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Overature to Creation
LSD & Alcohol
by Positive Orange
Citation:   Positive Orange. "Overature to Creation: An Experience with LSD & Alcohol (exp49305)". Apr 24, 2007.

T+ 0:00
5 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
  T+ 0:30 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30 2 shots oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)


I recently did LSD for the second time, and also got completely drunk for the first time, so I thought I might contribute to this wonderful site. Past drug history includes a ton of marijuana (I was one of the biggest stoners in my area), more DXM then I should've done, other pharmaceuticals, opium, and amphetamine. I loved to smoke pot, but unfortunately overindulged and became blind to the world I was living, eventually leading to me getting busted. I haven't smoked in 8 months, and have 6 months more of probation, but learned a lot about myself in that time. Marijuana is my favorite drug, but now LSD ranks next to it.

Past experience with LSD was approxiamately equivalent to 3-4 hits. It was overwhelming but positive, until the end when it turned downhill. I had so many questions and began losing contact with my ego, fearing I was stuck in a state of hallucinogenic psychosis. My friends told me the answer was I'm on acid, which I couldn't comprehend, raving 'you have no idea'. I freaked out, and pleaded to God to let me keep my sanity.

The following week I was a wreck. It took a while to mentally rehabilitate myself. Since then I did mushrooms on a few occasions, and smoked salvia. These experiences led me to want to try LSD again. I know the wonders it can perform on an individual, and armed with more knowledge and experience I was determined to face what LSD would give me with arms wide open and a smile on my face. This lead me to my present affair. I have never been totally drunk, only buzzed due to I believe the history of alcoholism in my family and thus a high alcohol tolerance.


T+0:00(8:30 PM?)- I was hanging out at my friend K's with people, and we had just aquired a 1/5 of rum. We were shooting pool, playing Xbox 360 and rocking out to Maximum Unicorn while jamming in the back room. Friends D, Z, and myself went to do some shots of the rum. I slammed down 5, and went back to playing pool. Z dropped 2 hits of LSD, and hooked me up with one I threw down on earlier in the week.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

T+0:30 - Feeling buzzed and partying to the music on stereo, D, Z, S, and myself head out to D's. I drive S home (don't drink and drive, I wasn't drunk but one should never risk it), then return to D's to spend the night. I drove D and Z to the local Family Video, where we rented the 40 Year Old Virgin. Without much thought I dropped my hit, with rousing cheers of approval from D and Z. We return to D's, and I bring in my guitar and FX. I begin to feel flushed and happy.

T+1hr - We pop in the movie while I sip on the rest of my Captain's, feeling warm, and noticing the coming up on LSD. Colors being to brighten and I get a little giddy. My friend's TV is messed up and the contrast adjusts automatically, which adds to the effect and projects me into my LSD state of mind.

T+1:30 - The movie is hilarious, but time seems to slow way down. I sip my alcohol, and start drawing insights fromm the film, making connections between life and the movie, and how there are lessons to be learned. Basically cognizant and laughing my ass off every 30 seconds (which seems like 5 minutes).

T+2:00 - I begin to get restless because the movie feels as if it has been on for my whole life and then some. I go piss and begin to notice patterns on my friends bathroom floor. The grey concrete has geometrical patterns of white light, now starting to move about. I think to myself 'sweet!', and go back to the movie.

T+2:30 - I feel fantastic! I finish my alcohol, and the movie finally ends. The walls begin to breathe, and I feel heavy and light at the same time. I call up my friend M, and she wants me to come over, but D says 'no' and something about me being fucked up too much. I dissent like a little schoolboy disagreeing with his parents but comply (hahaha). I swing around a metal support pole and think to myself 'I'm going to fall over now', which I do and laugh. I'm having a grand ole' time.

T+3:00 - Time begins to blur, like my vision is. The walls are breathing, and I begin to have dramatic visual perception shifts. I turn on my guitar and hook it up to my new delay modeler, and begin my night of electric stimulation. The music sounds so profound, and occasionally echoes and reverberates in my mind. I'm focused, happy, warm, and cognizant.

T+4:00? - I don't know what time it is. As I play I create a story in my head to go with the music, and begin to narrate to Z. I'm creating universes with my riffs, an electric jam for all seasons. Everychord and note sounds so right, as if it should be. Every choice I make reflects the outcome of what I am. I change musical styles for different aspects of my world. Vibrant chromatic auras appear around objects, and Z's face is beautiful, his hair reflects the light and shimmers. D tries to go to sleep, and his face keeps shifting. I tell Z he reminds me of a lizard hanging on a rock in the desert, perhaps a Jim Morrison reference; Z was quoting the Lizard King.

D remarks that I sound good, but that I have to try and keep it down. While playing I revisit my past acid experience, I become overwhelmed in a state of euphoria, realizing I have overcome my past folly, ushering a new state of openess and bliss. I have an epiphany, 'The answer to the acid question is music.' The changes in keys and syles and notes reflect the choices we make in life, and the outcome is how we view it. I have conquered the demons of past battles, and am master of my destiny, the vessel under my control as I explore the vast seas of wisdom. The poet's whim implants in my brain and throws a party. Dance the night away, maidens weep while children play? By the way you should read Henry David Thoreau, i.e. 'Walden', great book with wise insights.

T+Till I go to bed around 6 AM - I play my symphony and stand in awe of all around me. I feel as though I am one with all, I thank God for creating me and letting me experience life with everyone. I narrate to Z a story of a whale, with inspiration I obtained from 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. This whale is called into existence miles above the surface of the earth. As he falls he ponders life's questions and mysteries, and remarks at the beauty of creation. Instead of slamming into solid ground, I state he dissovles into the ocean and is absorbed by other living things, for their benefit thus creating an endless transition of knowledge from creature to creature.

I then ramble on for another hour, and just play as I gaze at my surroundings. My vision is blurred, and I have acid vision, D's exercise equipment breathes, and his walls and floors follow suit. Artistic patterns and fractal designs dance merrily across breathing surfaces, brilliant spirals and colors shine in my mind's eye. D's body shifts and changes shapes, his face changes expressions though he is alseep. Z and I don't speak much, but we feel this connection, like

'Man It's just so amazing.'

'I know man.' (excellent stereotypical stoner vocab)

Words don't describe the emotion and the overall fervor, so I close my mouth and let the music speak for me. I play until about 5:30 AM, then lay down on the floor and go to sleep sometime around 6.

T+12:00? (around 9 AM) - I wake up around 9 as if I had blinked, not feeling like I slept. I have a headache, and the LSD effects have dissipated, except the emotional afterglow and sense of well being. I couldn't remember much of the movie, except that it was funny. This experience was much more positive than the last, and has given me an even more positive outlook for LSD.

Until next time, happy trips and stay smart.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49305
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 24, 2007Views: 15,372
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