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Static on the Walls Two Years Later
Mushrooms and Various
by T
Citation:   T. "Static on the Walls Two Years Later: An Experience with Mushrooms and Various (exp49313)". Jan 2, 2006.

4.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
      Pharms - Sertraline  
      Pharms - Bupropion  
      Pharms - Escitalopram  
I starting having HPPD after a particularly strong psilocybin mushroom trip in 2003. I stumbled onto this site after having a bad 'flashback' just hours ago. The walls turned to tv static, picture size changed, mind went into ego death and other such related feelings, and most predominant was a feeling of fear in my gut. That one psilocybin trip got me off hallucinogens, and illegal drugs in general, as it caused me to realize that perhaps man has his boundaries, and if I crossed it again I may never come back. Anti-depressants that are SSRI's have given me HPPD symptoms, sometimes to the point of me not being able to function. These symptoms go away with time on the medicine though. Some persist and are enhanced by the drug (Lexapro) such as trails, static on the walls, trails. One problem that has been most persistent for me is that striped white button up shirts seem to trigger HPPD. The stripes began flahing colors from the white region, and distorting themselves in shape. This then spreads to the walls, etc.

In 2003, I ate about 4 grams of dried psilocybin cubensis, harvested about one week prior by a friend. I warned me of extreme potency, but I didnt heed him. I have extensive experience with psychadelics, and thought myself prepared. About 15 minutes after takin the mushroom one fucking hell of a trip began. the floor swirled into a blur and my vision was overtaken by hallucinations. I had just smoked a little bit of high grade marijuana and I think this really kicked it into gear. I laid in a gurgling mass on the couch for about an hour, my trip sitter sat by playing video games. I then emerged from the hallucinations to a hellish stomach ache. I puked up the mushrooms. I then ran back to my trip sitter and explained that i felt strange. he told me thats what i wanted. I said I was poisoned, he reassured me. I went to bed for what felt like an eternity.

I was never quite the same after this, I believe it's HPPD. My psychiatrist was worried about the onset of schizophrenia. I disagreed and now she as well disagrees with the schizophrenia hypothesis because the symptoms have not progressed in one year of treatment. Only minor visual disturbances. Geometric hallucination, statiic on monochrome surfaces, occasional weird feeling of being on drugs again.

I began using hallucinogens 8 years ago, smoking pot. About 6 years ago I began taking mushrooms, probably 3-4 times a year, in moderate to high doses. 5 Years ago I experimented with dxm for about a month. 4 years ago I dropped a lot acid for a month, and then it was never in town again. 3 years ago I dropped about a gram of MDA and rolled for like 3 days. I then began using 2C-I purchased over the internet every weekend for 2 months. I then mellowed out and only smoked pot until the big mushroom trip. About a year after the bad trip I ate a single mushroom stem and had a very good trip.

I stopped smoking marijuana about 8 months ago as it aggravated the feelings of being on an intense trip. I became paranoid, hallucinated, acted strangely, and thought I was crazy, yet pot used to mellow me out. Soon after that, I started seeing a psychiatrist regularly and was started on 10 mg of zoloft a day. This caused hallucinogen-like effects and intense giddiness/mania. I was then (after 2 weeks) switched onto wellbutrin, 150 mg and later 300 mg. This seemed to actually counteract the HPPD by lessening the associated anxiety. They then put me on 10mg and now 20 mg of lexapro. This stuff makes me feel like pot used, very mellow, but occasionally too spaced out.

I experience some effects of HPPD on a daily basis, static on monochrome and objects gaining weird, um perspectives or a slight shape change, its difficult to describe. Also the striped shirt thing. Its difficult to go to a meeting with someone and have to be distracted by a light purple fog coming off their shirt. If I ever find a med that makes it go away I will let you know.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49313
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 2, 2006Views: 59,942
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