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Stoned Bliss
Dihydrocodeine & Cannabis
Citation:   halflife. "Stoned Bliss: An Experience with Dihydrocodeine & Cannabis (exp49320)". Erowid.org. Dec 19, 2006. erowid.org/exp/49320

T+ 0:00
60 mg oral Pharms - Dihydrocodeine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:45 2 hits smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I first encountered this excellent combination approx 1 year ago and shall take you back to my first Dihydrocodeine experience.

It was about 3 years ago and I had killer tooth ache. I was in agony and my partner gave me 2 30mg tablets of Dihydrocodeine (my partner suffers from chronic pain and so is prescribed large amounts of this drug. She doesn't take it as prefers MJ for pain relief). She tells me, 'it's strong stuff this so it should do the trick.' It was about 4pm and I lay out on the sofa, still in agonising pain. After about 20 mins I noticed a warm feeling all over my body (it was a cold house!) and felt slightly light headed. After about 45 mins I felt pretty high and was very giggly. My girl says to me, 'your'e fucked!' and I smiled back, 'yep'. I really enjoyed the feeling, it lasted about 3-4 hours and my tooth ache went away.

After this experience I kind of delayed going to the dentist as I had a lot of shit going on at that time, and whenever my tooth ache did flair up (which was about every week, gradually increasing to nearly every day) I popped a few Dihydrocodeine, or codeine, this went on for about a year until I got the bugger pulled out by the dentist.

By the time my tooth was out I was aware that I really enjoyed popping Dihydrocodeine or codeine, depending on what my partner was prescribed. 2 years ago I gave up tobacco and then 1 year ago I gave up alcohol. (I am an alcoholic and cannot drink) It was around this time that I increased my MJ intake quite significantly. I have been smoking MJ on and off for approx 10 years and found myself really getting into MJ, I like to just smoke the skunk using a pipe. I smoke daily, generally in the evening. I can't remember the exact occasion (I was doing a lot of MDMA and speed at around that time) but I had popped 2 Dihydrocodeine and then about 10 mins later had a toke on my pipe, and my oh my, it felt great. I have always loved the feelings that Dihydrocodeine gives: warm, relaxed, nothing is a problem etc) but the MJ just gives it that extra lift for me.

Over the last year I have taken this combo approx once a week, although my usage of Dihydrocodeine really has varied. Over the past 2 months I have been taking it more often than normal, much to the disgust of my partner who tells me that I really don't want to get addicted to this stuff as she knows someone who's addicted to it and this person has not been able to come off it.

Anyways, I like it and I've been getting cravings again for alcohol. (sounds like denial!)

I regulate my dose to about 3 times a week and this is how it goes:

Setting: My house. TV on, lighting slightly dimmed. Temp is a bit cold.

Time: Approx 8pm. All the days shit is done and out the way, I've had a bath and am feeling nice and relaxed. Have something light to eat, maybe 2 slices of bread and a cup of tea. (I find it best to have something light to eat before consuming Dihydrocodeine as it can make my stomach feel a bit yucky)

8.30pm: Pop 2 30mg of Dihydrocodeine and wait

8.45pm: start to feel the effects, slightly drowsy, warm, feeling content with everything. This is the point when I smoke 2 or 3 hits from my pipe, sit back and relax. I'm stoned and it feels great, nice and mellow. My mouth is a bit dry and I can feel my eyes drooping slightly. I have another hit on my pipe and watch TV. Nothing really matters.

9.00pm: The effects of the Dihydrocodeine are starting to peak and I'm generally content to carry on doing nothing. I might go for a walk if I'm feeling energetic, I like waliking out when high as it's good to see the world in a slightly different light. If I don't go for a walk, then I'll have another hit of MJ and continue getting stoned.

11pm: This is the bit where I'm aware that the effects of the Dihydrocodeine are wearing off slightly. Depending on how good a mood I'm in, I might pop another 30mg of Dihydrocodeine and then this continues the trip for about an hour and a half.

1.30pm: Feeling tired and ready for bed! And it's off to bed I go, feeling happy and content. If I've had 3 or 4 tablets then I might have a bit of trouble getting off to sleep, and I wake up in about 8 hours feeling a little groggy. It's a bit like a mild hangover, maybe a slight headache, dry mouth and slightly irritable. Generally by the afternoon I feel in tip-top condition and have forgotten about the fact I've taken Dihydrocodeine.

I have started to develop mild concerns about the frequency I have been using Dihydrocodeine as it seems to be about 3 or 4 nights a week at the moment. I'm keeping a very close eye on this as I have an 'addictive personality' and opiate & alcohol abuse runs in the family. Since getting into Dihydrocodeine I have been fascinated about experimenting with other opiates, but am chicken due to the fact I know I would love it too much! I must say I am tempted though, and I suppose if I was going to say anything useful about using Dihydrocodeine/Codeine, then really do be careful as it is definately addictive, in a kind of sneeky way!

Peace and respect :)

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49320
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 19, 2006Views: 53,226
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