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Great Trip, Full of Adventure
Citation:   Pharms - Zolpidem. "Great Trip, Full of Adventure: An Experience with Zolpidem (exp49574)". Apr 10, 2018.

1 repeated oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
Ok I'm gonna be pretty short and sweet about my first experience. I was having insomnia so I decided to try a sleeping pill that was perscribed. I took it at night before bed and decided to play Tiger woods 2005. After about 10 minutes I started to blank out and notice wierd things that didnt register, but when they did it felt as if I was somewhere else for a second or two and it was like WHOA! Then I decided to lie down and notice the floor was moving like waves in an ocean, my desk would move and the boards would come off then back on. The wood grain would swirl and move all about. As I concentrated on the floor I began to feel my bed move and it felt like I was floatin in water or like my bed was a boat in the ocean. I'm not saying that I was actually in the ocean, I was still in my room but it felt like my bed was floating and rolling on waves and the floor was like wavy ocean water. I LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE, IT WAS LIKE A DREAM I COULDNT TELL IF MY SURROUNDS WERE IN FACT IN MOTION OR I WAS HALLUCINATING. The sad fact is once my body got used to it, the effects slowly die every night, it sux. But if I quit for awhile and go back, I get the same great 1st time effect

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49574
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 10, 2018Views: 945
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