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Pleasure, Dizziness, Then Craving
MDMA & Tobacco
by P.C.
Citation:   P.C.. "Pleasure, Dizziness, Then Craving: An Experience with MDMA & Tobacco (exp49661)". Oct 19, 2018.

2 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Tobacco  


The Cold

After taking two tablets of MDMA, (green dolphins) I went outside a party to cool off for a bit. As I walked through the back door putting me in the backyard of the house I found several other people who had taken the MDMA smoking Black and Milds (Small Cigars)(Middleton Cigars Co.). As I closed the door behind me I noticed they were all looking toward the ground. When I closed the door behind me the door produced a sound which all of the subjects responed the same to. They all SLOWLY lifted there head to look what the noise was. This process took at least a full 10 seconds. The expression on there faces was ghastly. Their faces appeared to be completely at rest and all of their jaws open. I muttered a couple words in which none of them reponded to. Instead they all continued to look at the floor. Most of them with their eyes closed. At the time I figured that they were just new to the whole MDMA experiance and were 'tripping'.

I couldnt help but observe these non-smokers smoke the black and mild. Most Cigar smokers who smoke for social purposes or the like usually only suck the smoke into their mouths to achieve a nice, white thickness to blow out. They were not. As they passed the black and mild around I saw that they would put the tip loosly on their lips and inhale a great breath, filling their lungs with the tabacco. Since I had smoked black and milds when I was sober, I asked if I could puff on it for a while, thinking nothing of it. After a couple puffs I decided to conform and inhale some of the tabacco.

I put it loosely to my mouth, anticipating pain in the back of my throat and lungs, and sucked slowly. I could feel the smoke fill my lungs, but to my supprise it didnt hurt at all. Instantly I felt the rush that would be a nicotine flash. I have felt a nicotine flash before when I was sober, but this was intense. My lungs began to tingle. The tingling sensation would then spread rapidly to my whole body. This sensation was most intense in my face and head. Everything was in slow motion. As I tried to move all of my movements became very slow. As I closed my eyes for what seemed like an eternity, a plane flew over head. I struggled to open my eyes to see the plane itself flying in slow motion. Even though I was attempting to move at a normal pace, there was something holding me back.

As I looked around I could feel the dizzyness, and I quickly leaned against the wall. Everytime I closed my eyes it felt as if I had fainted, but I would always open them up several seconds later to try to regain control of my body. This sensation lasted intensely for about 5 minutes. After the five minutes I could still feel the tingling sensations in my body but not as intense. The total sensation lasted about a hour. Then I found myself craving it again.

So I went to the store to buy a pack of black and milds. Everytime I did it the sensations seemed to last half as long as they did the previous time. The pack was completely gone within 3 hours. When I got to the last cigar in my 5 pack, the sensation was more calming and relaxing. It was no where near as intense as when I did it the first time. All of the subjects who had smoked these black and milds, including myself, reported headaches, nausea, and extreme warmth. The next day I found my tongue had burn marks which was the result of the heat produced by the smoke and the angle in which I would inhale. That concludes my Black and Mild experience.

-Your insider-
- P.C. -

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49661
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 19, 2018Views: 568
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MDMA (3), Tobacco (47) : Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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