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Fun...But Painful
Inhalants (Duster)
Citation:   Annonymous. "Fun...But Painful: An Experience with Inhalants (Duster) (exp49213)". Jan 22, 2018.

  repeated inhaled Inhalants
[Erowid Note: Our understanding of the literature is that there is no such thing as safe recreational use of volatile solvents, aerosols and other street inhalants : their psychoactive effects are inseparable from nerve and organ damage. We have chosen to include these reports to help document the real world use of inhalants, but their inclusion is not intended to imply that they are anything but dangerous.]
Me and about five friends decide were in the mood for some huffing,
So we head for the nearest office supply store and pick up two bottles of Keyboard Cleaner, 'Air Duster' too be exact. So we pick it up...bring it home.

I started off with just some minor hits...feeling good. But after a while, I decide I'm going too try and take more than I can handle...and I did. So I just start huffing, and huffing, and huffing....non-stop.

I'm feeling the effects very strongly...but I keep going and going and going. I suddenly cannot see anything...I have no clue whats going on, and all I can hear is my friends asking if I'm alright.

Next thing I know my face SLAMS into the ground, and I cant get up, my face really hurts at this point, by this point I began too feel like myself again, and realize how much my face hurt...

My friends help me up, and sit me in a chair. I then began Huffing some more... Now sitting safely in a chair, nothing but fun.

I'm not much of a huffing person (Kills lots of brain cells) but its fun every once in a while.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49213
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 22, 2018Views: 1,757
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Inhalants (29) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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