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More Than I Bargained For
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
Citation:   Feasting. "More Than I Bargained For: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp49834)". Apr 7, 2006.

18 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (fresh)
Me and my friends had planned this event months ago. It was at the end of the Christmas holidays and the four of us were taking half a dose of Mushrooms each. On the last day one of my friends decided it was a bad day for him to be shrooming and he left so that we could have the apartment for ourselves. Now I had 2 doses of fresh P. Cubensis mushrooms to share with the 3 of us. Joining me on this trip were K. and G. we are all Male and around 20 years old. K and G tried half a dose before but they didn't notice anything then, so their expectations were quite low. I was also more worried about not noticing a thing than actually getting a 'bad trip'.

T+0 - All preparations were made. It was 9:30 PM and we ate our mushrooms. I ate 18 grams of P. Cubensis on an empty stomach with some ketchup to ease the would-be nasty taste. To my relief they didn't taste as bad as they looked. I think they tasted like how a conifer forest would smell. I drank some water and lied down on one of the matresses on the floor. The music started playing. We had a lot of Ambient and Psy trance lined up in the list.

T+15 - I was lying under the christmas tree with colored lights, and this is where I saw my first visuals. All of the lights had their own halo that swayed along if I moved my head. I looked across the room and noticed that everything that was even remotely bright had its halo. I told my friends that the shrooms were definately affecting me. They didn't feel anything yet so they seemed a bit jealous. K wanted to check out the christmas tree so we switched places. I was now facing the blank wall of the room (we usually point the beamer at this wall to watch movies) and here I discovered something far more interesting than the christmas tree: The shadows of it! Shadows of all the branches where spread over the entire wall in all the different colors of the christmas lights, they appeared to be more present than ever and the shapes gently started changing as I watched in awe. The lines that made up the room now appeared curved and I could see through a window that the room next to ours has started breathing. I told my friends what I was seeing and they didn't sound very convinced thinking I was exaggerating. So I decided to enjoy the visuals all by myself.

T+30 - K started to see his first visuals and was wildly explaining everything he saw with great laughter. Although I was laughing along with him, I didn't even want to begin to explain how his visuals were nothing compared to mine at this point. The shadows have taken the weirdest shapes imaginable. Sometimes turning into hundreds of millipedes crawling along the wall and ceiling in perfect symetrical patterns. A pair of richly colored eyes was gazing at me from beyond the wall. Together with the fractallized patterns it reminded me of some psychedelic artwork. 'So this is where it all comes from' I thought to myself. Those eyes changed into tunnels that stretched 3 dimensionally to beyond my vision. I could still see the room through all this, only now there were blue orbs occasionally zig zagging across it. My metal watch looked like it was made of green jelly. When I closed my eyes I could see brightly colored fractal-like images that were constantly moving and evolving. This was only a part of the amazing stuff I was seeing. It was only starting, I couldn't begin to imagine what the peak was going to be like. But I knew that it was going to be an intense ride and that there was no way back.

At this point I started to feel a bit nausious. I thought I should eat something to ease my stomach. I asked about 3 times if there was bread before I realised that I should get moving and get it. I walked into the kitchen which now had a pattern of green snakes on the floor. I grabbed a sack of bread and moved back to the living room. As I was standing there looking at my friends who appeared to have red flushing faces, I felt a gag reflex from my stomach out of nowhere. The last thing I wanted was throwing up and making a mess. I quickly sat down, ripped open the sack and started chewing on a slice of bread. My mouth felt very dry and the bread was tough as ever, but I was able to swallow it with water. (What I swallowed seemed to go in a whole different direction than where my stomach was). After eating half of the slice this way I was exhausted and left the slice on the table. It turned into crawling macaroni just before I dropped myself on my back on the matress. I said 'Damn, these shrooms are hitting me hard!' I tried to relax and meet the experience head on. Still feeling nausious...

T+45 - Now things really start to get weird! After closing my eyes again I was immediately elevated into a brightly colored 3-dimensional world. A new realm of caves, tunnels, plains, hallways and many 3d objects within them. All moving, growing, melting, pulsing to the rhythm of the music while featuring all colors imaginable and me as a spectator totally immersed into this world, slowly traveling from one place to the other. What I saw with my eyes closed puts Milkdrop and any other digital visualization to shame! I was amazed that my mind was capable of generating such beautiful art without any noticable effort.

I also learned a peculiar characteristic of the mind here. All important impulses I receive (or generate through thought) are cascaded into new elements of the same nature, but slightly different from the last. These new elements are again cascaded and again, into infinity, or until a new impulse grabs my attention. This explains to me the fractal-like nature of most of the visuals. But not only visuals are affected, also the sense of touch. For example, at a certain point I was lying on my watch. It felt as a lump in the matress and when I focused on it, it became bigger and bigger, until exceeding the boundaries of my own body. As soon as I removed the watch, the lump was completely gone.

The trip was still becoming more intense. My body felt like it was being bent in impossible ways. My arms and legs were feeling numb, and soon this numbness has taken over my whole body. At some points I was only aware of my vision and the music, nothing else. It was a welcome break from the nauseous feeling (Sometimes morphing into different forms, but not less unpleasant) that was still hampering my trip. A comforting thought was that if I moved myself, everything would return to normal. Only if it was just for a split second ;)

During a certain point of the trip I found it very difficult to concentrate on my thoughts. I wanted to reason what was happening to me, but I could only concentrate for two seconds at most. There were even moments where I was unable to think at all! It felt as if my consciousness was a very fragile phenomenon and that its kept together by only a few very thin threads. And at this moment I was convinced that it has always been this way but that we don't realise it so that it would not upset us. Strangely it didn't scare me and I could accept this fact because somehow I knew that I was safe. I wanted to think about this during the trip but it was impossible. 'I'll think about it later' is what I said to myself many times during the experience.

