets for psychedelic substances, in my opinion. Apparently, any effort to legalize has always come form the people who use these substances. So, the effort to legalize psychedelics will have to come from the people using them, not the governments. The politicians apparently have no clue about nothing. They don't even know why they are there. They have never taken psychedelics and they are tapping in the dark. What they base their decisions on is profit! So, this psychedelic busyness needs to be taxed in order to be legalized. And before we can legalize we need to explain what they are actually good for and how to administer them safely. We have to un-do the damage that has been done through all the demonizing advertisements about psychedelics, beginning with Marihuana. I can see those new positive ads very clearly. I can write them too, lot's of positive advertisements about psychedelic drugs! They need to be televised to the young generation who will bring this necessary change in society.

Myron Stolaroff who is one of the elders who have experimented officially with LSD in the 60th had a hopeful statement in his speech on future of consciousness. He said that he could see psychedelics being legal in the next 5 to 10 years! He's hoped for that all his life and I hope that Albert Hofmann while still being alive will witness this change on our planet!

Of course, the Symposium also brought to light why the governments are not interested in releasing substances that empower the individual per say. It would break down society as we know it and this is the exact change we need on planet Earth to survive the 21st century as a species. LSD and psychedelics increase adaptability too, by opening ones mind to new possibilities! When it comes to love in Basel ... the spirit of that town has touched everyone who has made it there. I did a study by asking 250 people who attended the epic event, organized by Gaia Media, how many had taken LSD before? I found out that 83% had taken LSD in their lives, 17% had not, and one person did not wanted to comment. When you look @ the pictures of the crowd you can see intellectual beautiful open hearted and minded people that thanked that mystical chemist who still stands on his feet, powerfully raising his hands, supported by love of the universe in hope for a peaceful change on this planet that is still dominated by destructive and ignorant energies!

Compared to Albert Hofmann, I see a poor president Bush in front of me that does not have the guts to match himself in a Shamanic setting to experience Ayahuasca, LSD, Psilocybin, or Mescaline. It would certainly do a lot of good to the politicians and world leaders to experience such powerful substances with open hearts and open minds to find understanding and solutions instead of reasons to go to war. We all have the power to change ourselves. The tools are there. We just have to learn how to overcome our fears so that we can use them wisely ... not abuse our gift of life that God has granted our children and us here on Earth. Sometimes the tools help us to overcome our fears and pains. We all have free will to choose in every moment of our life:

Truth or Ignorance?

... in hope for clarification and open truth for all.

Big love,



peace peace peace

Hare Om Tat Sit Hare OM!

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50015
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 9, 2006Views: 6,901
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