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Stepping Outside the Cosmic Bubble
Salvia divinorum & DMT
Citation:   Raoul Duke. "Stepping Outside the Cosmic Bubble: An Experience with Salvia divinorum & DMT (exp49585)". Apr 18, 2006.

30 mg smoked DMT (freebase)
  2 hits smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)

how much time had pass?

screaming fury
a roar all around

got me a moving; ohhohoho
o man; here we gogogogo go

-hold on little one
lead me sally
-that i will

the field of vision; dark
twenty seconds..
errupting color
the emptyness,
sparkeles to life
vibrant fucking life

tunnels; tunnels errupting everywhere
intertwining vines;
mirror images;
so many vines?
so many patterns...
they shoot back, back into infinity
these numbers know no bounderies...
they hold no limits
that i see; which i have sought
there the bending tree
times; howmany times? it etched backwards
this bending tree;
fire; ablaze in glory
greens; strange hues; strange sensations...

voices all around; whispers of here and there
discussing the anywho's
the what nots of life

patterns; decending upon me
at terriable speed and unstopable furry
the end of the tunnel


HOLY JESUS im feeding it
no use stopping
no one can stop it

'you cant stop me you cant stop me you cant stop me'
I dont want to
'follow me follow me follow me'
down the winding winding path

what is this that i see?
strange reality;
purple; colors; entities have come
I float through a field
strange vibes
strange glows
time; its as existant as a one dimentional object

ahah ; there we have it; two sides of the circle; a floating syphony of elves
and throbbing orbs

still I ascend to heights
I had no intention of reaching
an all to familiar sensation..

my feet; miles away
me torso; segmented beyond belief
cakleling laughter: YOU CANT STOP IT
no; your right; I cant stop it
I merely hold on
this hurricane of exotic chemicals
unleashed upon my head;

how long has it been?
that concept has merely faded

then the true contacct was made;
the one that i was ment to see
the thing i was ment to behold
I had come
the pullsing edge of DMT hyperspace
so near; the vaulting speed of lady ska
so strong.
pushing; pushing
if i was already in hyperspace?
where was this place i was going to?

memory fades...
there is no level
no single analogy
that will ever mark; that will ever come close to
retelling this lizard Kingdome
this Kingdome come;
this realm of two worlds

fabric; the fabric tears
sickening shudders
violent shakes
tunnels; i continue down more and more
elves; fucking elves
they cant keep their fucking pants on
erotic fucks...
I love it

merging with space
no refriderators...
this is
far more...
galactic proportions
cosmic visions

before me stands a temple
infinitely high
infinitely large
climbing up it
lizards; of varying color
I travel around it; warping
pulsating beats
are those drums I hear?

misty conversations; sweep upon me; sweet familiarity
fearful alieniess
is that a word?
what is a word?
what are those?
Christ; spinning and spinning


vibrant colors

odd de ja vu
I am meeting an old friend; how about some tea?
no tea tonight
no rest for those who test the limits
what are the limits?
the end; ahaha; no concept of an end
circling this ancient structure
I am content on
simply completing my orbit; round
and round the merrygoround
then we all fall down.

viscious speed

decending into the structure
throbbing masses
entangled patterns
I see Mayan symbols
cosmically huge patterns
they rotate
to my left a smelve (smelve? aha; he is built of DMT likes; ska personality; freindly; benignly watching me)
he points
I look
the patterns before my field of vision
begin to extend backwards
and backwards
mirror images
then a kaleidoscope of colors
rotating inwards
jumping glee

then it turns.
jesus fuck; how long has it been?!
lady ska departs; slowly; notcibly
familiar DMT patterns
familiar DMT entities
a purple room; I stare through tinted glass
inside are desks with knobs
and things i dont remember
mirror images extend backwards....

how long has it been!?!?!?!??!!?


why do we throw it all away?

I blacked out after 10 minutes according to my sitter.
The Salvia never left; the point where I begin to feel as though its presence is leaving is marked by the arrival of a Level Six in combination with a truly magnificent dosage of DMT. I simply forgot I was on drugs. Therefore I merged with the high and accepted it as my eternal state of mind.

This trip did not teach me anything; it did not open up any new insights into life. What it did was take my mind so far past the limits to places never before imagined. This was a psychic journey in a literal sense. I wasn't out to find any answers; I was merely an explorer. And that is exactly what I did.

Unimaginably intense.

The trip itself rivaled that of le Belladonna.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49585
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 18, 2006Views: 46,980
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Salvia divinorum (44), DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Poetry (43), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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