T+1:15 - I was still in the peak of my trip. Intense 3d visuals with my eyes closed, and a heavily deforming room when I have them open. Nausea was still clearly present and preventing me from enjoying my trip. Sometimes I could see this negative feeling as a green haze behind my eyes. The room around me looked as if a psychedelic storm was tearing it apart. The ceiling was melting, dust was blowing off the walls out of the window, colors were getting brighter and darker, any object that was black looked like a black vortex violently spewing out colors onto the objects around it. Here I was lying on the floor, deeply intimidated by the mushrooms and the way they rocked my world in just one hour. Every 5 seconds seemed compeletely different from the last just to give an impression of how much was being thrown at me. I was still afraid that a little too much movement would make me throw up so I was lying as still as possible. Up until now, the peak felt more like an intense ordeal than an enjoyable experience and I was wishing that it would pass soon. I even asked myself at one point 'Am I going bad?' but I knew that shouldn't give those thoughts a chance.

During the entire trip I could still hear G and K speaking. I could also speak myself, but I didn't feel like it and I had a hell of a hard time formulating a sentence. K was constantly speaking out loud 'Weird!' 'Man, this is so weird!' while G was being grumpy because he didn't notice any effect of the mushrooms at all (even though he had the most) and he decides to smoke a joint on the balcony. When he came back all smelly of weed I said 'G, you stink!' It was the first thing I said since the beginning of the trip and we were all laughing again because no one expected me to say anything.

T+1:45 - K has been in the computer room next to the living room. The light was on there, and he convinced me to come along with him. I stood up and to my relief, there wasn't much nausea anymore and I didn't have to throw up. I drank some water out of a weird looking cup. The next room was a lot brighter. The walls had amazing patterns on them and the carpet looked like a lush persian carpet. We opened some of the candy that we had bought for this occasion. I tried eating one, but I barely tasted them and simply forgot that there was one in my mouth. So I just looked at their pretty colors and played with them. There was also licorice and that tasted a lot better. We sat here for a while talking about our experience and I felt a lot better. I felt relieved that I had endured the peak and that I no longer have to worry about anything.

T+2:15 - K and G wanted to go outside. I said I would join them but I got distracted by my own visuals. They told me a few more times to hurry up, but my thoughts didn't go any further than 'Where are my shoes... hey that looks cool!' At some point I no longer heared the racket in the house and realised they went out without me. I didn't bother since I was having so much fun. One moment that stands out is where I am sitting in an office chair with my legs resting on a yellow armchair. I truly started to notice the intense colors in this room. Orange walls, yellow chair, deep blue jeans, jungle green blouse. It all gave me the impression of being in a tropical paradise. As I was sitting there perfectly comfortable I was seeing extraordinary multi-layered patterns on the walls, on my pants, my hands, on everything. They were not fixed on the surfaces, but they were hovering, gently swaying back and forth while the entire room breathed in and out. all of this happening to the rhythm of Shpongle! A broad smile was forced upon my face. This was awesome! Also a lot different from the psychedelic onslaught that I had to endure in the other room.

T+3:00 - K and G came back while I was enjoying the view from our balcony. By the sound of it, they had a great time outside and I wanted to check it out too. K said that he was acting like a total idiot outside and that he couldn't help it. He didn't want to go outside again and neither did he want to be left alone. K seemed to experience the mushrooms a lot different than me. We decided to stay indoors for a while. K started to play World of Warcraft and it looked uber weird. Brightly glowing green and red little men running back and forth trying to hack each others brains out in a valley of dark purple snow! I played WoW myself and it was a lot of fun to see it in a whole different way. At some points we just couldn't stop laughing at how weird the game looked.

T+4:00 - Me and G decided to take a walk outside. We left K with the game as he seemed to enjoy himself well enough. Most of my visuals have faded away but things were still interesting to look at. I only walked 5 meters each time before I found myself gazing at something new. Be it the trees with brightly colored actively growing coral on it, the construction crane which was painted in a rainbow color, the psychedelic art that was drawn on the tiles with chalk or paint or the tiles itself that began to crack spontaneously. G was now telling me that he also saw visuals if he focused on them. I was glad for him that this evening wasn't an entire waste of his time.

T+4:30 - Back inside I heard a Hallucinogen mix playing (Hallucinogen creates fast and intense psy trance). Feeling more comfortable I lied down where I had a hard time earlier and closed my eyes. The 3D visuals where still there and I could now enjoy them without a single worry on my mind. Because the music was faster than before, the visuals were now moving faster and wilder. It was another great sight to behold.

T+5:30 - After an extended visual tripping session I went back to the computer room to talk some more about the experience and eat some pizza slices. I still wasnt very hungry.

T+8:00 - Time for bed. I could still see vague visuals with my eyes closed, and I felt really warm. I felt warm during the entire trip, but now I couldn't fall asleep because of it.

This was my first mushroom trip. It was a lot more intense than I could've hoped for. It had both pleasant and unpleasant sides, but that goes for most things. More importantly; It was amazing! And I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49834
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 7, 2006Views: 17,288
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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